Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "H"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Haddock, ThomasThomas Haddock and Catharine Conly02 Nov 178928 Sep 1789Not recorded
Hageman, ArendArend Hageman and Herremina Klumpenar19 Feb 185409 Apr 1848Not recorded
Hageman, EvertArend Hageman and Herremina Klumpenar19 Feb 185406 Nov 1850Not recorded
Hageman, HerreminaArend Hageman and Herremina Klumpenar19 Feb 185416 May 1852Not recorded
Hale, George ClintonCharles T. Hale and Cornelia C. Genet__ ___ 183617 Sep 1832Not recorded
Halenbake, CatyHenry Halenbake and Henrietta Sharp05 Aug 179829 Jun 1798Not recorded
Halenbake, ElizabethHendrik Halenbake and Hendrikje Scherp03 Jul 17919 Apr 1791Daniel Halenbake and Catrina Halenbake
Halenbeck, DavidHenry Halenbeck and Henrietta Sharp__ ___ 180606 Oct 1806Not recorded
Halenbeck, ElmiraSolomon Halenbeck and Jane Richmond30 Nov 181706 Oct 1817Not recorded
Halenbeck, Harriot MargaretSolomon Halenbeck and Jane Richmond22 Feb 181919 Feb 1819Not recorded
Halenbeck, IsabelJohn Halenbeck and Elisabeth _____02 Nov 180507 Oct 1805Not recorded
Halenbeck, John HenryDanil Halenbeck and Cathrine Ham14 May 182621 Nov 1825Not recorded
Halenbeck, LawrenceKasparus Halenbeck and Hilletje Scherp29 Jun 178829 Feb 1788Robert Scherp and Elizabeth Scherp
Hallenbake, _____John Hallenbake and Elisabeth Ellet__ ___ 180124 Oct 1801Not recorded
Hallenbake, EmelineSolomon Hallenbake and Jane Richmond10 Jul 182304 Mar 1820Not recorded
Hallenbake, James ElliotDaniel Hallenbake and Catharine Ham23 Nov 182314 Oct 1823Not recorded
Hallenbake, MariaHenry Hallenbake and Hendrickie Sharp01 Mar 180108 Nov 1800Not recorded
Hallenbake, SolomonSolomon Hallenbake and Jane Richmond10 Jul 182303 Jan 1823Not recorded
Hallenbeck, Eliza MariaDaniel H. Hallenbeck and Catharine Ham23 Jun 182215 Apr 1822Not recorded
Hallenbeck, Ernest AlvilleAlbert C. Hallenbeck and Huldah Ann09 Feb 186601 Sep 1864Not recorded
Hallenbeck, HenriettaHenry Hallenbeck and Henrietta Sharp01 Mar 181220 Nov 1811Not recorded
Hallenbeck, HenryJohn Hallenbeck and Betsy Ellot__ ___ 180320 Sep 1803Not recorded
Hallenbeck, JennetJohn Hallenbeck and Betsy Elliot27 Dec 180717 Nov 1807Not recorded
Hallenbeck, John HenryWilliam Edwin Hallenbeck and Jane A. Gray03 Feb 186524 Oct 1863Not recorded
Hallenbeck, JohnHenry Hallenbeck and Hendriche Sharp03 Jun 180421 Apr 1804Not recorded
Hallenbeck, Katie ElizaWilliam Edwin Hallenbeck and Jane A. Gray03 Feb 186507 Apr 1860Not recorded
Hallenbeck, Luella Minerva_____ Hallenbeck and no mother named06 Jun 186303 Nov 1862Not recorded
Hallenbeck, RobertHenry Hallenbeck and Henrietta Sharp05 Mar 180931 Jan 1809Not recorded
Hallenbeck, Willard ElwihWilliam Edwin Hallenbeck and Jane A. Gray03 Feb 186512 Oct 1858Not recorded
Haltsapple, Maria AnnGarret Haltsapple and _____ Newman11 Nov 182114 Sep 1821Not recorded
Haltzapple, David HenryGerrit W. Haltzapple and Lois Shans38 Mar 182430 Jan 1824Not recorded
Ham, AbialKasparus Ham and Polly Curtis__ ___ 180313 Sep 1803Not recorded
Ham, AlmiraKasper Ham and Polly Curtis27 Dec 180727 Oct 1807Not recorded
Ham, AnnyCasper Ham and Polly Curtis01 Jun 180608 Mar 1806Not recorded
Ham, CatharineJohn Ham and Catharine Potts06 Jun 181227 Apr 1812Not recorded
