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This page is our gateway to Loyalist records. At the time of the American Revolution, quite a few residents of what later, in 1791, would become Rensselaer County, NY remained loyal to Great Britain. The new US government required that men take oaths of allegiance to the new country, and any who refused were persecuted. Many were arrested and imprisoned; some were even summarily shot and killed. Their land was confiscated, and those close enough to manage it fled to Canada. In Canada, the crown rewarded them for their loyalty with land grants, and many records relating to these land grants survive today. To learn more about your Loyalist ancestors, you are invited to visit the United Empire Loyalists (UEL) website.

Bernard C. Young has contributed the following searchable Loyalist records to this GenWeb site.

Rensselaer County Loyalist Muster Lists
Captain Samuel McKay's list 1777
Colonel Francis Pfister list 1778
Captain Hugh Munro lists 1778

Other Rensselaer County Loyalist Records
Persons in from the Colonies 1780
Loyalist Claim of Captain Henry Ruiter 1787

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