Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "S"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Safford, AmendaElihu Safford and
Polly Hill
28 Oct 17971 Aug 1797Samuel Hill and
Mary Hill
Safford, ElihuElihu Safford (deceased)
and Polly Hill (widow)
__ ___ 180110 Mar 1801Caleb Hill and
Mary Tyle
Salisbury, AdelineDaniel Salisbury and
Mary Van Buren
30 Mar 181116 Mar 1811Not recorded
Salisbury, AlexanderDaniel [Van] Salisbury
and Maria Van Beuren
15 Sep 182122 Aug 1821Not recorded
Salisbury, AncheKasper Salisbury and
Aulida Springer
03 Sep 180912 Aug 1809Not recorded
Salisbury, BarentJohn T. Salisbury and
Eytche Van Buren
20 Apr 180628 Mar 1806Not recorded
Salisbury, CatyDaniel Salisbury and
Marytje Van Buren
12 Sep 181226 Aug 1812Not recorded
Salisbury, HenryCaspar Salisbury and
Alida Springer
27 Oct 181125 Sep 1811Not recorded
Salisbury, HenryDaniel [Van] Salisbury and
Polly Van Buren
15 Oct 181516 Sep 1815Not recorded
Salisbury, JamesDaniel [Van] Salisbury and
Polly Van Buren
09 Jan 181411 Oct 1813Not recorded
Salisbury, JaneCornelius Salisbury and
Magdalen Witbeck
13 Oct 181109 Aug 1811Not recorded
Salisbury, JaneDaniel Salisbury and
Mary Van Buren
14 Feb 180730 Jan 1807Not recorded
Salisbury, JaneJohn M. Salisbury and
Alida Martin
22 Sep 180518 Aug 1805Daniel Salisbury and
Margaret Dugan
Salisbury, JohnCaspar Salisbury, Jr. and
Aulida Springer
__ ___ 180115 Sep 1801John Salisbury and
Trintie Salisbury
Salisbury, John Van BeurenDaniel [Van] Salisbury and
Maria Van Beuren
15 Aug 181910 Jul 1819Not recorded
Salisbury, MargaretJohn Salisbury and
Alida Martin
10 May 178905 Mar 1789Casparus Witbeck and
Catrina Dickson
Salisbury, Margaret DalyDaniel [Van] Salisbury and
Maria Van Beuren
15 Aug 181920 Jul 1818Not recorded
Salisbury, Mary AnnLucas Salisbury and
Maria Hullet
28 Oct 180904 Oct 1809Not recorded
Salisbury, Rachel MargaretCasper Salisbury and
Margaret Salisbury
22 Jul 181010 Jun 1810James Salisbury
Salisbury, Sally MariaDaniel Salisbury and
Maria Van Buren
22 Jan 180908 Dec 1808Not recorded
Salisbury, TinyCornelius Salisbury and
Maggy Witbeck
25 Jan 180720 Nov 1806Not recorded
Salsbury, CasparusJohn Salsbury and
Maria Salsbury
26 Apr 17894 weeks oldCasparus Brooks and
Latiger Salsbury
Salsbury, CatyJohn T. Salsbury and
Alida Martin
19 Jun 179625 May 1796Tobias Salsbury and
Catrina Salsbury
Salsbury, Emeline, adult_____ Salsbury09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Salsbury, HannaJoseph Salsbury and
Maragrita Oeverzand
15 Jun 178813 Mar 1788Jonathan Salsbury and
Latiger Salsbury
Salsbury, HendrikJacobus Salsbury and
Jannetje Salsbury
12 Feb 179214 Dec 1791Jonathan Cornick and
Maragrita Cornick
Salsbury, Henry, adult_____ Salsbury19 Dec 1830Not recordedNot recorded
Salsbury, JamesJohn Salsbury and
Alida Martin
20 May 179210 Apr 1792Tobias Salsbury and
Eva Proper
Salsbury, LucasJohn Salsbury and
Maria Van Buren
04 Jan 179507 Dec 1794Not recorded
Salsbury, MaragritaJacobus Salsbury and
Jannetje Salsbury
15 Jun 178805 Apr 1788Martin Van Buren and
Cornelia Salsbury
Salsbury, MariaJohn Salsbury and
Maria Van Buren
__ ___ 180317 Apr 1803Not recorded
Salsbury, MariaJoseph Salsbury and
Maragrita Oversandt
01 May 179103 Mar 1791Johannis Salsbury and
Maria Salsbury
Salsbury, Martin CornelisonCornelius Salsbury and
Magtel Witbeck
02 Dec 179803 Nov 1798Not recorded
Salsbury, Martin CorneliusJohn Salsbury and
Eiche Van Buren
07 Apr 180508 Mar 1805Not recorded
Salsbury, Olive, adult_____ Martin21 Nov 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Salsbury, PeterJohn L. Salsbury and
