1810 US Federal Census
Town of Lansingburgh

This census was transcribed and submitted by Rich Roberge. Rich has quite rightly transcribed exactly what was on the original census, rather than attempt any "corrections". If our guests find an ancestor in this transcription, they will want to obtain a copy of the original census page anyway, as that would be the true primary record. Many thanks for a great job, Rich!

Search suggestion:If you are a "Van" something, or if you are searching for a surname beginning with "Van", I would suggest that you use only the main body of the surname as your search value; that way, any variations in spelling or spacing does not omit any potential "hits". In other words, rather than search for "Van Buren" and lose the "VanBuren" and "V Buren" hits, just search for "Buren". Happy hunting!

A - Free white males under 10
B - Free white males 10-16
C - Free white males 16-26
D - Free white males 26-45
E - Free white males 45 and over
F - Free white females under 10
G - Free white females 10-16
H - Free white females 16-26
I - Free white females 26-45
J - Free white females 45 and over
K - All other free persons*
L - Slaves
* Number of Other Free Persons except Indians not taxed.

1810 US Federal Census
Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York

Head of HouseholdABCDEFGHIJKL
Acuff, G.300100001000
Adancourt, W.000010000100
Allen, C.310101001000
Allen, D.110102010000
Allen, P.000104001000
Allen, S.200101101000
Andrews, G.200101001000
Armington, R.110102111000
Armstrong, R.010013100100
Atwood, N.201111201000
Baker, James300103101000
Baker, S.200011111000
Ballard, J.300101002000
Barker, C.300102211000
Barker, J.320102011000
Barkman, B.000000010100
Barrows, J.100013101000
Barton, P.022000020100
Bassel, T.000010010100
Bates, O.112322301010
Baxter, Thos100102001000
Benjamin, E.000100001000
Benjamin, J.300102101000
Bennet, J.111102000100
Blatchford, S.132102212000
Blood, M.100101011000
Bonce, G.001000010000
Bontuon, S.402101111000
Bow, E.321102001000
Bowland, C.001000000000
Boyd, W.200011000100
Bradshaw, W.200100001000
Bradshaw, W., Jr000101001000
Brewer, A.100102001000
Buck, F.100101001000
Bugby, A.000100011100
Burnham, J.210010000101
Burr, J.202111102000
Burt, A.201100101001
Cadwell, Hezekiah310100001000
Cantwell, T.300010001000
Carey, W.300112001000
Carpenter, T.001010120102
Case, T.100013131010
Chambers, W.000202010000
Chase, W.000011001100
Cheesborough, Nehemiah210103101000
Chichester, E.100101011000
Choate, F.111010100100
Choate, J.001011210100
Clark, J.000110000100
Clark, J., Jr110105001000
Cochran, G.110103101000
Colden, C. R.000100011103
Comstock, Anna110002001000
Comstock, J.000010000100
Connel, J.000010000100
Corbin, M.100101101000
Crosby, W.100101010000
Cummings, D.100100001000
Currin, H.200102101000
Dagget, M.023200101100
Davis, S.000010000100
Davis, W.100101201000
Davitt, W.110102001000
De Groff, M. V.110010001000
Delavan, D.000102010000
Delavan, H.000000010100
Dodd, W. H.100102001000
Dodge, D. S.101100001000
Doty, J.000100001000
Douglass, A.200201002001
Dougrey, J.100102101000
Dubois, A.101001010000
Dubois, J.100100010000
Dunlap, J.000010000100
Dunlap, W.100103001000
Ellis, A.000010100100
Elward, S.000010000100
Erwin, J.200100010000
Fisher, R.101100010000
Fordham, T.201101111000
Fortin, J.100100010000
Fox, J.011102001000
Fullerton, W.010101001102
Gardinier, H.300111010000
Gaston, J.103204102002
Gillespie, A.110010111000
Gillespie, M.400101201000
Ginta, A.010012000100
Gipson, G.101000010000
Goodwin, G.210011011000
Gordon, W.100010011000
Gorham, S.010110111000
Griffing, J.230103001000
Guest, W.210010111001
Hagerty, J.230011101100
Hagin, R.020101101000
Hall, A.110104011000
Hall, E.000112001000
Hansen, J.001001010000
Hardy, M.010100200100
Harris, J.111100001000
Hasbrook, J.112102001000
Hawkins, E.120101011000
Haws, G.100102010000
Hayward, S.010010000100
Hedges, W.001100001000
Henry, D.000010000100
Henry, M.001011101001
Hewit, C.000001001001
Hickok, H.000101011000
