Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "R"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Race, Clarissa AmandaConrad Race and
Lucretia Carroll
28 Feb 185103 Dec 1848Not recorded
Race, George HenryConrad Race and
Lucretia Carroll
28 Feb 185106 Nov 1841Not recorded
Race, Mary JaneConrad Race and
Lucretia Carroll
28 Feb 185123 Oct 1845Not recorded
Rafferty, Grace ElizabethJoseph Rafferty and
Elizabeth Cack
02 Dec 189918 May 1898Not recorded
Rector, Anna JaneNicholas Staats Rector and
Mariah B. Shufelt
05 Nov 1847Not recordedNot recorded
Rector, Emma CorneliaNicholas S. Rector and
Maria B. Shufelt
01 Mar 185029 May 1849Not recorded
Rector, Grace EllastineAlbert Rector and
Helena Van Sinderen
01 Dec 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Rector, James EdwinNicholas S. Rector and
Maria B. Shufelts
15 Aug 185206 Jul 1852Not recorded
Rector, James LansingDavid Rector and
Mariah Lansing
24 May 184014 Apr 1840Not recorded
Rector, JennieJacob Rector and
Ann Maria Lansing
03 Feb 186501 Jun 1864Not recorded
Rector, Mabel PrudenAlbert D. Rector and
Nellie Van Sinderen
08 Jan 189712 Jun 1888Not recorded
Rector, Margaret ElisabethDavid Rector and
Ann Staats
09 Sep 182726 Jul 1827Not recorded
Rector, Oscar J.James Edwin Rector and
Margaret C. Lodewick
28 May 188124 Jan 1880Not recorded
Reed, George Van HeusenJoseph Reed and
Jan Van Heusen
07 Aug 180712 Jun 1807Not recorded
Reesedorph, CatharineLeonard Reesedorph
and Nelly Aaron
26 Jun 180813 May 1808Not recorded
Reghter, jacobDavid Reghter and
Ann Staats
19 Jan 181806 Jan 1818Not recorded
Reghter, JacobDavid Reghter and
Ann Staats
30 Sep 182113 Aug 1821Not recorded
Reghter, Nicholas StaatsDavid Reghter and
Ann Staats
20 Jun 181929 Apr 1819Not recorded
Reghtor, Ann MariaDavid Reghtor and
Ann Staats
38 Mar 182405 Feb 1824Not recorded
Reighter, CarolineZachariah Reighter
and Mary Moor
05 Feb 181217 Nov 1811Not recorded
Reynolds, _____Thomas Reynolds and
Christina Moor
08 Apr 180510 Nov 1803Not recorded
Rhoda, Charles WilsonWilliam H. Rhoda and
Phebe Elizabeth Link
__ Jun 186223 Sep 1861Not recorded
Rhoda, Hannah ElizaCharles Rhoda and
Christina Holtzapple
02 Feb 182315 Jan 1823Not recorded
Rhoda, Harriet LuellaWilliam H. Rhoda and
Elizabeth Link
05 Sep 185614 Jun 1855Not recorded
Rhoda, Mary LouisaWilliam H. Rhoda and
Phebe Elizabeth Llink
__ Jun 186202 Oct 1859Not recorded
Rhoda, SallyCharles Rhoda and
Christina Haltzapple
21 Nov 182410 Oct 1824Not recorded
Rhoda, Sarah AliceWilliam H. Rhoda and
Elizabeth P. Link
31 Jul 186926 Feb 1869Not recorded
Rhoda, Susan MariaCharles Rhoda and
Tina Haltsapple
20 Mar 182114 Feb 1821Not recorded
Richter, Henry Van BurenJohn Richter and
Hannah Van Buren
15 Mar 181227 Feb 1812Not recorded
Rickter, LanaHenry Rickter and
Elisabeth Ham
__ ___ 180125 Apr 1801Abraham Dingh
and wife
Rikter, CatyZecharias Rikter and
Mary Finehout
11 Dec 180703 Nov 1807Not recorded
Riley, Catharine NancyTerrance Riley and
Sophia Miller
02 Aug 183617 Jul 1836Not recorded
Ritsman, JohnFrederick Ritsman and
Margaret Bresy
__ ___ 180128 Jul 1801Thomas Morgen
and wife
Ritsmar, JaneFrederic Ritsmar and
Peggy Bragge
05 Aug 1798Not recordedNot recorded
Robins, Lottie L., adult
(wife of Lawrence V. V.)