Maritie Van Buren
__ ___ 180106 Feb 1801Not recorded
Salsbury, RachelJohn T. Salsbury and
Ally Martin
12 Oct 180010 Sep 1800Garrit Woodbeck and
Jane Woodbeck
Salsbury, RichardTobias Salsbury and
Phebe Lint
28 Sep 179908 Sep 1799Not recorded
Salsbury, SallyTobias Salsbury and
Phebe Lint
12 Nov 1797Not recordedDavid Lint and
Ann Becket
Salsbury, TeuncheKasper Salsbury and
Aulida Springer
23 Aug 180729 Apr 1807Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Abraham AlexanderCornelius J. Schermerhorn and
Alida Moll
27 Mar 182504 Feb 1825Not recorded
Schermerhorn, AbrahamRyer Schermerhorn and
Lena Van Valkenburgh
21 Nov 179510 Oct 1795Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Ada CaswellCornelius Schermerhorn and
Sarah Caroline Myers
06 Sep 189005 Dec 1889Not recorded
Schermerhorn, AlidaCornelius Schermerhorn and
Alida Moll
29 May 183125 Apr 1831Not recorded
Schermerhorn, AndrewJacob J. Schermerhorn, Jr. and
Nelly Van der Pool
13 Nov 180706 Oct 1807Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Carrie M.Cornelius Schermerhorn and
Sarah C. Myers
01 Sep 188321 May 1883Not recorded
Schermerhorn, CatharineCornelius J. Schermerhorn, Jr.
and Alida Moll
11 Feb 182105 Jan 1821Not recorded
Schermerhorn, CatyPeter Schermerhorn and
Maritie Miller
29 Dec 179904 Dec 1799Thomas Miller and
Caty Miller
Schermerhorn, CharlesIsaac Schermerhorn and
Hillitie Smith
01 Mar 180110 Feb 1800Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Charlotte AlidaJacob C. Schermerhorn and
Jane P. Kimmy
__ ___ 184929 Jan 1841Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Cornelia, twinJacob C. Schermerhorn and
Jane P. Kimmy
__ ___ 184916 Oct 1846Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Cornelius, twinJacob C. Schermerhorn and
Jane P. Kimmy
__ ___ 184916 Oct 1846Not recorded
Schermerhorn, CorneliusIsaac Schermerhorn and
Hilletje Smith
26 Jun 181104 Jun 1811Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Dolly MariaIsaac P. Schermerhorn
and Mary Cane
05 Feb 181201 Dec 1811Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Forrest GustinAlbert Schermerhorn and
Lizzie Ostrander
09 Dec 189520 Apr 1895Not recorded
Schermerhorn, GerritjeJacob Schermerhorn and
Geertje Schermerhorn
01 Mar 178902 Feb 1789Hendrik Roseboom and
Elizabeth Roseboom
Schermerhorn, IsaacCornelius Schermerhorn
and Alida Moll
20 Jun 181913 May 1819Not recorded
Schermerhorn, JacobBarent Schermerhorn
and Sarah Lansing
23 Sep 180402 Sep 1804Not recorded
Schermerhorn, JaneCornelius Schermerhorn, Jr.
and Alida Moll
13 Oct 181127 Aug 1811Not recorded
Schermerhorn, JessieWalter Schermerhorn
and Catharine Kimmey
03 Feb 1865Not recordedNot recorded
Schermerhorn, John Van RensselaerCornelius Schermerhorn and
Catrina Van Rensselaer
23 Nov 179508 Oct 1795John Schermerhorn
and Anna Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Libbie CarpenterWalter Schermerhorn
and Catharine Kimmy
06 Sep 1862Not recordedNot recorded
Schermerhorn, Lillie F., adult_____ Schermerhorn15 May 1869Not recordedNot recorded
Schermerhorn, MabelCornelius Schermerhorn
and Sarah C. Myers
02 Sep 189303 Oct 1892Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Martha ElizabethCornelius J. Schermerhorn, Jr.
and Alida Moll
07 Dec 183426 Jul 1834Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Mary AlbertineBarney Schermerhorn and
Elisabeth Carpenter
09 Sep 182716 Jul 1827Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Mary B.Walter B. Schermerhorn
and Catharine C. Kimmey
05 Aug 187124 Sep 1870Not recorded
Schermerhorn, MaryCornelius J. Schermerhorn, Jr.
