1810 US Federal Census
Town of Grafton

This census was transcribed and submitted by Rich Roberge.

Rich has quite rightly transcribed exactly what was on the original census, rather than attempt any "corrections". If our guests find an ancestor in this transcription, they will want to obtain a copy of the original census page anyway, as that would be the true primary record. Many thanks for a great job, Rich!

A - Free white males under 10
B - Free white males 10-16
C - Free white males 16-26
D - Free white males 26-45
E - Free white males 45 and over
F - Free white females under 10
G - Free white females 10-16
H - Free white females 16-26
I - Free white females 26-45
J - Free white females 45 and over
K - All other free persons*
L - Slaves
* Number of Other Free Persons except Indians not taxed.

1810 US Federal Census
Grafton, Rensselaer County, New York

Head of HouseholdABCDEFGHIJKL
Agins, Patrick, Jr101001010000
Akins, James101010110100
Akins, Patrick212011110100
Askings, Oliver201000010000
Austin, Oliver101001010000
Avery, Aaron001010100100
Babcock, Azariah200011110100
Babcock, Azariah, Jr001002010000
Babcock, Daniel000103111000
Babcock, John212101111000
Babcock, Phineas110103101100
Banker, John100103101000
Barber, Jesse101110020000
Barber, Zebulun [Zebulon]300102001000
Basette, Caleb100011001100
Berenbareck, George101001010000
Berenbareck, Henry010010000100
Berenbareck, John'n [Jonathan]000010012100
Bennet [Bennett], Lodowick [Lodewick]110102201000
Bonestele [Bonesteel], Frederick120102201000
Bonestele, Lodowick224011100100
Brimingstool [Brenenstuhl], Michael011011111100
Brimingstool, Tim [Timothy]100102001000
Brock, Jonathan310100001000
Brock, Nathan201001010000
Brocks, Francis231011010100
Brown, Naboth000010000100
Burk [Burke], Joseph011001020000
Button, Abel010101001000
Button, David300101001000
Burchill, Jacob001010000100
Burdick, Amos001000010000
Burdick, Benedict400101101000
Burdick, Benjn011001010000
Burdick, Jeremiah201100001000
Burdick, John310101101000
Burdick, Joseph111010101100
Burdock, Joseph, Jr500102011000
Camel [Campbell?], George310102021000
Camel, John012010010100
Camel, Peter210102101000
Cammom [Cannon?], John010010100100
Chase, Silvester [Sylvester]001000100100
Chase, widow001001200100
Clark, Luke101011210100
Cobb, widow100000000100
Collins, Abram020010121100
Coon, John300100010000
Coonrad [Conrad], Henry, Jr331100011000
Covey, John000110010100
Covey, John, Jr100101010000
Crandel [Crandall], David S.000104001000
Crandel, Gideon101010101000
Crandel, Isaiah121011000100
Crandel, John410101021000
Crandel, Perrkon [?]201003010000
Crandel, Roswell120011001000
Crandel, Saml000010110100
Cropsey, William120103111000
Davies, Joshua001001010000
Davison, Asa000010000000
Davison, Ezra310100201000
Davison, Nathan000102020000
Denette [?], Saml [?]001012200100
De Barr, Andres200010001000
Derby, Nathan000101010000
Derby, Squire021010021000
Dumpleton, Alpheus103012011100
Dumpleton, Benjn210103001000
Dunham, David210101201000
Dunham, David300101201000
Durgy, Walter112012011000
Dwit [DeWitt], George001010010100
Dwit, John100101010000
Eldridge, Peter101000010000
Enos, Wm320100101000
Feathers, George322011101000
Ferry, Lewis000010110100
Files, Jacob211102101000
Fitch, Luke310101001000
Ford, Abel200010210100
Fox, Daniel100103001000
Gallop, Rufus011011200100
Gallop, Thomas000010000100
Garner, Andrew000100001000
Garner, Rufus000101002000
Gray, Benjn301000010000
Gray, John122010111000
Green, Asa220101101000
Green, Wm300100101000
Haicks, Clark201001010000
Haicks, George110010110100
Haicks, Solomon100103001000
Haner, Barnet [Barent, Barney]001010010100
Haner, Barnet, Jr100104001000
Haner, David100103111000
Haner, John111101211000
Haner, Martin200101110000
Hayner, Coonrad110103211000
Hewit, Zebra [Zebu?]010103111000
Hill, Elizer [Eleazer]000101001000
Hill, James000010000100
Hill, William410101001000
