Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "L"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Landt, JeremiahPhilip Landt and Susanna Michel06 Dec 179518 Nov 1795Jurry Michel and Maragrita Michel
Landt, TobiasKilliaan Landt and Magtel Van Buren18 Jan 178920 Dec 1788Hendrik Philip and Catlina Philip
Lansing, Abraham StaatsAbraham Lansing and Maria Van der Heyden06 Sep 180705 Aug 1807Not recorded
Lansing, Abraham Ten EyckSanders Lansing and Catharine Ten Eyck11 Feb 179522 Dec 1794Not recorded
Lansing, AnnJohn O. Lansing and Sally Burns10 Jul 181408 Feb 1814Not recorded
Lansing, CarolineGeorge Lansing and Margaret Ann Van Buren__ ___ 185004 Aug 1850Not recorded
Lansing, Cathaline, adult_____ Lansing09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Lansing, CatharineJames Lansing and Tanny Witbeck30 Mar 180825 Feb 1808Not recorded
Lansing, CathlinaGarret Lansing and Magdalene Potts04 Oct 183519 Apr 1835Not recorded
Lansing, Cornelia CatherineJohn Lansing and Sally Burns01 Nov 180608 Oct 1806Not recorded
Lansing, Cornelia MariaGerrit Lansing and Magdalen Potts16 Jun 183309 Mar 1833Not recorded
Lansing, CorneliaJames Lansing and Tanniche Witbeck__ ___ 180301 Nov 1803Not recorded
Lansing, CorneliaObadiah Lansing and Jane Sharpe27 Mar 182530 Dec 1824Not recorded
Lansing, ElisabethEvert Lansing and Jennet Cammell__ ___ 180201 Jun 1802Not recorded
Lansing, EvertGarret Lansing and Lany Potts24 Apr 183103 Mar 1831Not recorded
Lansing, EvertGerret O. Lansing and Catalina Schermerhorn30 Apr 180902 Apr 1809Not recorded
Lansing, EvertObadiah Lansing and Jane Sharp08 Mar 182917 Jan 1828Not recorded
Lansing, George EdwardGeorge Lansing and Margaret Ann Van Buren29 Apr 184811 Jan 1846Not recorded
Lansing, GerritEvert O. Lansing and Polly Sharp08 Feb 180712 Jan 1807Not recorded
Lansing, Jacob PottsGarrit Lansing and Magdalen Potts10 Feb 182802 Jan 1828Not recorded
Lansing, James EvertGeorge Lansing and Margaret Ann Van Buren01 Aug 184502 Feb 1840Not recorded
Lansing, JamesEvert Lansing and Gennet Camel17 May 180724 Mar 1807Not recorded
Lansing, JamesEvert O. Lansing and Polly Sharp10 Apr 181404 Mar 1814Not recorded
Lansing, JamesJohn Lansing and Sally Burns28 Apr 181106 Apr 1811Not recorded
Lansing, JohnAbraham Lansing and Maria Van der Heyden17 Jun 180426 May 1804Not recorded
Lansing, JohnEvert Lansing and Jane Campbell01 Oct 179709 Sep 1797Not recorded
Lansing, MaragritaEvert Lansing and Janet Campbell07 Jun 180013 Apr 1800Not recorded
Lansing, Maria AnnMarttnus Lansing and Tiny Van Alstyne07 Dec 182322 Oct 1823Not recorded
Lansing, MariaEvert O. Lansing and Polly Sharp__ ___ 180310 May 1803Not recorded
Lansing, MariaObadiah Lansing and Jane Sharpe17 Aug 182307 Jun 1823Not recorded
Lansing, MartinusEvert O. Lansing and Mary Sharpe23 Apr 180018 Feb 1800Not recorded
Lansing, Mary FrancisGeorge Lansing and Margaret Ann Van Buren01 Aug 184509 Apr 1841Not recorded
Lansing, Nanny LydaAbraham Lansing and Mary Van der Heyden19 Oct 180603 Sep 1806Not recorded
Lansing, ObadiahEvert Lansing and Polly Sharp25 Feb 179829 Jan 1798Not recorded
Lansing, ObadiahJohn Staats Lansing and Elizabeth Cooper02 Dec 179830 Oct 1798Obadiah Cooper and wife
Lansing, ObediahObediah Lansing and Jane Sharp10 Apr 181413 Mar 1814Not recorded
Lansing, William T.James E. Lansing and Mary L. Holsapple06 Jun 186330 Aug 1862Not recorded
Lansingh, CorneliaAbraham Lansingh and Maria Bloodgood10 Nov 179328 Sep 1793Not recorded
Lansingh, ElizabethAbraham Lansingh and Maria Bloodgood11 Aug 178811 Sep 1787Not recorded
Lansingh, George SharpeObadiah Lansingh and Jane Sharpe22 Apr 182720 Mar 1827Not recorded
Lansingh, HenryObediah Lansingh and Jane Sharp20 Jun 181928 Apr 1819Not recorded
Lansingh, Maria AnnEvert Lansingh and Jennet Camel24 Feb 180528 Jan 1805Not recorded
Lansingh, Martinus SharpObediah Lansing and Jane Sharp31 Aug 181704 Aug 1817Not recorded
Lansingh, Mathew Van AlstyneMartinus Lansingh and Adalina Van Alstyne5 Apr 182211 Jan 1822Not recorded