and Alida Moll
23 Mar 181722 Feb 1817Not recorded
Schermerhorn, MatildaCornelius J. Schermerhorn
and Alida Moll
09 Mar 182815 Dec 1827Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Morgan LewisCornelius Schermerhorn, Jr.
and Catharine Van Rensselaer
15 Mar 180722 Nov 1806Not recorded
Schermerhorn, RuthCornelius Schermerhorn
and Sarah C. Myers
20 Sep 189604 Feb 1896Not recorded
Schermerhorn, SarahBarney Schermerhorn and
Elizabeth Carpenter
27 Jun 182413 Apr 1823Not recorded
Schermerhorn, Stephen Van RensselaerCornelius Schermerhorn and
Catharine Van Rensselaer
10 Feb 180526 Dec 1804Not recorded
Schermerhorn, WalterBarent Schermerhorn and
Elisabeth Carpenter
16 Sep 182121 Aug 1821Not recorded
Schermerhorne, AlbertineCornelius J. Schermerhorn
and Alida Moll
30 Mar 182315 Feb 1823Not recorded
Schut, Abraham LentTunis Schut and
Elizabeth Culver
10 Nov 179329 Jul 1793Not recorded
Schut, HesterTunis Schut and
Elizabeth Culber
27 Feb 179125 Oct 1790Not recorded
Schwab, GeorgeFrederick Schwab and
Margaret Smith
05 Aug 187018 Aug 1869Not recorded
See, Sarah Jane, adult
(wife of John)
_____ Buckman06 Feb 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Semon, _____David D. Semon and
Ann Staats
06 Aug 180930 Jul 1809Not recorded
Semon, Elizabeth SemonDavid D. Semon and
Ann Staats
8 Sep 182227 Jun 1822Not recorded
Semon, HendrikSamuel Semon and
Maria Muller
17 Dec 179812 Nov 1798Not recorded
Semon, JamesDavid D. Semon and
Ann Staats
28 Jan 181625 Dec 1815Not recorded
Semon, John GrahamDavid D. Semon and
Ann Staats
10 May 181810 Apr 1818Not recorded
Semon, JonasJonas Semon and
Elsie Strunk
20 Feb 179926 Sep 1798Not recorded
Semon, MariaGeorge Semon and
Lena Pulver
01 Jan 179908 Nov 1798John Pulver and
Semon, PetrusJurry Semon and
Lena Pulver
09 May 179531 Mar 1795Johan Theis Snook and
Geertie Snook
Semon, WilliamDavid D. Semon and
Ann Staats
10 Apr 181401 Apr 1814Not recorded
Semons, _____James Semons and
_____ Snook
03 May 1844Not recordedNot recorded
Semons, Lydia AnnWilliam S. Semons and
Hannah Eliza Snook
__ ___ 184316 Jul 1839Not recorded
Semons, UgeniaWilliam S. Semons and
Hannah Eliza Snook
__ ___ 184304 Sep 1841Not recorded
Shaffer, CharlesEli Shaffer and
Sarah Terwilleger
05 Aug 187128 Mar 1869Not recorded
Shaffer, Mary Emma, adult_____ Shaffer11 Dec 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Shankland, RobertWilliam Shankland and
Margaret Henry
__ Feb 179203 Nov 1791Not recorded
Shans, BarneyChristian Shans and
Amy Filkins
03 May 180501 Apr 1805Not recorded
Shans, CatyJohn Shans and
Alida Beegle
__ ___ 180426 Mar 1804Caty Witbeck
Shans, HenryJames Shans and
Polly Shcermerhorn
__ ___ 180430 Jan 1804Catharine Weller
Shans, JeremiahJohn Shans and
Aulida Beddle
09 Mar 180619 Jan 1806Not recorded
Shans, JohnHendrik Shans and
Mary Jones
10 Nov 179315 Aug 1793Not recorded
Shans, SusannaJeremiah Shans and
Loyens Adems
24 Aug 178823 Jun 1788Christiaan Sprong and
Susanna Sprong
Shants, PeggyChristian Shants and
Emmy Filkins
12 Oct 180022 Aug 1800Not recorded
Shardenbergh, AndriesGeorge Shardenbergh
and Lena Galer
26 Sep 179012 Aug 1790Andries Rouse and
Rebecca Rouse
Sharp, CharlotteAlonzo Sharp and
Harriet C. Bink
06 Nov 187020 Jun 1870Not recorded
Sharp, Henry B.Alonzo Sharp and
Harriet C. Bink
