Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surname unknown

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
_____, Anny(no father named) and
Mary Sitsar
__ ___ 180129 May 1801Not recorded
_____, Cornelius Schermerhorn, illegitimateJohn B. Bovee named as father
and Alida Schermerhorn
05 Feb 182025 Oct 1819Not recorded
_____, Elisabeth, illegitimateno father named and
Teunche Van Buren, not qualified
12 May 182509 Feb 1825Martin C. Van Beuren
and Nancy Van Buren
_____, Flora, adult (slave of J. A. Ostrander)no parents named03 Dec 1826Not recordedNot recorded
_____, Geertruy (illegitimate)Leonard Witbeck (named as father)
and Lea Witbeck
30 Jul 179311 Mar 1793Jonathan Witbeck
and Gerritje Witbeck
_____, Hannah(no father named) and
Martha Wilson (unmarried)
11 Aug 178804 Aug 1788John E. Lansingh
and Maria Lansingh
_____, James Anders (illegitimate)James Anders (named as father)
and Elizabeth Michel
12 Feb 179201 Jan 1792Jurry Michel
and Maragrita Michel
_____, Johannis(no father named) and
Christina Michel (unmarried)
02 Aug 179004 Jun 1790Adam Hooft
and Grietje Hooft
_____, JudeNo parents named
(slave of Nicholas Staats)
28 Sep 1799Not recordedNot recorded
_____, Levi Kilmoreno father named
and Maria Ostrander
16 May 182104 Mar 1815Not recorded
_____, MarteJohn McCluir (named as father)
and Maria Van Buren
02 Feb 179424 Nov 1793Marte Van Buren
and Anna Van Buren
_____, Maryfather not qualified and
Dine, slave of J. P. Witbeck
28 Oct 182109 Sep 1821Not recorded
_____, Olevia(no father named)
and Editta Hall
13 Oct 179905 Oct 1795William Morrison
and wife
_____, Sally Mariano father named and
Sally Jimpson, colored
07 Oct 1832Not recordedNot recorded
_____, Susannano father named and
Sally Jimpson, colored
07 Oct 1832Not recordedNot recorded

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