Hickok, J.201110120103
Hickok, R.002500001001
Hickok, S.010010100100
Hill, A.200102101000
Hill, B.000101001000
Hinanson [?], W.000010000100
Hinman, A. B.030103011100
Hoard, J.000010011000
Hodge, J.011010110100
Hoffman, G.000010000100
Hoffman, Z.300100001000
Howell, H.200001111011
Humphrey, J.200100010010
Hunt, J.401011101000
James, Elisha101103011000
Janes, Elijah000011001003
Judson, E.100102202000
Kendrick, N.001201020000
Ketchum, J.111102011000
Kin, J.200101010000
King, R.201103001000
Laden, P.121010001000
Lansing, A. C.011101010002
Lansing, A. L.101101001003
Lansing, C.002010020110
Lansing, J. L.000100101002
Lansing, L.001111111107
Law, B.000200010100
Lawrence, A.100201001000
Lawrence, J.110101101000
Lawrence, L.200103101000
Leonard, T.200010121110
Leys, G.000100001000
Loring, T.100010300100
Mann, B.100102101000
Maulin, J. V. W.001301010000
McClellan, J.012011111000
McDonald, R.201012101001
McGilvre [?], A.100110001100
McGregor, P.200100000000
McIntosh, A.000100001000
McLian [McLean?], A.211112111101
McMurrey, D.311101001000
McMurry, J.000010001000
Meeker, W.003000020000
Merchand, G.000103001000
Mills, J.110101001000
Mitre, T.111011111000
Mondon, J.101000010000
Montgomery, R.000110011001
Moore, A.200011101000
Morey, J.100104010000
Morey, N.201100010000
Morey, T.201000010000
Morgan, J.110010020100
Murray, A.000012021100
Myers, M.100010000100
Neal, Z.023011010100
Noble, A.000011000000
North, F. B.100102001000
Norton, G.000101101000
Parker, A.300111311100
Parker, J.000010000100
Parmerlee, E.320101111000
Patten, N.210101003000
Payne, A.103000010000
Payne, C.001001010000
Payne, S.000010010100
Peebles, G.400101011003
Peets, L.310102001000
Penniman, S. J.101102011000
Perry, M.000010100100
Perry, M. S.001000010000
Pierce, M.000001000100
Preston, C.100200000100
Putnam, L.000010000100
Rathbone, W.021111111100
Rattoom, T.101104010003
Rawson, R.011100011000
Read, Stephen020012000100
Reid, J.020100010000
Richardson, A.321100111000
Richardson, D.000100001000
Rogers, M.010001011000
Rowell, Asa100101001000
Rutherford, J.113105121100
Schaeffar, F.200100000000
Seelye, S.312101201000
Seymour, D.110010110100
Seymour, M.001110001100
Shaw, S.001101010100
Shrull [?], S.011100001000
Shuman, E.100100010000
Sim, P.000110000100
Simons, N.101100010000
Skinner, F.300102001000
Smith, C.110100101000
Smith, D.212010101002
Smith, D.000100000100
Smith, D.000102001000
Smith, E.000000001000
Smith, J.100101010000
Smith, S.001110100100
Smith, Sam310101101000
Sousa, M. J.100001001000
Spafford, W.120103011000
Spotten, J.000100000102
Spotten, Thos L.402010110100
Stewart, J.210201011101
Stilson, J.110100001000
Stone, L.000101010000
Sturges, J.000101000000
Summerville, W.000100010000
Swer [?], E.100100001000
Thomson, W.003212220100
Tice, P.210101001000
Tiffany, C.101201002000
Tracy, G.315200110001
Trenor, T.311101001002
Tucker, E.110013001000
Tucker, T.000102001000
Van Arnum, L.010101111000
Van Curen, C.001001010000
Van Curen, J.100102010000
Van Curen, J.011011000100
Wagen, J. L.100103010000
Wager, L.012000101000
Wagner, P.100011120100
Walbridge, E. W.001100010001
Walsh, A.100110002001
Warren, J.300101001000
Watson, E.221101011000
Waud, R.011220211101
Weaver, J.100013111000
Weaver, L.210011111000
Weaver, M.000000001100
Welsh, J.011011221000
Wheeler, A.002100000100
White, S.100001001000
White, S.010102001000
Whitmarsh, G.000010000100
Wickwan, J.110101111000
Wickwan, J.000104001000
Wickwan, P.110103001000
Wilcox, A.002100110000
Wilgus, S.310201001000
Wilgus, W.100011210100
Willard, G.110100011100
Willard, R.000101001000
Williams, E.100101101000
Williams, J.300100200100
Wilson, D.010102001000
Wilson, Toping P.011300001000
Winant, J.101000010000
Wind, L.200101001000
Winne, L. R.201014111000
Winne, Abram101100001101
Wood, J.010210110100
Woolcott, J.013010111000
Young, D.210102101000
Young, J.010010000100
Young, J., Jr003001010000
-- Dick [?]000000000020
-- Cufi [?]000000000030
-- Prince L.000000000070

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