Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "W"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Wade, Mary J., Mrs., adult, widow_____ _____06 Mar 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Wainman, Archie ElmerJohn Wainman and
Josephine Stumpf
29 Aug 188524 Sep 1884Not recorded
Wainman, Arlington ThomasJohn Wainman and
Josephine Stumpf
30 May 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Wainman, Jessie MayJohn Wainman and
Josephine Stumpf
30 May 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Waling, JurryRichard Waling and
Elizabeth Lyst
03 Jul 179124 Feb 1791Jurry Simon and
Catrina Lyst
Walker, Mary A., adult_____ Walker10 May 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Wambock, BarbaraHenry Wambock and
Catharine Appal
06 Nov 187505 Jun 1875Not recorded
Warner, Almeda OpheliaMichael H. Warner and
Elizabeth O. Wandell
02 Nov 187208 Jun 1862Not recorded
Warner, Charles A.Albert Warner and
Mary C. Barringer
02 Nov 187222 Jul 1868Not recorded
Warner, Elizabeth, adult
(wife of Michael H.)
_____ Wandell03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Warner, George F., adult_____ Warner03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Warner, Grace SarahMichael H. Warner and
Elizabeth O. Wandell
02 Nov 187204 Sep 1868Not recorded
Warner, Julia C.Albert Warner and
Mary C. Barringer
02 Nov 187206 Jun 1865Not recorded
Warner, Mary C., adult
(wife of Albert)
_____ Barringer03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Warner, Michael, adult_____ Warner03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Waters, Mary, adult_____ Waters04 Jun 1893Not recordedNot recorded
Weaver, EvenezerPeter Weaver and
Catharine Van den Bergh
14 Jun 181212 May 1812Not recorded
Wederwax, JacobLawrence Wederwax and
Annatje Millius
15 Aug 179026 May 1790Adam Millius and
Elizabeth Millius
Wederwax, MargaretSebastian Wederwax and
Catharine Uline
__ ___ 180311 Mar 1803Not recorded
Weeks, Edson JaretJared A. Weeks and
Hannah C. Hare
22 Mar 185722 Jan 1857Not recorded
Welch, Ann MariaPeter Welch and
Elisabeth Mallet
30 Apr 180917 Mar 1809Not recorded
Welch, Margaret JaneSimon Welch and
Caty McAuloche
19 Jun 181309 May 1813Not recorded
Wemple, John VeederJacob V. M. Wemple and
Elenor Veeder
17 Mar 182227 Jan 1822Not recorded
Wemple, Peter ConineAndrew Wemple and
Cathalina Van Alstyne
29 Dec 179913 Nov 1799Not recorded
Wentworth, MaryIsaac Wentworth and
Elizabeth Haver
25 Sep 179625 Jul 1796Jacob Haver and
Hannah Stall
Westfall, Martha, adult
(wife of William)
_____ Cryne15 Sep 1889Not recordedNot recorded
Westfall, Mary, adult
(wife of George)
_____ Cryne15 Sep 1889Not recordedNot recorded
Westfall, SimonJohn Westfall and
Catrina Pink
13 Aug 1796Not recordedNot recorded
Westphall, JohnJohn Westphall and
Polly Turner
05 Jun 182528 Apr 1825Not recorded
Wever, JacobWilliam Wever and
Rebecca Ostrum
10 Aug 179420 Jul 1794Not recorded
Wever, JohnWilliam Wever and
Rebecca Ostrum
__ ___ 180109 Oct 1800Not recorded
Wever, MaryWilliam Wever and
Rebecca Ostrum
14 Jul 179830 Apr 1798Not recorded
Whitbeck, Benjamin PorterMartin B. Whitbeck and