06 Nov 187521 Jan 1875Not recorded
Sharp, Louisa M. S.Alonzo Sharp and
Harriet C. Bink
06 Nov 1870Not recordedNot recorded
Sharp, MaryJeremiah Sharp and
Catharine Hui
06 Apr 180603 Mar 1806Not recorded
Shaver, JohnHendrik Shaver and
Margaret Rouse
28 Oct 1797Not recordedHarmen Rouse and
Margaret Rouse
Shaver, PhilipHendrik Shaver and
Geertje Rouse
23 Nov 179509 Sep 1795Philip Shaver and
Rachel Shaver
Shaver, RachelHenry Shaver and
Charathy Rouw
__ ___ 180114 Feb 1801Not recorded
Schermerhorn, GittyCornelius J. Schermerhorn
and Alida Moll
20 Jun 181330 Apr 1813Not recorded
Shebley, JeremiahHenry Shebley and
Elizabeth Shans
03 Jul 17917 May 1791Jeremiah Shans and
Lois Shans
Shebley, JohnHenry Shebley and
Elizabeth Shans
10 May 178909 Apr 1789Not recorded
Sherley, Edward GershonEdward Sherley and
Elizabeth Ostrander
15 May 184014 Apr 1840Not recorded
Sherman, Henry WoodworthElijah T. Sherman and
Henrietta L. DeFreest
06 Sep 187907 Sep 1876Not recorded
Sherman, William DeFreestElijah T. Sherman and
Henrietta L. DeFreest
06 Sep 187924 Sep 1877Not recorded
Shibley, ElisaJacob Shibley and
Polly Shansey
__ ___ 180121 Sep 1801Not recorded
Shibley, TherseyJacob Shibley and
Polly Shans
__ ___ 180317 Jun 1803Not recorded
Shodenbergh, Anna MariaMatthew Shodenbergh
and Maria Manger
29 Mar 178904 Feb 1789Matthew Galer and
Lena Galer
Shonts, Ann, adult_____ Shonts01 Apr 1832Not recordedNot recorded
Shonts, JohnJohn Shonts and
Aulida Beadle
29 Nov 180701 Sep 1807Not recorded
Shufeldt, Charlotte SmithJohn D. W. Shufeldt
and Emma Cotton
06 Sep 188409 Jul 1883Not recorded
Shufeldt, Edith MayJohn D. Shufeldt
and Emma Cotton
31 May 187920 Nov 1874Not recorded
Shuffeld, AbrahamZachary Shuffeld and
Jannetje Schut
02 Feb 179430 Nov 1793John Bliss and
Christina Pulver
Shuffeldt, AbrahamPhilip P. Schuffeldt and
Jane Schermerhorn
28 Oct 183223 Jul 1832Not recorded
Shuns, PollyChristian Shuns and
Anny Philkins
__ ___ 180208 Jul 1802Not recorded
Shutter, DorotheaAbraham Shutter and
Geertruy Salsbury
03 Jul 179608 Feb 1796Not recorded
Shutter, HarmanusAbraham Shutter and
Geertruy Salsbury
23 May 179302 Mar 1793Harmanus Salsbury and
Alida Sharp
Simon, DavidDavid Simon and
Ann Staats
09 Dec 181025 Nov 1810Not recorded
Simon, Sarah AnnDavid D. Simon and
Ann Staats
24 Oct 181205 Oct 1812Not recorded
Simons, JacobDavid D. Simons and
Ann Staats
19 Mar 182013 Feb 1820Not recorded
Sleight, Caroline Ackerman, adult_____ Sleight01 Jun 1889Not recordedNot recorded
Sleighter, Catharin AlmiraNicholas Sleighter and
Cornelia Snyder
29 Oct 182530 Sep 1825Not recorded
Slingerland, IsaacJacob Slingerland and
Cornelia Slingerland
30 Jun 179819 Mar 1798Not recorded
Sliter, ChristinaNicholas Sliter and
Cornelia Snyder
16 Jun 182213 Apr 1822Not recorded
Sliter, Cornelia CatharineNicholas Sliter and
Cornelia Snyder
29 Apr 184227 Oct 1841Not recorded
Sliter, David ElliotNicholas Sliter and
Cornelia Snyder
__ ___ 183914 Feb 1839Not recorded
Sliter, Edgar J. Link, twinNicolas Sliter and
Cornelia Snyder
05 May 1837Not recordedNot recorded
Sliter, Edward P. Stimson, twinNicolas Sliter and
Cornelia Snyder
05 May 1837Not recordedNot recorded
Sluiter, PeterCornelius W. Sluiter and
Susanna Margaret Karner
11 Jul 181409 Jun 1814Not recorded
Sluter, Anna MariaNicholas Sluter and