Ham, CatyCasparus Ham and Polly Curtiss__ ___ 180121 May 1801Not recorded
Ham, CoenradAndrew Ham and Magdalene Ham27 May 181016 Apr 1810Not recorded
Ham, EdwardPeter Ham and Tina Ham19 Feb 181508 Dec 1814Not recorded
Ham, HendrikPetrus Ham and Maria Michel__ Nov 179207 Oct 1792Not recorded
Ham, HenryAndrew Ham and Magdalene Ham27 Dec 180703 Nov 1807Not recorded
Ham, HenryCasparus Ham and Polly Curtis02 Aug 181226 Jun 1812Not recorded
Ham, JamesJohn Ham and Catharine Patts03 May 181603 Apr 1816Not recorded
Ham, John PatsJohn Ham and Caty Pats19 Apr 180722 Feb 1807Not recorded
Ham, LavinyKasper Ham and Polly Curtis26 Nov 180918 Sep 1809Not recorded
Ham, Margaret AnnJohn Ham and Catharine Potts21 Oct 182018 Aug 1820Not recorded
Ham, MariaJohn Ham and Caty Pats02 Apr 180920 Jan 1809Not recorded
Ham, PelinaPeter Ham and Tina Ham02 Aug 181201 Jun 1812Not recorded
Ham, Sophia MagdalenPeter Ham and Tina Ham10 Apr 181412 Jul 1813Not recorded
Ham, TheodoreJohn Ham and Cath'e Potts30 Aug 182909 May 1829Not recorded
Hansen, JohannaDirk Hansen and Helena Low01 Oct 178814 Sep 1788Willem Beekman and Johanna Beekman
Hansen, StephenTeunis Hansen and Elizabeth _______ ___ 180124 Jul 1801Not recorded
Hanson, AbrahamTunis Hanson and Elizabeth Barns02 Dec 179822 Oct 1798Not recorded
Hanson, TunisTunis Hanson and Elizabeth Barns13 Aug 179605 Aug 1796Not recorded
Hare, Eugenia AdelaideJoseph S. Hare and Ann Ostrander06 Aug 184823 Oct 1842Not recorded
Hare, Hannah CordeliaJoseph Hare and Ann Ostrander09 Oct 183122 Dec 1830Not recorded
Hare, James AlfredJoseph S. Hare and Ann Ostrander09 Feb 184001 Dec 1839Not recorded
Hare, Joseph, adult_____ Hare09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Hare, Julia EstelleJoseph S. Hare and Ann Ostrander06 Aug 184823 Aug 1845Not recorded
Hare, Lydia AnnJoseph S. Hare and Ann Ostrander07 Aug 183628 Jun 1836Not recorded
Hare, Margaret CarolineJoseph Hare and Ann Ostrander09 Oct 183130 Sep 1828Not recorded
Hare, Sarah ElisabethJoseph S. Hare and Ann Ostrander14 Jul 183305 May 1833Not recorded
Harrington, Caty MariaJacob H. Harrington and Maria Pink22 Jul 181010 May 1810Not recorded
Harrington, David HenryAbrahm Harrington and Gitty Allendorph03 Jul 183621 Apr 1836Not recorded
Harrington, DavidAbraham Harrington and Mary Coons15 Sep 179710 Jul 1797Jacob Ostrander and Catrina Ostrander
Harrington, Francis TheodoreDavid Harrington and Margaret J. Elliot__ ___ 184205 May 1842Not recorded
Harrington, Mary IsabellaDavid Harrington and Margaret Jane Elliot__ ___ 184512 Apr 1845Not recorded
Harrington, Stephen AlfredAbram Harrington and Charity Allendorph24 May 184004 May 1840Not recorded
Harrison, Betsy, colored adult_____ Harrison18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Harrison, Betsy, colored adult_____ Harrison07 Oct 1832Not recordedNot recorded
Harrison, Charles Samuel HenryEdward Thornsbrough Harrison and Maria Louisa Argumaning09 Feb 1844*Not recordedNot recorded
Harrison, HarrietJohn Harrison, not qualified and Betsy Harrison18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Harrison, HenryJohn Harrison, not qualified and Betsy Harrison18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Harrison, MaryJohn Harrison, not qualified and Betsy Harrison18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Hauser, John, adult_____ Hauser03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Hawes, ElizabethLyman Hawes and Lavina Baker__ ___ 180411 Aug 1804Not recorded