Julia Freson
__ ___ 182808 Jan 1828Not recorded
Whitbeck, Juda AnnMartin B. Whitbeck and
Juda Frezon
28 Oct 183529 Aug 1835Not recorded
Whitbeck, Mary JaneMartin B. Whitbeck and
Judith Frezon
31 Dec 183701 Nov 1837Not recorded
Williams, NellyCasparus Williams, Jr. and
Christina Pulver
__ May 179914 Apr 1799William Jacobi
and wife
Wilson, JohnDirck Wilson and
Maykie Huik
21 Jan 179127 Dec 1790Frances Wilson and
Antie Schermehorn
Winne, JamesPeter D. Winne and
Ann Maria McKown
15 Oct 184303 Mar 1843Not recorded
Winne, Rachel MargaretJames M. Winne and
Helen Eliza Winne
__ ___ 185029 Oct 1849Not recorded
Winne, William HenryPeter D. Winne and
Ann Maria McKown
10 Jul 184622 Feb 1845Not recorded
Witbeck, AbrahamLawrence Witbeck and
Susan Van den Bergh
11 Jan 181824 May 1817Not recorded
Witbeck, AbrahamTobias Witbeck and
Maria Shutter
__ Feb 179204 Dec 1791Not recorded
Witbeck, AnnatjeHarpert Witbeck and
Geertruy Wendel
04 Jan 178906 Dec 1788Philip Schuyler and
Annatje Schuyler
Witbeck, AnnyJohn Witbeck and
Sophia Webster
__ ___ 180419 Feb 1804John Witbeck and
Catharine Shans
Witbeck, AnnyJonathan J. Witbeck and
Caty Rush
30 Apr 180801 Mar 1808Not recorded
Witbeck, BarberTobias Witbeck and
Maria Shutter
25 Oct 178901 Oct 1789Not recorded
Witbeck, CasparusGarret Witbeck and
Jannetje Van Buren
04 Aug 1793Not recordedCasparus Witbeck
Witbeck, Catharine MariaJonathan Witbeck and
Hannah Milham
27 Oct 181106 Sep 1811Not recorded
Witbeck, CorneliusJohn P. Witbeck and
Eva Kittle
__ ___ 180412 Aug 1804Not recorded
Witbeck, DanielJohn P. Witbeck and
Eva Kittle
__ ___ 180107 Oct 1800Not recorded
Witbeck, ElizabethJohn T. Witbeck and
Sarah Jones
02 Feb 180020 Oct 1799Not recorded
Witbeck, GeertruyLeonard Witbeck and
Catrina Guin
25 Dec 179401 Dec 1794Not recorded
Witbeck, GerritjeJonathan J. Witbeck and
Catrina Pool
04 Jan 178929 Nov 1788Jonathan Witbeck and
Gerretje Witbeck
Witbeck, GerritjeTobias Witbeck and
Maria Shutter
01 Apr 179330 Mar 1793Not recorded
Witbeck, GertrudeAbraham H. Witbeck and
Harriot Van Renssellaer
20 Mar 182006 Jan 1820Not recorded
Witbeck, HarriettHenry Witbeck and
Tiney Pats
30 Mar 181122 Feb 1811Not recorded
Witbeck, HemphreyMartin Witbeck and
Julia Freezon
27 Jan 183319 Oct 1832Not recorded
Witbeck, Henry GuinLeonard Witbeck and
Catrina Guin
05 Sep 179917 Aug 1799Not recorded
Witbeck, HenryGerrit Whitbeck and
Jenny Van Buren
__ ___ 180104 Apr 1801Not recorded
Witbeck, HenryJohn Witbeck and
Sophia Webster
14 Jun 180712 May 1807Anny Van den Bergh
Witbeck, Jacob HerbertAbraham Witbeck and
Harriet Van Rensselaer
__ ___ 181105 May 1811Not recorded
Witbeck, JacobJonathan J. Witbeck and
Catharine Van der Pool
(presented their son's child)
19 May 181714 Mar 1817Not recorded
Witbeck, JacobusTobias Witbeck and
Maria Shutter
04 Jan 179511 Dec 1794Not recorded
Witbeck, JamesBenjamin Witbeck and
Jane Porter
23 Aug 181925 Jun 1819Not recorded
Witbeck, Jane ElisaJonathan Witbeck and
Catharine Van der Pool
10 Jul 180701 Jun 1807Not recorded
Witbeck, JannetjePeter W. Witbeck and
Marretje Pruyn
30 Nov 178829 Oct 1788Not recorded
