Pilgrim Fathers

The passenger list for the ship Mayflower in 1620 numbered 102, including an infant born during the voyage. Most of the passengers were travelling as families. Passengers who were travelling with their parents can be removed from the list as "duplicates" on grounds that they themselves are descendants of the heads of families and all their descendants are also descendants of those heads of fathers. Wives who were travelling with their husbands are removed from the list as "duplicates" on grounds that their descendants are also the descendants of their husbands. The result is this list of 26 Pilgrim Fathers from whom documented descent is required for membership of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

Pilgrim Fathers
John Alden Isaac Allerton John Billington
William Bradford William Brewster Peter Browne
James Chilton Francis Cooke Edward Doty
Francis Eaton Moses Fletcher Edward Fuller
Samuel Fuller Stephen Hopkins John Howland
Richard More William Mullins Degory Priest
Thomas Rogers Henry Samson George Soule
Myles Standish John Tilley Richard Warren
William White Edward Winslow .

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