Hayden, William BenjaminJohn Hayden, unbaptised and Sally Jessup24 May 181725 Dec 1816Not recorded
Hays, AlansonIsaac C. Hays and Catharine Van Akin06 Nov 187005 Jun 1868Not recorded
Heemstreet, CatyThomas Heemstreet and Caty Smith__ ___ 180216 Mar 1802Not recorded
Helenbeek, DanielHendrik Halenbeek and Hendrikje Scherp__ Sep 178826 Jul 1788Daniel Halenbeek and Catrina Halenbeek
Hemstreet, WilliamThomas Hemstreet and Catharine Smith12 Oct 180006 Aug 1800Not recorded
Henry, JamesJohn Henry and Christy Henry__ Feb 179203 ___ 1791Not recorded
Herrick, _____G. M. Herrick and [Lucretia] Dings__ Aug 1841Not recordedNot recorded
Herrick, Eleanor IngrahamStephen N. Herrick and Mary Ann Brooks12 Sep 182406 May 1824Not recorded
Herrick, Eleanor IngrahamStephen N. Herrick and Mary Ann Brooks28 Nov 183019 Sep 1830Not recorded
Herrick, Goveneur M., adult_____ Herrick13 May 1821Not recordedNot recorded
Herrick, Margaret NancyG. M. Herrick and Lucretia Dings30 Oct 184623 Jun 1846Not recorded
Herrick, Nancy JaneStephen N. Herrick and Mary Ann Brooks28 Dec 182814 May 1826Not recorded
Herrick, Stephen Nelson, adult_____ Herrick13 Aug 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Herrick, William EdgarStephen N. Herrick and Mary Ann Brooks28 Dec 182810 Jul 1828Not recorded
Herrick, William IngrahamGov. M. Herrick and Rachel Brooks04 Apr 183423 Aug 1833Not recorded
Herrington, Clarence WesleyFrancis Theodore Herrington and Mary Elizabeth Gardner29 May 188021 Nov 1869Not recorded
Herrington, DanielAbraham Herrington and Mary Coens__ ___ 180109 Apr 1801Not recorded
Herrington, GeorgeJacob H. Herrington and Maria Bink14 Feb 181308 Nov 1812Not recorded
Herrington, Jennie FrancisFrancis Theodore Herrington and Mary Elizabeth Gardner29 May 188005 Feb 1867Not recorded
Herrington, John TarpenningJames Herrington and Christiana Coons__ Nov 179421 May 1791John Tarpenning and Jannetje Terpenning
Herrington, MariaJohn Herrington and Elisabeth Yeralinen__ ___ 180305 Jun 1803Not recorded
Herrington, Mary LouiseFrancis Theodore Herrington and Mary Elizabeth Gardner29 May 188014 Jan 1871Not recorded
Herrington, Matilda AnnAbraham Herrington and Charity Elendorph03 Jan 183410 Oct 1832Not recorded
Herrington, Orson D.Francis Theodore Herrington and Mary Elizabeth Gardner29 May 188002 Oct 1872Not recorded
Herrington, RebeccaAbraham Herrington and Mary Coens__ ___ 180324 Nov 1803Not recorded
Hext, CatharineJohn Hext and Hannah Drum10 Jul 182021 May 1820Not recorded
Hext, TitusJohn Hext and Hannah Drum14 Feb 181325 Jan 1813Not recorded
Heyser, Catharine MariaJeremiah Heyser and Hannah Miller31 Dec 182020 Nov 1820Not recorded
Heyser, Catherine CorneliaJeramiah Heyser and Hannah Miller22 May 182513 Apr 1825Not recorded
Heyser, HannahJohn P. Heyser and Hannah Berringer09 Oct 1818Not recordedNot recorded
Heyser, Jane HelenJeremiah Heyser and Hannah Miller15 Jul 182710 Jun 1827Not recorded
Hicks, ChristinaWilliam Hicks and Hannah Hulsapple16 Dec 183827Jul 1838Not recorded
Hicks, David ElliotStephen Hicks and Mary Elliot02 Aug 187308 Jun 1873Not recorded
