Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "M"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Mandeville, Henry Van BurenMatthew Mandeville and Margaret Lower20 Feb 179910 Jan 1799Not recorded
Mandeville, JeremiahMatthew Mandeville and Margaret Lower13 Aug 179609 Jul 1796Not recorded
Manger, AbrahamMartin Manger and Elizabeth Smith15 Mar 179528 Jan 1795Not recorded
Manger, DavidLarrens Manger and Mary Sharenberry14 Jun 180028 Apr 1800Not recorded
Manger, JonathanMartin Manger and Elizabeth Smith09 Jun 179306 May 1793Not recorded
Manger, MargaretLawrence Manger and Mary Larrenbergh20 Dec 179420 Oct 1794Not recorded
Manner, Robert R.Albert R. Manner and Sophia Hiserman18 Jun 190501 Jun 1899Not recorded
Manzer, Amanda ElisabethLaurence Manzer and Margaret Sheltiss09 Oct 183123 May 1831Not recorded
Manzer, EdittieLaurence Manzer and Margaret Sheltiss09 Oct 183118 Oct 1827Not recorded
Manzer, RichardLaurence Manzer and Margaret Sheltiss09 Oct 183116 Jul 1826Not recorded
Manzer, WalterLaurence Manzer and Margaret Sheltiss09 Oct 183102 Feb 1823Not recorded
Marselus, Catharine MariaNicholas J. Marselus, V.D.M. and Jane Teller02 Jun 181605 Apr 1816Not recorded
Marselus, Cloe CatharineIsaac V. Marselus and Sally Cady10 Apr 181721 Jun 1815Not recorded
Marselus, ElissaNicholas J. Marselus, V.D.M. and Jane Teller06 Feb 182106 Dec 1820Not recorded
Marselus, Jane HelenNicholas J. Marselus, V.D.M. and Jane Teller04 May 181729 Mar 1817Not recorded
Marselus, Julia AnnNicholas J. Marselus, V.D.M. and Jane Teller05 Mar 181918 Jan 1819Not recorded
Martin, AdalineIsaac Martin, not qualified and Cathrine Decker26 Jun 183101 Jun 1827Not recorded
Martin, Cathrine AnnIsaac Martin, not qualified and Cathrine Decker26 Jun 183129 Sep 1825Not recorded
Martin, James HenryIsaac Martin, not qualified and Cathrine Decker26 Jun 183117 Mar 1823Not recorded
Masten, Roseline ElmiraJames H. Masten and Sally Mariah Ostrander23 Apr 183727 Feb 1837Not recorded
Maston, JohnIsaac Maston and Catharine Decker11 Aug 182001 Apr 1818Not recorded
Maston, JohnIsaac Maston and Catharine Decker11 Aug 182025 Apr 1820Not recorded
Maston, William EdwardIsaac Maston and Caty Decker21 Apr 181625 Mar 1816Not recorded
McAlpin, AvelineJohn McAlpin, not qualified and Cataline Keefer29 Oct 182329 Jun 1823Not recorded
McCalpin, JaneJohn McCalpin, not qualified and Cataline Keefin23 May 182010 Aug 1819Not recorded
McCalpin, WilliamJohn McCalpin, not qualified and Cataline Keefin23 May 182007 Sep 1816Not recorded
McCluer, CyrusJohn McCluer and Jenny Aikens02 Nov 180622 Sep 1793Neniam Aiken
McCluir, DanielWilliam McCluir and Catrina Michel16 Aug 178923 Jun 1789Not recorded
McCluir, MaryWilliam McCluir and Catherine Michel18 Aug 179328 May 1793Not recorded
McCreery, BarnetWilliam McCreery and Mary Osburne21 Jul 179329 Jun 1793John McCluir and Jane Campbell
Meesick, ThomasZachariah Meesick and Eliza Dedrick, not qualified04 Apr 183407 Dec 1833Not recorded
Melius, Charlotte E., adult_____ Melius03 Jun 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Melius, Pauline A., adult_____ Melius03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Meseck, MariaThomas Meseck and Maria Wiesmer11 Aug 178809 Sep 1787Steven Muller and Catrina Muller
