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This page was last updated 10 Jan 2014

Below is a list of Rensselaer County reference materials and the email addresses of the owners who have kindly volunteered to do lookups. The key word here is VOLUNTEERED. No one here is obligated to do this. They all do this as a favour. Now, 99% of you know this and do not need these guidelines; we aren't forgetting this! However, for the other 1% [smile], we offer these guidelines, because not only do they help our valuable volunteers, but also they will help YOU get the results you want when you approach fellow genies online, at this site and at other sites.

If ANY of you have any Rensselaer County reference books, CDs, etc. and are willing to look up information for others, please email Debby Masterson. The volume of traffic you can expect is not prohibitively high. In the first two months that I was a lookup volunteer, I received only two requests!

Please follow these guidelines when requesting a lookup:

BE SPECIFIC - Please request a lookup for a specific person in a specific reference work that is offered. Blanket requests for a surname or requests for information on an individual without specifying a reference are likely to be ignored - and justifiably.

USE THE SUBJECT LINE - Please type RENSSELAER CO. LOOKUP in caps in the subject line of the message.This will ensure that your request is not accidentally overlooked or deleted.

LIMIT YOUR REQUEST - Please limit your request to one or two specific names. Requests for ALL the marriages on a surname of Brown or Jones or Smith will probably be ignored - again, with justification.

DISABLE EMAIL BLOCKING - Please don't forget to turn off any email blocking mechanisms you may have activated. It is frustrating for our researchers to go to the trouble to look up your requests, type them up in an email, send them to you and then seconds later receive an automated response saying that the email has been blocked because the sender is not on an approved list.

SAY THANK YOU - Please don't forget to THANK your volunteer for his or her time and trouble.

1912 Albany, Troy and Schenectady Blue Book Dick Malkin
Andersonville Prison Records Kevin Frye
Blatchford Memorial II Marilyn Hendricks
Cast in Stone - Selected Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga County Burials Debby Masterson
Center Brunswick United Methodist Church - Vital Records, 1866-1970 Michelle Mavigliano
Early Families of Petersburgh, New York Tina Ordone
The Empire State in Three Centuries [Surname Index] Nancy Hauser
Epitaphs from the Only Stephentown on Earth Tina Ordone
First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick - Vital Records, 1816-1887 Michelle Mavigliano
Gilead Lutheran Church - Baptisms 1777-1886 and some adult baptisms 1877-1879 Michelle Mavigliano
Greenbush Reformed Church, East Greenbush, NY - Baptisms 1788-1846, Marriages 1788-1910 Debby Masterson
History of the City of Troy, from the Expulsion of the Mohegan Indians to the Present Centennial Year
of the Independence of the United States of America,
1876, by A. J. Weise, M. A.
Joan Howe
History of the Police Dept. of Troy, N.Y., including a Digest of the Lansingburgh Department - 668-name index Joan Howe
History of Rensselaer County, NY by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, 1880 Trudy Millard Krause
History of the Seventeen Towns of Rensselaer County from the Colonization of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck to
the Present Time, by A. J. Weise A. M., as published in the Troy Daily Times, Troy, NY; J. M. Francis & Tucker, 1880.
Lorna Frechette
Index of Awards on Claims of Soldiers of the War of 1812 Darrell Thurman
Landmarks of Rensselaer County, NY Robert L. Miller
New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, with Listings of Revolutionary War Soldiers from NY Trudy Millard Krause
Official Roster of the 169th New York Volunteers (US Civil War) Bob Farrell
More Palatine Families (Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717-1776 and Their European
by Henry Z Jones, Jr.
Gary A. Craver
Polk's Troy City Directory, 1940 - contains Cohoes, Lansingburgh, Troy, Watervliet, Green Island and Waterford Raymond W. LeMay III
A Resourceful People: A Pictorial History of Rensselaer County, New York Rita O'Brien
Saint Joseph's Church, Troy, NY - Baptisms (April 1868- August 1986); Marriages (Oct 1868- Nov 1983) Primarily Irish names, but some French Canadian, also. Lynn Grice
Saint Lawrence's Church, Troy, NY - Baptisms (April 1868- August 1986); Marriages (Oct 1868- Nov 1983) Primarily German names. Lynn Grice
Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Troy, NY - 5,591 burials 1844-2007 Stephanie Moore
Troy & Rensselaer Co., NY: A History by Rutherford Hayner, 3 Vols, 1925 Joan Howe
Troy City Directory 1960 Ginger Atchinson
Troy Telephone Directory 1944 Ginger Atchinson
Troy's One Hundred Years 1789-1889 by Arthur James Weise, M. A., 1891 Joan Howe
West Stephentown Baptist Church - Historical Record Trudy Millard Krause

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