Hicks, John HenryWilliam Hicks, Jr. and Hannah Haltzapple04 Jul 182418 May 1824Not recorded
Hicks, Sally MariaJames Hicks and Jane Dubois24 Nov 181101 Oct 1811Not recorded
Hicks, Sarah MelissaCornelus Hicks and Anna Mesic04 Sep 185720 Feb 1857Not recorded
Hitchcock, _____Samuel Hitchcock and Abigail Seers10 Jul 1790Not recordedNot recorded
Hitchcock, CatharineSamuel Hitchcock and Abigail Seers24 Aug 178820 Dec 1787Christopher Yates and Catharine Yates
Hitchcock, DanielSamuel Hitchcock and Abigail Seers__ Aug 179202 May 1792Not recorded
Hix, AnnaMoses Hix and Hannah Monk22 Dec 181627 Nov 1816Not recorded
Hix, AnnyWilliam Hix, Jr. and Hannah Haltsapple30 Dec 182124 Aug 1821Not recorded
Hix, CorneliusWilliam Hix and Hannah Holtsapple15 Nov 181812 Oct 1818Not recorded
Hix, MosesWilliam Hix, Jr. and Hannah Halsapple05 Apr 183308 Feb 1833Not recorded
Hix, William GarretWilliam Hix and Hannah Holtsapple23 Mar 181724 Feb 1817Not recorded
Hix, WilliamMoses Hix and Annatie Sneuk06 Oct 180502 Sep 1805Not recorded
Hocksley, Sally MariaJacob Hocksley and Elisabeth Fleming01 Mar 181214 Jan 1812Not recorded
Hodge, MaryJohn Hodge and Eva Proper15 Mar 179511 Dec 1794Not recorded
Hoes, BarneyCornelius Hoes and Sophia Kittle28 Oct 183203 Mar 1827Not recorded
Hoes, John KittleCornelius Hoes and Sophia Kittle28 Oct 183229 Aug 1829Not recorded
Hoes, May JaneCornelius Hoes and Sophia Kittle28 Oct 183229 Aug 1831Not recorded
Hoewy, MaragritaPeter Hoewy and Maria Van der Pool04 Jan 178928 Nov 1788Melkert Pool and Jannetje Hoewy
Hoewy, RachelJohn B. Hoewy and Elizabeth Jones13 Feb 179114 Jan 1791Benjamin Hoewy and Rachel Hoewy
Hoff, Almira PameliaGeorge A. Hoff and Julia Ann Mastin01 Feb 184507 Jul 1844Not recorded
Hoff, Brianna MatildaGeorge A. Hoff and Julian Mastin30 Sep 183604 Jul 1836Not recorded
Hoff, CharityGeorge Hoff and Catharine Dubois29 Jul 180414 May 1804Not recorded
Hoff, Henry DuboisGeorge Hoff and Catharine Dubois29 Nov 180702 Oct 1807Not recorded
Hoff, Sarah AngelicaGeorge A. Hoff and Julia Ann Martin10 Aug 182831 May 1828Not recorded
Hoffman, BetsyNicholas Hoffman and Christina Frihout19 Aug 17985 weeks oldNot recorded
Hoffman, Gozen Van SchaaickMartinus Hoffman and Polly Van Benthuysen10 Aug 179424 Mar 1794Gozen Van Schaaick and Mary Van Schaaick
Hoffman, MargaretPetrus Hoffman and Mary McCarty15 Mar 179023 Feb 1790Martinus Hoffman and Lyntje Muller
Hoffman, PeggyNicholas Hoffman and Christina Freehold25 Dec 179430 Nov 1794Jacob Hoffman and Maragrita Hoffman
Hoffman, PeterJacob Hoffman and Maragrita Rees26 Aug 179210 Jul 1792Hendrik K. Van Rensselaer and Alida Van Rensselaer
Hofman, SusannaJacob Hofman and Maragrita Rees26 Apr 178901 Apr 1789Johs. Muller and Catrina Muller
Hog [Hodge], CatyJohn Hog [Hodge] and Eva Proper30 Jul 179304 Mar 1793John Hog [Hodge] and Caty Hog
Hogeboom, Catrina ReesJacob Hogeboom and Geesje Moor12 Sep 179017 Aug 1790Jacob Pool and Maria Pool
Hogeboom, PeterJames L. Hogeboom and Mary Van Alstyne11 Aug 180528 Jun 1805Not recorded
Hogel, MarcusEdward Hogel and Catharine Fretz13 Oct 181110 Sep 1811Not recorded
Hogel, Peter FritzJacob Hogel and Nelly Fritz05 Jul 181216 Jun 1812Not recorded
Hogill, MariaNicholas Hogill and Catrina Van Valkenburgh13 Sep 178922 Jul 1789Francis Hogill and Cornelia Hogill