Mesic, Carrie, adult_____ Mesic03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Mesic, William T.Thomas Mesic and Martha Bedell30 Sep 1855Not recordedNot recorded
Mesick, AlidaWilliam Mesick and Sally Ostrander25 Jan 181814 Dec 1817Not recorded
Mesick, CatharineThomas Mesick and Sally Link26 Jun 181114 Jun 1811Not recorded
Mesick, ElisabethThomas Mesick and Margaret Smith10 Jul 180716 Jun 1807Not recorded
Mesick, John MartinZechariah Mesick and Eliza Dedrick02 Dec 183827 Jun 1838Not recorded
Mesick, JohnThomas Mesick and Peggy Smith17 Nov 180506 Oct 1805Not recorded
Mesick, JohnWilliam Mesick and Sarah Ostrander30 Nov 183412 Aug 1834Not recorded
Mesick, PollyThomas Mesick and Peggy Smith30 Jun 180410 Jun 1804Not recorded
Mesick, RachelThomas Mesick and Sally Link03 May 181610 Apr 1816Not recorded
Mesick, Stephen HenryZechariah Mesick and Eliza Dedrick03 Jul 184225 Apr 1842Not recorded
Mesick, StephenThomas Mesick and Sally Link15 Nov 182930 Sep 1929Not recorded
Mesick, SusannahThomas Mesick and Sally Link27 Sep 181910 Sep 1819Not recorded
Mesick, ThomasThomas Mesick and Peggy Smith__ ___ 180110 Aug 1801Not recorded
Mesick, William HenryStephen H. Mesick and Eva M. Bame02 Aug 187306 Sep 1872Not recorded
Mesick, William HenryZechariah Mesick and Eliza Dedrick29 Nov 183511 Oct 1835Not recorded
Mesick, WilliamThomas Mesick and Maria Wiesmer13 Aug 179618 Jul 1796Not recorded
Messic, GeorgeThomas Messic and Maria Wissmeer__ ___ 180126 Jan 1801Not recorded
Michael, Fredrick Wesley (died soon after baptism)Peter Michael and Margaret Hysmen__ May 188005 Apr 1879Not recorded
Michael, Mary Alice, adult (wife of Jacob)_____ Newkirk05 Mar 1899Not recordedNot recorded
Michal, Minnie, adult_____ Michal02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Michel, JohnJohannis Michel and Catirna Nier__ Aug 179224 Jul 1792Not recorded
Middleton, JosephBenjamin Middleton and Elizabeth Oyens__ Aug 179230 May 1792Not recorded
Milham, CatrinaJacob Milham and Catrina Smith03 Jul 1796Not recordedJonas Muller and Anna Smith
Milham, CatyJacob Milham, Jr. and Mary Bishop15 Mar 181802 Feb 1818Not recorded
Milham, HenryJacob Milham and Catharine Smith23 Sep 180717 Jul 1807Not recorded
Milham, JohnJacob Milham and Catharine Smith__ ___ 180109 Jul 1801Not recorded
Milham, SarahJacob Milham, Jr. and Mary Bishop27 Aug 182003 Jul 1820Not recorded
Miller, AbrahamJohn S. Miller and Catalina Van Buren30 Nov 181702 Aug 1817Not recorded
Miller, Alida AnnDr. Jacob Miller and Jane Archer25 Mar 182230 Mar 1820Not recorded
Miller, Alida RansomWilliam S. Miller and Mary A. Van Buren31 May 187905 Jan 1879Not recorded
Miller, AnnyJohn J. Miller and Elisabeth Staats__ ___ 180207 Jun 1802Not recorded
Miller, CatharineFrancis Miller and Elisabeth Steyner26 Jun 181116 Apr 1811Not recorded
Miller, CatharineJohn J. Miller and Elizabeth Staats23 Apr 180026 Feb 1800Not recorded
Miller, CatharineJohn Miller, Jr. and Catharine Van den Bergh23 Apr 180010 Mar 1800Not recorded
Miller, CatharineRichard Miller and Anny Berringer18 Mar 181006 Jan 1810Not recorded
Miller, CatharineStephen J. Miller and Hanna Lewis__ ___ 180207 Feb 1802Not recorded
Miller, CatyJohn Miller and Catharine Van den Bergh07 Apr 180512 Mar 1805Not recorded
Miller, Edgar, adult _____ Miller07 Sep 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, Edward KeefeStephen Miller and Anna Maria Keefe13 Oct 185214 May 1852Not recorded