Lansingh, ObadiahObadiah Lansingh and Cornelia Van Benthuysen10 Sep 178913 Aug 1789Gerard Yates and Nancy Lansingh
Lansingh, Robert CampbellEvert Lansingh and Jane Campbell21 Nov 179526 Oct 1795Not recorded
Lansingh, WilliamJames Lansingh and Tanekee Witbeck__ ___ 180429 Sep 1804Not recorded
Lape, Darrel Henry, adult_____ Lape02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Lape, Elmira Jane, adult_____ Lape01 May 1867Not recordedNot recorded
Lape, JacobSamuel Lape and Elizabeth Hidley18 Jul 179017 Jun 1790Jacob Hidley and Anna Hidley
Lapeus, AulidaWilliam Lapeus and F. Hannah Westfall24 Jun 181010 Jun 1810Not recorded
Lappius, ChristinaWilliam Lappius and Alida Van Deusen02 Aug 179009 Jul 1790Wilhelmus Van Deusen and Christina Van Deusen
Lasher, Maria, adult_____ Lasher09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Lauderdale, John EdwardJohn Lauderdale and Jennet Hallenbeck16 Oct 184218 Feb 1842Not recorded
Lavender, Eliza, colored adult_____ Lavender18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Lawrence, WilliamWilliam Lawrence and Mary Perry13 Aug 1796Not recordedNot recorded
Lent, DavidHercules Lent and Elizabeth Proper18 Aug 179309 Jun 1793Not recorded
Lesley, JohnThomas Lesley and Margaret Shutter22 Feb 180017 Jan 1800Abraham Dingman and Helena Dingman
Levens, JohannisMartinus Levens and Christina Pulver01 Mar 178924 Jan 1789Andries Snook and Geertje Rees
Levens, Tina MariaJohn Levens and Lucretia Decker03 Nov 181503 Jul 1815Not recorded
Liddell, John AugustusRev. John A. Liddelll and Jane Martin31 Jul 183129 Jun 1831Not recorded
Liddell, MargaretRev. Jno. A. Liddell05 Apr 183310 Mar 1833Not recorded
Link, CalanthaJeremiah Link and Susan Traver09 Feb 183429 Dec 1833Not recorded
Link, Catharine AnnWilliam Link and Harriet Birch__ ___ 184022 Jan 1840Not recorded
Link, Charity AnnJohn Link and Anna Snyder11 Apr 183001 Feb 1830Not recorded
Link, Christopher Jacob SnyderJohn Link and Anna Snyder30 Dec 183613 Oct 1836Not recorded
Link, JeremiahZachariah Link and Elisabeth Link01 Mar 181231 Jan 1812Not recorded
Link, MargaretJno. Link and Anna Snuyder04 Apr 183420 Feb 1834Not recorded
Link, PetrusPetrus Link and Anna Maria Richter__ May 179127 Apr 1791Willem Kilmer and Maria Link
Link, Sarah MariaWilliam Link and Harriot Birch17 Jul 183513 Jul 1834Not recorded
Link, Uriah MichelWilliam Link and Harriet Birch02 Aug 184620 Jun 1846Not recorded
Link, William FrederickWilliam Link and Harriet Birch04 Sep 185115 Jun 1851Not recorded
Liswell, ElizabethJohn Liswell and Annatje Lansing12 Sep 179014 Aug 1790Christian Yates and Annatje Liswell
Livingston, Francis _____ Livingston and no mother named18 Nov 186212 Aug 1859Not recorded
Livingston, Ida Catharine_____ Livingston and no mother named18 Nov 186229 Feb 1856Not recorded
Livingston, Rosella_____ Livingston and no mother named18 Nov 186217 Aug 1862Not recorded
Livingston, Tillie LouisAlexander Livingston and Nancy Edick02 Aug 187326 Jun 1868Not recorded
Lodewick, Acan GoulderIsaac G. Lodewick and Margaret Goulder06 Nov 1870Not recordedNot recorded
Lodewick, EdwardHenry C. Lodewick and Sarah Ann Van Sindren13 Apr 184625 Feb 1846Not recorded
Lodewick, John HenryHenry C. Lodewick and Sarah A. Van Dindern03 May 1844Not recordedNot recorded
Lodewick, MargaretCasparus Lodewick and Mary Elliot10 May 181210 Apr 1812Not recorded
Lodewyck, SallyCasparus Lodewyck and Sara Bush25 Oct 178927 Sep 1789Abraham Bush and Christina Bush
Lodiwick, AbrahamJohn Lodiwick and Christina Rees07 Jun 180023 Apr 1800Not recorded
Lodowick, Jane AnnCasper Lowowick and Mariam Elliot24 Sep 181915 Aug 1819Not recorded
Lodwick, HenryKasper Lodwick and Mariam Elliot02 Sep 181003 Aug 1810Not recorded
Lodwick, John ElliotKasper Lodwick and Mariann Elliott01 Oct 180931 Aug 1809Not recorded
Lodwick, WilliamKasper Lodwick and Mariam Elliot10 Jul 181417 Jan 1814Peggy Elliot
Lott, HenryMattice Lott and Caty Lower04 Feb 179829 Dec 1797John Lott and Jane Lower

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