Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "T"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Talcot, Daniel WilliamDaniel W. Talcot and
Viletta Huslapple
07 Sep 1856Not recordedNot recorded
Talmage, Frances WilsonJames R. Talmage and
Mary Shufeldt
02 Dec 185309 Aug 1853Not recorded
Talmage, James AlexanderJames R. Talmage and
Mary S. Talmage
06 Mar 185705 Dec 1856Not recorded
Taulin, SusannaJohn Taulin and
Jenny Babbit
__ ___ 1801__ ___ 1801John Van Heusen and
Auly Taylin
Taylor, Susanna RomeynRev. Benjamin C. Taylor
and Anna Romeyn
08 Jun 182502 Jun 1825Not recorded
Taylor, William James
Van Campen Romeyn
Benjamin C. Taylor
and Anna Romeyn
12 Sep 182331 Jul 1823Not recorded
Thompson, Sarah, adult_____ Thompson
[no mother named]
25 Jul 1817Not recordedNot recorded
Tod, FrederickAdam Tod and
Jane Oyens
05 Dec 1790Not recordedFrederick Phillips and
Sophia Phillips
Tod, JohnAdam Tod and
Jane Oyens
24 Aug 178828 May 1788Anthony Abrams and
Nancy Abrams
Traver, AlexanderJohn C. Traver and
Catharine Sprong
21 Feb 183626 Oct 1835Not recorded
Traver, ElisabethJohn C. Traver and
Cathrine Sprung
23 Jun 183303 Jun 1832Not recorded
Traver, EstherJohn C. Traver and
Cathrine Sprung
23 Jun 183319 Dec 1827Not recorded
Traver, Jessie Pauline, adult_____ Traver06 Mar 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Tucker, JohnEbenezer Tucker and
Sarah Salisbury
02 Dec 180420 Oct 1804Not recorded
Turk, JeromeAbraham Turk and
Maragrieta Van Valkenburg
02 Jul 179725 May 1797Not recorded
Turner, ElisabethWilliam Turner and
Ann Maria Sneuk
02 Sep 181029 Jul 1810Cornelius Sneuk and
Lydia Hix
Turner, JaneWilliam Turner and
Ann Maria Snoeck
28 Feb 181323 Dec 1812Not recorded
Tuttle, WilliamEbenezer F. Tuttle and
Sarah Salisbury
18 Sep 180727 Jul 1807Not recorded
Tweeddale, Jane E.Andrew Tweeddale and
Anna M. Rector
30 Apr 187022 Jul 1869Not recorded

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