Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "E"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Earing, Emma D., adult (wife of Charles)_____ Wandz02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Earing, Jacob DudleySamuel Earing and Sally Ann Benthuysen__ ___ 183918 May 1838Not recorded
Earing, John StaffordSamuel Earing and Sally Ann Benthuysen__ ___ 183930 Jul 1833Not recorded
Earing, SamuelMichael Earing and Mary Hogel19 Jul 181221 Jun 1812Not recorded
Earing, William EdgarSamuel Earing and Sally Ann Benthuysen__ ___ 183928 Dec 1835Not recorded
Earring, Charles ManlySamuel Earring and Sally Van Benthuysen24 May 184004 May 1840Not recorded
Earring, Jeanie M., adult_____ Earring02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Edick, Emma J., adult_____ Edick03 Jun 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Egnu, Ann JoppaWilliam Egnu and Catharine Salisbury27 Oct 181120 Jul 1811Not recorded
Ekker, KillianHenry Ekker and Elizabeth Ekker26 Oct 179906 Sep 1799Abraham Van Buren and wife
Ekker, MariaHendrik Ekker and Grietje Landt09 May 179527 Apr 1795Jeremiah Landt and Maria Landt
Eliot, Walter EliotWilliam Eliot and Polly Morehouse8 Sep 182217 Jul 1822Not recorded
Ellet, DavidWilliam Ellet and Polly Macense, unbaptised24 Mar 180503 Feb 1805Sally Machense
Elliot, Ada MayJames Elliot and Anna J. Shill01 Jun 188305 Apr 1883Not recorded
Elliot, EdwardJames Elliot and Maria Ham06 Aug 180901 Jul 1809Not recorded
Elliot, HenryEdward Elliot and Mary Yates06 Aug 184804 May 1848Not recorded
Elliot, JamesEdward Elliot and Mary Yates__ Jun 184213 Feb 1842Not recorded
Elliot, JamesWilliam Elliot and Polly Moorheuse31 Oct 180702 Oct 1807Not recorded
Elliot, JohnWilliam Elliot and Polly Morehouse10 Feb 182821 Dec 1827Not recorded
Elliot, LydiaEdward Elliot and Mary Yates02 Aug 184403 Jun 1844Not recorded
Elliot, Margaret JaneWilliam Elliot and Polly Morehouse23 Nov 181721 Sep 1817Not recorded
Elliot, Mary, adult (wife of Walter)_____ Morey04 Aug 1865Not recordedNot recorded
Elliot, Walter AlexanderWillis M. Elliot and Rosella Levingston15 Dec 188828 Dec 1886Not recorded
Elliott, EdgarEdward Elliott and Mary Yates03 Sep 185308 Mar 1853Not recorded
Elliott, Homer LivingstoneWillis M. Elliott and Rosella Livingstone30 May 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Elliott, Inez MaryWillis M. Elliott and Rosella Livingstone07 Sep 189529 Apr 1895Not recorded
Elliott, IsabelWilliam Elliott and Polly Moorhouse30 Mar 181118 Feb 1811Not recorded
Elliott, JamesEdward Elliott and Mary Yates01 Jun 1855Not recordedNot recorded
Elliott, Raymond J.James Elliott and no mother named03 Sep 189202 Sep 1891Not recorded
Elsworth, Daniel GideonJohn Elsworth and Ann Link26 Apr 181217 Mar 1812Not recorded
Eygnu, JamesWilliam Eygnu and Catharine Salisbury12 Aug 180403 Jun 1804Not recorded

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