Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "K"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Keller, Helena H.Alonzo Keller and Carrie Boyt31 Aug 190221 Aug 1901Not recorded
Kemble, Charloote AnnStephen Kemble and Catharine Snook07 Jan 184507 Jun ____Not recorded
Kettle, SophiaJohn T. Kettle and Patty Sherman08 Jan 180912 Nov 1808Sophia Smith
Kilmer, MarretjeWillem Kilmer and Sara Ostrander06 Jul 179419 Jun 1794Johannis Ostrander and Marretje Ostrander
Kilmore, John HarrickJohn Kilmore and Sally Harrick16 Feb 1794Not recordedNot recorded
Kimball, Gustus, adult_____ Kimball07 Feb 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Kimball, Roselthadela, adult_____ Kimball06 Nov 1869Not recordedNot recorded
Kimmey, Anna Jane, adult_____ Kimmey02 Aug 1873Not recordedNot recorded
Kimmey, Jacob, adult_____ Kimmey02 Aug 1873Not recordedNot recorded
Kimmey, Sarah, adult (wife of Jacob)_____ Koonley02 Aug 1873Not recordedNot recorded
Kip, ChristinaAbraham J. Kip and Helena Snoeck__ ___ 180126 Mar 1801John Bliss and Christina Pulver
Kip, Maria, adult_____ Kip10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Kip, Stephen Van RensselaerPeter Kip, not qualified and Experience King19 Oct 182125 Dec 1815Not recorded
Kip, William HarrisPeter Kip, not qualified and Experience King19 Oct 182110 Aug 1818Not recorded
Klyne, CoenradtJacob C. Klyne and Caty Rees10 Nov 179310 Oct 1793Not recorded
Klyne, MargaretJacob Klyne and Caty Race12 Mar 179707 Feb 1797Not recorded
Knickerbocker, Willis J.Milton Irving Knickerbocker and Orra Link13 Oct 192802 Dec 1898Not recorded
Knowlton, Cornelia TappenIsaac Knowlton and Rachel Witbeck05 Oct 182829 Sep 1827Not recorded
Knowlton, Elizabeth, adult_____ Card (no mother named)08 Dec 1816Not recordedNot recorded
Knowlton, Elmira ParmeliaIsaac Knowlton, not qualified and Rachel Witbeck22 May 182525 Nov 1824Not recorded

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