Cornelia Snyder
31 Dec 181519 Nov 1815Not recorded
Sluyter, CharityNicholas Sluyter and
Cornelia Snyder
04 Jul 182407 May 1824Not recorded
Sluyter, ElizaNicholas Sluyter and
Cornelia Snyder
05 Sep 181930 Jul 1819Not recorded
Sluyter, ElmiraJacob Sluyter and
Cornelia Snyder
20 May 182721 Apr 1827Not recorded
Sluyter, Hannah ElizaJohn W. Sluyter and
Ann Snyder
05 Jul 181222 Apr 1812Not recorded
Sluyter, JaneCornelius Sluyter and
Susannah M. Kerner
08 Nov 181206 Oct 1812Not recorded
Sluyter, John JacobNicholas Sluyter and
Cornelia Snyder
24 May 181724 Apr 1817Not recorded
Sluyter, Julia AnnJohn W. Sluyter and
Hannah Snyder
21 Jan 181614 Oct 1815Not recorded
Sluyter, PhebeSluyter, Nicholas and
Cornelia Snyder
13 Jun 182907 May 1829Not recorded
Sluyter, Sally ElizaPeter Sluyter and
Sally Price
09 Jan 181427 Nov 1813Not recorded
Sluyter, William HenryNicholas Sluyter and
Cornelia Snuyder
09 Oct 183107 Jul 1831Not recorded
Sluyter, WilliamJohn N. Sluyter and
Hannah Snyder
11 Feb 181903 Jan 1819Not recorded
Smith, AdamPeter Smith and
Caty Smith
11 Feb 181731 Jan 1817Not recorded
Smith, Adelbert N.Albert H. Smith and
Charlot A. Kimble
15 May 186930 Apr 1864Not recorded
Smith, CatrinaPeter Smith and
Sally Anderson
__ Nov 179207 Oct 1792Hendrik Ritsma and
Catrine Ritsma
Smith, ChristinaMichael Smith and
Elisabeth Catner
__ ___ 180213 Aug 1802Not recorded
Smith, CoenradPeter Smith and
Sarah Anderson
12 Oct 180010 Jun 1800Not recorded
Smith, DeWitt HenryDaniel Smith, not qualified
and Charity Acker
03 Jul 182507 May 1825Not recorded
Smith, ElisabethJohn Smith and
Tannica Witbeck
__ ___ 180123 Dec 1800Not recorded
Smith, ElizabethJacob Smith and
Rebecca Lodewyk
28 Oct 179722 Sep 1797Not recorded
Smith, Elsha AnnJames Smith, deceased and
Elsha Frier, widow
19 Jun 181301 Apr 1813Not recorded
Smith, Harriet Ella, adult_____ Smith05 Aug 1871Not recordedNot recorded
Smith, HendrikPeter Smith and
Sarah Rowe
10 May 17894 weeks oldMartin Van Buren and
Martha Van Buren
Smith, Henry PhilipsJohn P. Smith and
Jane White
05 Mar 180911 Dec 1808Not recorded
Smith, HenryMichael T. Smith and
Catharine Row
15 Feb 180125 Dec 1800Not recorded
Smith, James MasonThomas G. Smith and
Elizabeth Mason
01 Mar 187805 Nov 1877Not recorded
Smith, JamesDaniel Smith and
Charity Acker
17 Jun 182104 Apr 1821Not recorded
Smith, JeremiahRichard Smith and
Sophia Muller
20 Feb 179910 Jan 1799Not recorded
Smith, JohannisJacob Smith and
Annatje Heydley
__ May 17916 weeks oldMichel Heydley and
Geertruy Ott
Smith, JohnCoonradt Smith and
Polly Bartel
04 Aug 1793Not recordedHendrik Rowe and
Christina Rowe
Smith, JohnJacob Smith and
Rebecca Lodewick
__ ___ 180311 Feb 1803Not recorded
Smith, JohnNicholas Smith and
Elisabeth Mesech
__ ___ 180330 Jan 1803Not recorded
Smith, LucretiaRichard Smith and
Sophia Miller
10 Jun 181020 Apr 1810Not recorded
Smith, LyncheRichard Smith and
Sophia Miller
26 Jul 180723 Jun 1807Not recorded
Smith, MariaJohn Smith and Tanniche Witbeck__ ___ 1803__ ___ 1803Not recorded
Smith, MariaRichard Smith and
Sophia Miller
__ ___ 180315 Jan 1803Not recorded
Smith, PeterNicholas T. Smith and
Elisabeth Mesick
__ ___ 180122 Feb 1801Not recorded
Smith, PetrusPeter Smith and
Sara Rowe