Miller, ElisabethRichard Miller and Annatie Berringer09 Aug 180728 Jul 1807Not recorded
Miller, ElisabethStephen Miller and Elisabeth Hix__ ___ 180117 Aug 1801Not recorded
Miller, ElizaJohn Miller and Catharine Van den Bergh09 Jan 181422 Oct 1813Not recorded
Miller, Floyd Van BurenWilliam S. Miller and Mary A. Van Buren28 Jul 189424 Jan 1894Not recorded
Miller, Frank LeRoyWilliam S. Miller and Mary A. Van Buren01 Sep 188309 Apr 1883Not recorded
Miller, Frank, adult_____ Miller09 Mar 1890Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, Frederick Ralph WesterveltRichard Miller and Ann Berringer06 Mar 182124 Jan 1821Not recorded
Miller, George ClintonFrederick Miller and Harriet Van Buren24 Jul 180715 Apr 1807Not recorded
Miller, GeorgeRichard Miller and Annatie Berringer09 Aug 180728 Jul 1807Not recorded
Miller, GerritJohn Miller and Catharine Van den Bergh__ ___ 180324 Mar 1803Not recorded
Miller, HelenaGeorge R. Miller and no mother named09 Dec 1895Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, James S.Edgar Miller and Kitty J. Seamon02 Nov 187228 Apr 1870Not recorded
Miller, JaneJohn Miller, Jr. and Catharine Ven den Bergh07 Sep 181725 Jul 1817Not recorded
Miller, John FrancisGerrit Miller and Martha Semons02 Feb 183817 Oct 1837Not recorded
Miller, John FrancisJohn J. Miller, Jr. and Caty Van den Bergh03 Sep 180903 Aug 1809Not recorded
Miller, John LasherStephen Miller and Christina Lasher24 Jul 183105 Jun 1831Not recorded
Miller, John RichardRichard Miller and Anna Berger23 Mar 181621 Feb 1816Not recorded
Miller, JohnJohn Miller and Catalina Van Buren28 Jul 181626 Feb 1816Not recorded
Miller, JohnPeter Miller and Catrina Richmond__ Feb 179227 Dec 1791Steven Muller and Maragrita Richmond
Miller, JohnStephen J. Miller and Hannah Lewis20 Aug 181418 Jul 1814Not recorded
Miller, Malcolm StaatsEdgar Miller and Margaret Louise Caskey05 Mar 189222 Oct 1886Not recorded
Miller, MargaretJohn J. Miller, Jr. and Catharine Van Debergh20 Jun 181915 May 1819Not recorded
Miller, Maria GraceGeorge Miller and Theresa O. DeFreest02 Nov 187224 Nov 1871Not recorded
Miller, MariaFrancis Miller and Elisabeth Steinhart12 Sep 181223 Jul 1812Not recorded
Miller, MariaStephen Miller and Elisabeth Hicks12 Sep 181210 Aug 1812Not recorded
Miller, Mary JaneDr. Jacob Miller and Jane Archer04 Oct 181816 Apr 1818Not recorded
Miller, MaryJohn Miller and Catharine Van den Berg__ ___ 180126 Oct 1801Not recorded
Miller, Robert EmmetStephen Miller and Annie M. Keefe__ ___ 1865Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, Sally MariaStephen J. Miller and Hannah Lewis27 Oct 181104 Aug 1811Not recorded
Miller, SophiaJohn Miller, Jr. and Caty Van den Bergh19 Apr 180718 Mar 1807Not recorded
Miller, Stephen DeWittWilliam S. Miller and Mary A. Van Buren29 Aug 188516 Mar 1885Not recorded
Miller, StephenJohn J. Miller and Elisabeth Staats27 Jan 1805Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, StephenStephen Miller and Anna Keef11 Apr 1863Not recordedNot recorded
Miller, StephenStephen Miller and Elisabeth Hix26 Nov 180920 Oct 1809Not recorded
Miller, Tina FowlerNicholas Miller and Maria Miller09 Feb 181716 Jun 1816Not recorded
Miller, TinaJohn J. Miller, Jr. and Catharine Van den Bergh13 Oct 181121 Sep 1811Not recorded