Hover, Frederick J.110103001000
Howard, John211010101000
Hutton, John310102001000
Hydorne, Henry320101111000
Hydorne, John110013301000
Lampkin, John300101001000
Laninger, Frederick100102201000
Laribe [Larabee?], Asel [Asahel?]300100101000
Lewis, David300102010000
Lewis, John000010200100
Lewis, Nathan310101001000
Lewis, Nathan000105101000
Link, Philip200102101000
Littlefield, Daniel000110000100
Littlefield, Joshua100100001000
Manly, Reuben100102001000
Mariam, Reuben310102011000
Marsh, Peletiah111010120100
Martin, Sarah D.110000011000
Maxon, Ethan111011121000
Maxon, Matthew001011120100
Maxon, Whiton100102001000
Maycumber [McComber?], Moses200102001100
McChesney, Christine210001001000
Mills, Daniel200101010000
Mills, John000010000100
Millyer, Andrew300101101000
Millyers, John000010000100
Mitchel [Mitchell], Christopher210102101000
Monroe [Munroe], Isaac300100001000
Monroe, John101000010000
Monroe, Saml201100121000
Monroe, widow001000000100
Morrison, Leonard001000010000
Mower, Jacob010014101000
Munsey, Henry211012101000
Odel, George100011001100
Parker, Nathl000101001000
Parks, Jonas100102001000
Parks, Rufus113010210100
Parmer, Isaac W.100102001000
Patridge [Partridge], Asa410101001000
Peckham, Bradack [Braddock]101002110000
Peckham, Daniel001001010000
Peckham, Joshua310013111000
Perry, Aaron001001010000
Philips, Benjamin200102001000
Philips, John200101001000
Philips, John321011131000
Philips, Joseph220101101000
Philips, Thomas103021110200
Pounds, James H.110103001000
Prindle, Saml104010110100
Printice [Prentiss, Prentice], Ephraim100010020100
Randel [Randall], Wait000101001000
Read, John101012200100
Reynolds, Foster300102211000
Rishy, Russel200102010000
Robinson, Saml100102010000
Roe [Rowe], John101000010000
Roe, Phebe001000000100
Rogers, Cary111011200100
Rogers, Nathan000100010000
Rogers, Nathan001000010000
Ross, John310101001100
Russel [Russell], Comfort200101001000
Sadow, Stephen210011111000
Saunders, Daniel100013101000
Saunders, William011001010000
Scibins, James000010000100
Scibbins, James, Jr300102001000
Scriben, Joseph210101101100
Scribens [Scribbens], John, Jr200100010000
Scribens, Joshua000010020100
Scribens, Joshua M.300101010000
Scribens, Zebulun101010000100
Scribens, Zebulun, Jr110101010000
Scrivens, John010012200100
Scrivens, Wm000010000100
Shaver, John100101001000
Shaver, Tunis211010120100
Shaw, Durlin110010100100
Simmons, Mark220103101000
Smith, Daniel200012301000
Smith, Elijah011010320100
Smith, Elijah, Jr000102010000
Smith, Elkanah011011100100
Smith, Elkanah000010000100
Smith, Henry200102001000
Smith, Martin100103001100
Smith, Seelye001001010000
Smith, Susanna000000000100
Smith, Simon210101101000
Smith, Solomon111010010000
Smith, Solomon201101010000
Smith, Thos200102201000
Snyder, Christopher500101101000
Snyder, Wm400101231000
Stewart, John200101101000
Stewart, Lemuel100100010000
Stewart, Lemuel100010210100
Stewart, Josiah111000010000
Stowell, Saml000104010000
Sweat [Sweet, Swart], Amos001000010000
Sweat, Asa210012100100
Sweat, widow101001100100
Taylor, George001102010000
Thornton, Wm200014101000
Toogood, John011103111100
Turner, John001001010000
Turner, Wm011010000100
Vail, Warren101000010000
Vars, Peleg000010000000
Wager, Humphrey100101001000
Wager, Jacob300101001000
Wager, John, Jr421102201000
Wager, Lodowick [?]222012101000
Wager, Peter210102001000
Wait, John001001010000
Watenpock, Andrew010010000100
Way, Saml200102001000
Webber, John300101101000
Welman, Betsey100000001000
Wellman, Oliver102010011100
Wells, Elisha301011211000
West, Benjn011010100100
West, Benjn, Jr200101010000
West, James120010001100
West, James, Jr220102101100
West, James, 3rd001001010000
West, Nathan310102001100
West, Rismire110101101000
West, Thomas121101121000
West, Wm223011211200
Wilcox, John011010220100
Worden, Peleg101000010000
Worthington, John200103101000

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