__ Aug 179212 Jul 1792Not recorded
Smith, Polly, adult_____ Burton10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Smith, RebeccaHenry Smith and
Catharine Herrington
20 Aug 181420 Jul 1814Not recorded
Smith, RichardRichard Smith and
Sophia Miller
03 May 180526 Mar 1805Not recorded
Smith, Thomas S., adult_____ Smith07 Feb 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Smith, TunisConradt Smith and
Polly Bartel
01 Jan 1797Not recordedNot recorded
Smith, TunisJacob Smith and
Rebecca Lodewyk
13 Aug 179621 May 1796Not recorded
Sneuck, AnnTeunis Sneuck and
Caty Snyder
__ ___ 180317 Nov 1803Not recorded
Sneuk, AnnyCornelius Sneuk and
Lydia Hix
25 Jan 180710 Jan 1807Not recorded
Sneuk, CatyCornelius Sneuk and
Lydia Hix
13 Nov 180723 Oct 1807Not recorded
Sneuk, GettyCornelius Sneuk and
Lydia Hix
15 Jun 180523 May 1805Not recorded
Sneuk, John TiceTeunic Sneuk and
Caty Snyder
11 Jan 180720 Dec 1806John Tius Sneuk and
Getty Sneuk
Sneuk, WilliamCornelius Sneuk and
Lydia Hix
19 Jun 181309 May 1813Not recorded
Snook, AbrahamConradt Snook and
Nelly Schut
25 Feb 179715 Jan 1797Jacob Dekker and
Jannetje Dekker
Snook, AnnatjeHendrik Snook and
Nelly Schut
03 Jan 179021 Nov 1789Johan Theis Snook and
Geertruy Snook
Snook, Benjamin JudsonJohn T. Snook and
Eliza Hultsapple
25 Mar 183822 Aug 1837Not recorded
Snook, Catharine AlmiraSnook, Jno. T. and
Eliza Maria Hultsapple
04 May 182813 Nov 1827Not recorded
Snook, Hannah ElizaJohn T. Snook and
Eliza Maria Holsapple
20 Feb 183311 Jul 1832Not recorded
Snook, JamesCornelius Snook and
Lydia Hicks
11 Jul 183001 Jun 1830Not recorded
Snook, Jennie H. B.Jacob H. Snook and
Matilda J. Becker
30 Apr 187022 Mar 1869Not recorded
Snook, JuliaJohn T. Snook and
Eliza Maria Holsapple
20 Feb 183306 Sep 1829Not recorded
Snook, Mary E., adult_____ Snook04 Feb 1870Not recordedNot recorded
Snouk, Charity, twinTunis Snouk and
Catharine Snyder
29 Oct 182028 Sep 1820Not recorded
Snouk, Hannah ElisaCornelius Snouk and
Lydia Hix
31 Dec 181507 Nov 1815Not recorded
Snouk, SallyCornelius Snouk and
Lydia Hix
07 Feb 181918 Jan 1819Not recorded
Snouk, Susanna, twinTunis Snouk and
Catharine Snyder
29 Oct 182028 Sep 1820Not recorded
Snyder, HenryWilhelmus Snyder and
Mercy Coon
__ ___ 180329 Dec 1802Not recorded
Snyder, Jacob HenryJacob Snyder and
Christina Bink
06 Feb 181207 Dec 1811Henry Smith and
Elisabeth Bink
Snyder, JohnWilliam Snyder and
Masy Coons
__ ___ 180116 Oct 1801Not recorded
Spoer, JohnHenry Spoer and
Maria Roes
03 Jun 180404 May 1804Not recorded
Spoer, MariaHenry P. Spoer and
Maria N. Roes
22 Jul 181030 Dec 1809Not recorded
Spoor, AnnatieHendrik Spoor and
Maritie Roes
04 Oct 180711 Jun 1807Not recorded
Spoor, ClaartjeCornelius Spoor and
Cornelia Fredenburgh
__ Aug 179215 Jul 1792Not recorded
Spoor, CorneliusHenry Spoor and
Mary Rose
08 Nov 181203 May 1812Not recorded
Springer, JannetjePhilip Springer and
Maria Landt
12 Feb 179214 Jan 1792Not recorded
Sprong, CatyChristian Sprong and
Susanna Robison
__ ___ 180226 Jul 1802Not recorded
Sprong, Charles HawleyWilliam Sprong and
Catharine Holt
26 Dec 184821 Apr 1844Not recorded
Sprong, CorneliusChristiaan Sprong and
Susanna Robison
01 Feb 178912 Jan 1789Not recorded
Sprong, Daniel WoodworthChristian Sprong and
Susanna Robison
14 Apr 179901 Feb 1799Not recorded
Sprong, DavidChristiaan Sprong and
Susanna Robison