Miller, TirayStephen Miller and Elisabeth Hix__ ___ 180401 Oct 1804Not recorded
Miller, William AntonyRichard Miller and Ann Barringer20 Jun 181308 May 1813Not recorded
Miller, WilliamFrancis Miller and Elisabeth Steinhart20 Jun 181908 Oct 1818Not recorded
Millius, ElizabethJacob Millius and Prudy Skeels02 Aug 179017 Sep 1789George Millius and Geertruy Millius
Millius, JacobJacob Millius and Prudy Scales06 Jul 179401 Jun 1794Not recorded
Millius, LydiaGeorge Millius and Geertruy Wanner02 Aug 179012 Jul 1790Steven Muller and Lydia Millius
Minich, Johannis PeterPeter Minich and Maria Snyder__ May 179109 Mar 1791Johannis Rykert and Annatje Minich
Moer, CatyJohn Moer, Jr. and Caty Schonemaker24 Feb 180518 Nov 1804Not recorded
Moer, DavidJohn Moer, Jr. and Catharine Schoenmaker__ ___ 180307 Feb 1803Not recorded
Moer, Henry SchoonmakerJohn Moer, Jr. and Caty Schoenmaker25 Jan 180709 Nov 1806Not recorded
Moll, AbrahamIsaac Moll and Jannetje Schermerhorn04 Jan 179518 Nov 1794Not recorded
Moll, AbrahamJohn Moll and Gerrittie Schermerhorn23 Jun 181601 Jun 1816Not recorded
Montania, Ida, adult_____ Montania03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Moor, David, adult on sick bed_____ Moor01 Apr 1868Not recordedNot recorded
Moore, Amanda, adult (wife of George)_____ _____07 Mar 1897Not recordedNot recorded
Moore, Florence, adultGeorge Moore and no mother named07 Sep 1895Not recordedNot recorded
Moore, JohnJohn Moore and Caty Schoonmaker__ ___ 180121 Feb 1801Not recorded
Moore, Mary E., adult_____ Moore03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Moore, Nellie May, adultGeorge Moore and no mother named07 Sep 1895Not recordedNot recorded
Moore, RichardRichard Moore and Elizabeth Hogeboom16 Feb 179421 Dec 1793Not recorded
More, AnneJohn More and Catrina Schoonmaker08 Jan 179825 Nov 1797George Schoonmaker and Anne Schoonmaker
Morgan, Gertrude B.Charles Morgan and Barbara Morgan04 Jun 190521 Mar 1890Not recorded
Morris, MariaJacob Morris and Rebecca Coons11 Oct 178902 Sep 1789Jacob Coons and Maria Coons
Morris, William HenryJohn Morris and Hannah Everts28 Feb 181904 Dec 1818Not recorded
Morrison, JohnWilliam Morrison and Genny Bunt30 Mar 180823 Feb 1808Not recorded
Morrison, Margaret, adult (wife of Walter)_____ Shibley01 May 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Morrison, MaryWilliam P. Morrison and Genny Bont19 Oct 180616 Oct 1806Getty Bont
Mull, Ellen LaBelleAbraham Mull and no mother named03 Feb 186530 Dec 1861Not recorded
Muller, AgnietjeJohannis Miller and Catrina Stronk21 Jul 179330 Jun 1793Jacob Muller and Rachel Muller
Muller, Nicholas StaatsJohn Muller and Elizabeth Staats15 Oct 179725 Sep 1797Nicholas Staats and Mary Staats
Muller, SaraBarent Muller and Cornelia Hoewy29 Aug 179017 Jul 1790Gerrit Van der Pool and Cornelia Van der Pool
Mush, Catharine MariahCharles Mush and Hannah Hyser22 Aug 184111 Jul 1841Not recorded
Myers, HannahJeremiah Myers and Jane Van Vliet12 Sep 179722 May 1797Not recorded
Myers, JohnJeremiah Myers and Jane Van Vliet13 Oct 179316 Sep 1793Not recorded
Myers, MaragritaAbraham Myers and Geesje Bont13 Oct 179322 Sep 1793Marte Van Buren and Martha Van Buren
Myers, PeterJeremiah Myers and Jane Van Vliet15 Aug 17901 year oldJohn Lewis and Maria Clarke

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