_____ Walker03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Robison, IsaacWilliam Robison and
Jane Bussing
04 Jan 179514 Sep 1794Not recorded
Robison, JaneWilliam Robison and
Jane Bussing
12 Mar 1797Not recordedNot recorded
Rockerfeller, ChristinaTeal Rockerfeller and
Jane Van Valkenburgh, 2nd wife
__ ___ 183929 Dec 1831Not recorded
Rockerfeller, Mariah AnnTeal Rockerfeller and
Jane Van Valkenburgh, 2nd wife
__ ___ 183927 Dec 1829Not recorded
Roda, LydianCharles Roda and
Christina Haltzapple
19 Dec 183002 Sep 1830Not recorded
Rodgers, Emma LoisaWilliam Rodgers and
Mariah Ann Hulsapple
06 Jul 184520 Nov 1844Not recorded
Roerbagh, CatrinaThomas Roerbagh and
Lydia Hyde
26 Nov 179704 Nov 1797Not recorded
Rorabach, John HenryJohn Rorabach and
Tunche Van Buren
22 Mar 182916 Dec 1828Not recorded
Rorapach, JohnSimeon Rorapach and
Ann De Lue
21 Dec 182313 Nov 1823Not recorded
Rorebach, PeterJohn Rorebach and
Aulida Hass
13 May 180916 Apr 1809Not recorded
Rose, AbrahamMartin Rose and
Tannike Spore
17 May 180729 Mar 1807Not recorded
Rose, DanielMarte Rose and
Tannekje Spoor
02 Dec 179820 Oct 1798Not recorded
Rose, DanielMartin Rose and
Tanneke Spoor
26 Jun 181118 Apr 1811Not recorded
Rose, MargaretMartin Rose and
Tanny Spore
09 Jun 180931 Mar 1809Not recorded
Rose, MariaMartin Rose and
Tanake Spoor
01 Sep 181315 May 1813Not recorded
Rose, Petermartin Rose and
Tannica Spore
30 Jun 180530 May 1805Not recorded
Ross, Eviline Van RensselaerTheodorus Ross and
Elisabeth R. Gansevoort
08 Sep 181619 Jun 1816Not recorded
Ross, Leonard GansevoortTheodorus Ross and
Elisabeth Gansevoort
03 Mar 181302 Feb 1813John Gansevoort and
Hariot Gansevoort
Ross, Maria ElisabethTheodorus Ross and
Elisabeth Gansevoort
13 Oct 181126 Jan 1810Abraham Hun and
Maria Hun
Ross, Sarah AnnTheodore Ross and
Elisabeth Gansevoort
14 Feb 180707 Nov 1806Leonard Gansevoort, Jr.
and Mary Van Rensselaer
Row, John LinkDavid N. Row and
Susanna Link
05 Feb 1832__ Nov 1831Not recorded
Row, William ThomasDavid Row and
Susanna Link
23 Jun 183313 May 1833Not recorded
Rowe, Jeremiah HenryDavid N. Rowe and
Susannah Link
20 May 182726 Apr 1827Not recorded
Rowe, JohnHenry Rowe and
Christina Smith
28 Sep 179901 Sep 1799Not recorded
Rowe, Rachael ElizabethDavid N. Rowe and
Susanna Link
25 Mar 183830 Sep 1837Not recorded
Rowe, Sarah AnnDavid N. Rowe and
Susannah Link
11 Jan 184117 Sep 1840Not recorded
Rowe, Zechariah AbrahamDavid Rowe and
Susan Link
13 Jun 182912 May 1829Not recorded
Roysdorph, Edward ElliotLeonard W. Ruysdorph
and Lydia Elliot
06 Nov 187005 Jan 1869Not recorded
Rysdorph, TannekeLeonard Rysdorph and
Jannetje De Freest
13 Oct 179317 Sep 1793Marte Freest and
Tanneke Freest
Ryseforph, FlorenceLeonard Rysedorph
and Lydia Elliott
09 Feb 18661y2m oldNot recorded

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