16 Feb 179417 Dec 1793Not recorded
Sprong, Edmond JamesWilliam Sprong and
Cathrine Traver
07 Oct 183215 Feb 1829Not recorded
Sprong, Elisabeth StaatsChristian Sprong and
Susanna Robison
24 Mar 180530 Jan 1805Not recorded
Sprong, Harry Melius, adultWillard D. Sprong
[no mother named]
09 Jun 1895Not recordedNot recorded
Sprong, HenryKristiaan Sprong and
Susanna Robison
19 Dec 17903 Oct 1790Not recorded
Sprong, JamesDavid Sprong and
Lois Finny
24 Dec 179704 Nov 1797Not recorded
Sprong, Margaret S.William Sprong and
Catharine Holt
26 Dec 184813 Oct 1837Not recorded
Sprong, MargaretChristian Sprong and
Susanna Robison
28 Oct 179719 Jul 1797Not recorded
Sprong, MariaVolkert Sprong and
Sally Barns
02 Dec 179804 Aug 1798Not recorded
Sprong, Willard DelosWilliam Sprong and
Catharine Holt
26 Dec 184829 May 1846Not recorded
Sprong, William AnthonyWilliam Sprong and
Cathrine Traver
07 Oct 183230 Jan 1826Not recorded
Sprung, CorneliusAndrew Sprung and
Peggy Loduwick
__ ___ 180218 Dec 1802Not recorded
Sprung, Frances MaryDaniel Sprung, not qualified
and Sophia Claw
07 Apr 183324 Feb 1833Not recorded
Sprung, LodwickAndrew Sprung and
Margaret Lodwick
02 Nov 180509 Sep 1805Not recorded
Sprung, Martha AnnDaniel W. Sprung
and Sophia Clow
30 Oct 184628 Jan 1846Not recorded
Staats, Ann AbielJoachim P. Staats and
Catharine Breese
28 Oct 182401 Jul 1824Abiel Breese
Staats, Ann ElisaBarent N. Staats and
Catharine P. Van der Pool
03 Apr 180801 Mar 1808Not recorded
Staats, Ann ElisaJacob Staats and
Elisabeth Low
__ ___ 180315 May 1803Not recorded
Staats, AnnyWilliam Staats and
Getty Van den Bergh
15 May 180823 Mar 1808Not recorded
Staats, BarberBarent Staats and
Catharine Van der Pool
19 Aug 181019 Jul 1810Not recorded
Staats, BarentJahoicum N. Staats and
Gerry Goes
15 Oct 181526 Jul 1815Not recorded
Staats, BeekmanJacob Staats and
Elisabeth Low
06 Sep 181912 Jun 1819Not recorded
Staats, Berthia LegettJoachim P. Staats and
Cathrine Breese
06 Mar 183226 Jan 1829Not recorded
Staats, CathalinaJoachim P. Staats and
Catharine Breese
28 Oct 182430 Oct 1821Anna Staats
Staats, CatharineJohn M. Staats and
Ann A. Clow
__ ___ 184221 Jun 1841Not recorded
Staats, CatharineWilliam N. Staats and
Getty Van den Bergh
09 Feb 181721 Dec 1816Not recorded
Staats, DeborahJacob Staats and
Elizabeth Lowe
__ Nov 179601 Oct 1796Gerrit Staats and
Catrina Staats
Staats, EdwardGeorge W. Staats, not qualified
and Sally Van Devender
06 Sep 181912 Dec 1818Not recorded
Staats, EleanorJacob Staats and
Elisabeth Low
31 Mar 181305 Mar 1813Not recorded
Staats, ElisabethJahoicum P. Staats and
Catharine Breese
31 May 181809 Apr 1818Not recorded
Staats, ElisabethWilliam Staats and
Getty Van den Bergh
__ ___ 180429 Jan 1804Not recorded
Staats, EyecheWilliam Staats and
Gertrude Van den Bergh
02 Sep 181012 Jul 1810Not recorded
Staats, GarretBarent N. Staats
and Caty Pool
15 Apr 181715 Feb 1817Not recorded
Staats, Gerrit Van AlenIsaac Staats and
Maria Van Alen
23 Feb 179816 Jan 1798Jacob Slingerland
and wife
Staats, HenryJacob Staats and
Elisabeth Low
__ ___ 180122 Nov 1801Gerrit Staats and
Catharine Cuningham
Staats, JeremiahJohn Staats and
Jane McLallen
08 May 1796Not recordedNot recorded
Staats, JoachimJoachim P. Staats and
Cathrine Breese
06 Mar 183214 Oct 1831Not recorded