Hogill, MaryFrancis Hogill and Cornelia Freest13 Oct 179314 Sep 1793Not recorded
Hogill, ThomasNicholas Hogill and Catrina Van Valkenburgh01 Oct 179708 Sep 1797Not recorded
Hogle, CorneliaEdward Hogle and Catharine Fritz28 Feb 181306 Feb 1813Not recorded
Hogle, Florence Viola, adult_____ Hogle09 Jun 1895Not recordedNot recorded
Hogle, Henry WarrenNicolas Hogle and Lida Warren28 Dec 183415 Oct 1834Not recorded
Hoguel, FrancisEdwil Hoguel and Caty Frits02 Sep 181013 Aug 1810Not recorded
Hoguel, MaryJacob N. Hoguel and Catharine Ostrander24 Jul 180718 Jun 1807Not recorded
Holliday, HenryHolliday, John and Sarah Lee11 Aug 17885 weeks oldMathew Holliday and Caty Holliday
Holsapple, Charity AnnWilliam Holsapple, Jr. and Anna Snook22 Oct 182602 Jul 1826Not recorded
Holsapple, CorneliusWilliam Holsapple and Anna Snook10 Aug 182802 Jul 1828Not recorded
Holsapple, PhilipWilliam Holsapple and Susannah Link09 Jun 180908 Jun 1809Philip Pink, Jr. and Sally Link
Holtsapple, SusannaNicholas Holtsapple and Hannah Milham04 May 181701 Apr 1817Not recorded
Holtzappel, GeorgeWilliam Holtzappel and Susannah Link01 Mar 181215 Feb 1812George Leep and Gerthruy Bink
House, JohnJacob House and Catrina Snyder02 Feb 179418 Dec 1793Not recorded
Hover, Joseph S.Theodore Hover and Frances Cryne06 Nov 187025 Apr 1862Not recorded
Hover, Lilian CryneJoseph Lewis Hover and Harriet E. Winne31 May 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Hover, Minnie C.Theodore Hover and Francis Cryne03 Aug 187209 Jan 1871Not recorded
Hover, Winnie VeederJoseph Lewis Hover and Harriet E. Winne31 May 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Huff, CarlineGeorge Huff and Catharine Dubois09 Jan 181428 Mar 1813Not recorded
Huff, Mary LouisaGeorge A. Huff and Julia Ann Maston10 Apr 183128 Feb 1831Not recorded
Huff, Oren WessleyGeorge A. Huff and Julia Ann Mastin04 Apr 183411 Mar 1834Not recorded
Hui, RachelWilliam G. Hui and Jakiminche Ostrander__ ___ 180317 Jan 1803Not recorded
Hui, WilliamWilliam Hui and Jamimy Ostrander10 Jul 181410 May 1814Not recorded
Huic, WouterAndries Huic and Rachel Carr12 Feb 179211 Jan 1792Not recorded
Hulsapple, JohnWilliam Hulsapple and Susanna Link__ ___ 180310 Feb 1803Philip Pink and Christina Pink
Hulsapple, LidiaWilliam Huslapple, Jr. and Anna Snook21 Nov 183922 May 1834Not recorded
Hulsapple, Mary LoisaWilliam Hulsapple, Jr. and Anna Snook21 Nov 183905 Oct 1839Not recorded
Hulsapple, VilettaWilliam Huslapple, Jr. and Anna Snook21 Nov 183914 Feb 1832Not recorded
Hulsapple, William HicksWilliam Huslapple, Jr. and Anna Snook21 Nov 183907 Feb 1830Not recorded
Hun, CatrinaDirk Hun and Annatje Lansing25 Oct 178929 Sep 1789Johannis Hun and Catrina Hun
Hun, PeggyDirk Hun and Ann Lansing08 Jan 179816 Dec 1797Not recorded
Huss, CorneliusBarent Huss and Mary Van den Bergh20 Apr 180607 Mar 1806Not recorded
Huyck, DanielSolomon Huyck and Polly McCluir__ Feb 179318 Jan 1793Not recorded
Hyser, John AugustusJeremiah Hyser and Hannah Miller__ ___ 1837Not recordedNot recorded
Hyser, Margaret ElizaJeremiah Hyser and Hannah Miller05 Oct 182228 Jun 1822Not recorded
Hyser, Sophia AnnJeremiah Hyser and Hannah Miller11 Jul 183010 May 1830Not recorded

* Baptised in Caracas, South America

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