Witbeck, John HenryMartin Witbeck and
Juda Frezon
18 Jul 183013 Mar 1830Not recorded
Witbeck, JohnBenjamin Witbeck and
Jane Porter
07 Aug 180708 Jul 1807Not recorded
Witbeck, JohnJohn Witbeck and
Sarah Jones
11 Jan 180719 Oct 1806Not recorded
Witbeck, JohnJohn Witbeck, Jr. and
Sophia Webster
20 Aug 180912 Jul 1809Not recorded
Witbeck, JohnJonathan Witbeck and
Catharine Van der Pool
__ ___ 180103 Apr 1801Not recorded
Witbeck, JonathanJonathan Witbeck and
Catrina Pool
01 Apr 179308 Mar 1793Jacobus Witbeck and
Maria Mynderse
Witbeck, JonathanTobias Witbeck and
Maria Shutter
__ Sep 178821 Aug 1788Not recorded
Witbeck, LanaLeonard Witbeck and
Caty Diguin
__ ___ 180306 Jun 1803Not recorded
Witbeck, MagdalenAbraham H. Witbeck and
Hariot Van Rensselaer
01 Sep 181307 Jul 1813Not recorded
Witbeck, MaggyJonathan Witbeck and
Caty Van der Pool
17 Jun 180408 May 1804Not recorded
Witbeck, MargaretBenjamin Witbeck and
Jane Porter
02 Sep 181013 Aug 1810Not recorded
Witbeck, MargaretJohn T. Witbeck and
Sarah Jones
__ ___ 180319 Jul 1803Not recorded
Witbeck, MariaThomas Witbeck and
Elizabeth Rysdorph
21 Jul 179301 Jul 1793Not recorded
Witbeck, MariaWillem Witbeck and
Catrina De Freest
12 Mar 179716 Feb 1797Not recorded
Witbeck, Martin CornelisenBenjamin Witbeck and
Genny Porter
10 Aug 180625 May 1806Not recorded
Witbeck, Martin CorneliusTobias Witbeck and
Mary Shutter
__ ___ 180106 May 1801Maria Van den Berg
Witbeck, MathewJohn Witbeck, Jr. and
Sophia Webster
05 Mar 181924 Dec 1818Not recorded
Witbeck, Nicholas Van RensselaerAbraham N. Witbeck and
Harriet Van Rensselaer
01 Dec 181604 Oct 1816Not recorded
Witbeck, OmgreyBenjamin Witbeck and
Jane Porter
28 Feb 181322 Jan 1813Not recorded
Witbeck, PeterJohn P. Witbeck and
Eve Kittle
12 Mar 179713 Feb 1797Not recorded
Witbeck, PeterWillem Witbeck and
Catrina Freest
14 Jan 1791Not recordedPeter Freest
and wife
Witbeck, PollyJonathan Witbeck and
Caty Rush
__ May 179922 Mar 1799Not recorded
Witbeck, SallyJonathan Witbeck and Caty Rush__ ___ 180322 Aug 1803Not recorded
Witbeck, Sarah AnnJonathan Witbeck, Jr., not qualified
and Dorothy Yon
13 Mar 182421 Jan 1824Not recorded
Witbeck, SarahJohn Witbeck and
Eva Kettle
__ ___ 180317 Jun 1803Not recorded
Witbeck, SolomonJohn N. Witbeck and
Hannah Scott
09 Jan 181411 Oct 1813Not recorded
Witbeck, SophiaJohn Witbeck, Jr. and
Eliza Shibley
04 Jul 182414 Apr 1824Not recorded
Witbeck, ThomasJohn Witbeck and
Sara Jones
16 Feb 17949 Jan 1794Not recorded
Witbeck, VolkertLourens Witbeck and
Susan Van den Bergh
13 Oct 181127 Aug 1811Not recorded
Witbeck, William WaldronWilliam Witbeck and
Catharine De Foreest
29 Dec 179921 Nov 1799Not recorded
Witbeck, WilliamJohn W. Witbeck and
Catharine Bloomingdale
05 May 181610 Apr 1816Not recorded
Wood, Gennet, adult
(wife of Frederick)
_____ Silvernail07 Feb 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Wright, Louisa Amanda, adult_____ Wright10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Wright, Sarah Maria, adult_____ Wright10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded

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