Staats, John BreeseJoachim P. Staats and
Cathrine Breese
06 Mar 183207 Dec 1826Not recorded
Staats, John MillerBarent N. Staats and
Catharine Van der Pool
12 Apr 181225 Feb 1812Not recorded
Staats, John Van Den BergWilliam Staats and
Getty Van Den Berg
29 Oct 182308 Sep 1823Not recorded
Staats, JohnJohn M. Staats and
Ann Clow
07 Apr 183917 Jun 1838Not recorded
Staats, JohoiakimPhilip Staats and
Anna Van Alstine
09 Jun 179307 May 1793Abraham Salisbury and
Nancy Salisbury
Staats, MariaBarent Staats and
Caty Pool
21 Sep 180626 Aug 1806Not recorded
Staats, MariaWilliam N. Staats and
Geertruy Van den Berg
__ ___ 180128 Sep 1801Not recorded
Staats, MaryGeorge W. Staats and
Sally Van Devender
16 Jun 181606 Apr 1816Not recorded
Staats, NicholasJocham Staats and
Getty Huss
__ ___ 180423 Jan 1804Not recorded
Staats, NicholasJohn Staats and
Jane McClallen
__ Nov 179203 Oct 1792Nicholas Staats and
Molly Staats
Staats, PeterJehoiachim Staats
and Getty Huss
02 Sep 181027 Jun 1810Not recorded
Staats, PeterPhilip Staats and
Ann Van Alstyne
__ ___ 180320 Jan 1803Not recorded
Staats, PeterPhilip Staats and
Anne Van Alstine
14 Jun 180008 May 1800Not recorded
Staats, Philip SchuylerPhilip S. Staats and
Laura A. Sprague
03 Jun 187605 Dec 1869Not recorded
Staats, PhilipJohn Staats and
Jane McClallen
29 Dec 179901 Nov 1799Philip Staats and
Annatie Van Alstyne
Staats, SarahJacob Staats and
Elizabeth Low
02 Feb 180020 Jan 1800Not recorded
Staats, SarahWilliam N. Staats and
Getty Van Denbergh
06 Jun 182028 Feb 1820Not recorded
Staats, SophiaWilliam N. Staats and
Gertrude Van den Bergh
20 Apr 180630? Feb 1806Not recorded
Staats, William SchuylerPhilip S. Staats and
Laura A. Sprague
03 Jun 187624 May 1869Not recorded
Stahlman, _____Barney W. Stahlman and
Wilhelmina Beck
__ ___ 189231 Oct 1892Not recorded
Stahlman, Elmer E.Lewis C. Stahlman and
Flora E. Augur
11 Oct 1902Not recordedNot recorded
Stahlman, Frank David, twinLouis C. Stahlman and
Flroence E. Augur
22 Jan 189026 Dec 1888Not recorded
Stahlman, George David, twinLouis C. Stahlman and
Florence E. Augur
22 Jan 189026 Dec 1888Not recorded
Stahlman, Harry LewisLouis C. Stahlman and
Florence E. Augur
02 Dec 189915 Aug 1897Not recorded
Stahlman, Willard E.Louis C. Stahlman and
Florence E. Augur
05 Mar 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Stanger, Louise AlvertaJanes N. Stanger and
Isabella A. Hallenbeck
__ ___ 188006 Sep 1879Not recorded
Stanger, Verna Melvina_____ Stanger and
_____ Hallenbeck
06 Nov 186925 Nov 1867Not recorded
Statts, Jennie Ellioth, adult_____ Statts13 Dec 1896Not recordedNot recorded
Stover, ElizabethMartin Stover and
Elizabeth Drake
25 Mar 1791Not recordedNot recorded
Stover, MaryMartin Stover and
Elizabeth Stover
16 Aug 178927 Jun 1789Not recorded
Strever, Esther, adult_____ Strever03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Stronk, ElizabethJacob Stronk and
Elizabeth Teter
__ Oct 179221 Aug 1792Johannis Teter and
Elizabeth Teter
Stump, Jessie ElviraJohn Stump and
31 Oct 187428 May 1874Not recorded
Stumphf, George F.John Stumphf and
Margaret Ayen
31 May 1879Not recordedNot recorded
Sweet, Luella, adult_____ Sweet02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded

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