Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "F"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Falensby, Elisabeth AnnMartin C. Falensby and Margaret Schermerhorn06 Apr 182011 Feb 1820Not recorded
Finch, AnneSylvanus Finch and Elizabeth Sharp01 Sep 179303 Jan 1793Nicholas Staats and Molly Staats
Finch, Elmer E., adult_____ Finch03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Fink, EdwardHannibal Fink and Catharine Van Buren03 Aug 184911 Jan 1845Not recorded
Fink, John FrederickHannibal Fink and Catharine Van Buren03 Aug 184916 Dec 1848Not recorded
Fink, WalterHannibal Fink and Catharine Van Buren03 Aug 184909 Nov 1841Not recorded
Fitch, JohnWilliam Fitch and Sarah Hemsend10 Aug 180616 Feb 1806Not recorded
Fitch, MaryWilliam Fitch and Sarah Handford14 Apr 181105 Mar 1811Not recorded
Fitch, NancyWilliam Fitch and Sarah Hanford26 Jun 180811 Dec 1807Not recorded
Folmsbee, David D. SemonJerolomus Folmsbee and Charity Holsapple19 Oct 182829 May 1828Not recorded
Fonda, JacobDaniel Fonda and Neeltje Schermerhorn04 Aug 1793Not recordedJohn Fonda and Rebecca Schermerhorn
Fonda, JacobWouter Fonda and Catrina De Forest20 May 179213 Apr 1792Jacob De Forest and Tryntje De Forest
Fonda, JohnPeter Fonda and Gerritje Oyens24 Aug 178810 Jun 1788Cornelius Van Buren and Polly Van Buren
Fonda, MariaStephen Fonda and Jane Witbeck05 Aug 181912 Jun 1819Not recorded
Foot, CatyWilliam Foot and Eve Butler__ ___ 180219 Jan 1802Not recorded
Ford, JohnHenry Ford and Eliza Huff09 Oct 183129 Jul 1829Not recorded
Forepillar, Addie May, adult_____ Forepillar03 Jun 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Foster, William Davis, adult_____ Foster06 Mar 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Fox, HendrikHendrik Fox and Elizabeth Nier15 Feb 178925 Jan 1789Hendrik Nier and Maria Nier
Fox, Sally, adult_____ Fox09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Frank, StephenJohn Frank and Rachel Ostrander11 Jan 180713 Dec 1806Not recorded
Freest, EchjeDirkk Freest and Maria Fonda18 Aug 179315 Jul 1793John Fonda and Echje Fonda
Freson, JacobBarent Freson and Alley Haus17 Jan 181925 Nov 1818Not recorded
Freson, JohnBarent Freson and Alley Haus03 Jun 182109 Apr 1821Not recorded
Frison, JudicaJohn Frison and Judica Van Buren__ ___ 180308 Jun 1803_____ Van Hoesen and Maria Van Buren
Frits, AbrahamMarkus Fits and Geesje Schut09 May 179517 Mar 1795Not recorded
Frits, AdamMark Frits and Jane Schut01 Oct 179727 Sep 1797Not recorded
Frits, MariaMarkis Frits and Geesje Schut31 Mar 179327 Feb 1793Cornelius Spoor and Cornelia Spoor
Frizon, AnnatjeJohannis Frizon and Judike Van Buren27 Feb 17912 Feb 1791Peter Goes and Annatje Goes
Fryer, Maria GansevoortMathew Fryer and Susannah Carrol__ ___ 180303 Aug 1803Leonard Gansevoort, Jr. and Catharine D. Gansevoort
Fulton, Edwin RectorSilvester N. Fulton and Elizabeth M. Rector07 Apr 184924 Oct 1848Not recorded
Furbach, HenryJohn Furbach and Susanna McCoon13 Oct 179328 Aug 1793Hendrik Rowe and Christina Rowe

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