Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "D"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Darty, CharlesDaniel Darty and Mary Sitzer03 Jun 180501 Mar 1805Not recorded
Davis, JamesDaniel Davis and Catharine Burwell07 Jun 180014 May 1800Not recorded
De Foreest, JesseJames De Foreest and Agnes Van Deusen__ ___ 181128 May 1811Not recorded
De Foreest, TanikeJacob M. De Foreest and Ann Lansing23 Apr 180007 Feb 1800Not recorded
De Forest, _____James De Forest and Agnus Van Deusen28 May 180709 Mar 1807Not recorded
De Forest, SusanneDavid De Forest and Susanna Fonda__ Oct 179227 Aug 1792John Fonda and Annatje Fonda
De Forest, WilliamWilliam De Forest and Mary Patterson01 Sep 181311 Aug 1813Not recorded
De Forest,JacobPeter De Forest and Pieterche Van Alstine__ Feb 179202 Dec 1791Jacob Van Alstine and Annatje Van Alstine
De Freest, CorneliaPeter De Freest and Petertje Van Alstine__ Oct 179503 Oct 1795Not recorded
De Freest, JacobJacob M. De Freest and Anne Lansing26 Nov 179723 Oct 1797Gerard Degarmo and Rachel Degarmo
De Freest, JohnAnthony De Freest and Caty Ostrum__ ___ 180206 Jul 1802Not recorded
De Freest, SamuelAnthony De Freest and Caty Ostrum14 Jul 179826 May 1798Not recorded
De Freest, SaraJesse De Freest and Rebecca Van Zandt19 Jan 1794Not recordedGeorge Blakeley and Sara Blakeley
De Freest, Sarah ScottJacob De Freest and Jamimy Ostrander28 Oct 181008 Oct 1810Not recorded
De Freest, TryntjePeter J. De Freest and Barber J. Van Alstine19 Jan 179404 Dec 1793Frans Hogill and Cornelia Hogill
Decker, GabrielIsaac Decker and Catharine Brizzee12 Oct 180011 Jun 1800Not recorded
Decker, IsaacIsaac Decker and Catharine Brasy__ ___ 180412 Apr 1804Not recorded
Decker, JohnJacob Decker and Janitje Bresie29 Dec 179913 Oct 1799Not recorded
DeFreest, Carrie AminaAlonzo DeFreest and Matilda A. Clint15 Oct 187625 Dec 1875Not recorded
DeFreest, Clara, adult_____ DeFreest03 Dec 1893Not recordedNot recorded
DeFreest, Flora MayAlonzo DeFreest and Matilda Ann Klint06 Dec 187923 May 1879Not recorded
Defreest, Gilbert W., adult_____ Defreest03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
DeFreest, Rinier A.Alonzo DeFreest and Matilda A. Clint03 Feb 187222 Sep 1868Not recorded
DeFreest, Sarah M.Alonzo DeFreest and Matilda A. Clint03 Feb 187208 Dec 1866Not recorded
DeFreest, Theresa OpheliaDavid DeFreest, Jr. and Maria DeFreest02 Aug 184414 Apr 1844Not recorded
Dekker, CatrinaIsaac Dekker and Catrina Brizee02 Dec 179818 Sep 1798John Witbeck and wife
Dekker, GeertjeWillem Dekker and Rebecca Bont17 Jul 179602 Jul 1796Not recorded
Dekker, SaraIsaac Dekker and Catrina Brizee15 Mar 179508 Feb 1795Not recorded
Demon, ElizabethWalter Demon and Sylla Rockefeller14 Jul 179827 May 1798Andrew Sherts and wife
Deyo, Susan ElizabethDavid Deyo and Elizabeth Ostrander09 Oct 183507 Sep 1835Not recorded
Dierstyn, CatrinaHenry Dierstyn and Catrina Nier25 Dec 179813 Apr 1798John Dierstyn and wife
Dingman, AbrahamJacob Dingman and Jane Ban Buren19 Apr 180718 Mar 1807Not recorded
Dingman, AsaJacob Dingman and Jane Van Buren12 Apr 181217 Mar 1812Not recorded
Dingman, GertrudeDingman, Abraham and Jane Proper17 Dec 182020 Nov 1820Not recorded
Dingman, JacobJacob Dingman and Jane Vanbeuren03 Apr 183108 Dec 1819Not recorded
Dingman, JacobJacob Dingman and Joppe Van Buren01 Mar 180106 Jul 1800Not recorded
Dingman, JamesJacob Dingman and Jane Vanbeuren03 Apr 183108 Jan 1817Not recorded
Dingman, JaneJacob Dingman and Jane Vanbeuren03 Apr 183120 Jul 1824Not recorded
Dingman, JohannisPeter Dingman and Maratrita Gardinier30 Nov 178805 Oct 1788Andries Wilson and Geertruy Ostrander
Dingman, JohnJacob Dingman and Jane Vanbeuren03 Apr 183107 Oct 1827Not recorded
Dingman, MargaretJacob Dingman and Jane Van Beuren23 Dec 183225 Nov 1832Not recorded
Dingman, TobiasAbraham Dingman and Lena Salsbury26 Sep 17903 weeks oldHerman Salsbury and Alida Scherp
Dingmansy, AbrahamAbraham Dingmansy and Lana Salisbury__ ___ 180219 Apr 1802Not recorded
Dings, NormanAdam Dings, Jr. and Christina Rector27 Mar 183621 Feb 1838Not recorded
Dings, William HarveyAdam Dings, Jr. and Christina Rector21 Dec 183421 Jul 1834Not recorded
Dings, Zechariah RectorAdam Dings, Jr. and Christina Rector25 Feb 183813 Dec 1837Not recorded
Doughty, Mary, adult_____ Williams06 Jan 1833Not recordedNot recorded
Doughty, Nancy, adult_____ Bayley (no mother named)08 Dec 1816Not recordedNot recorded
Doughty, Nancy, adult_____ Monroe13 Aug 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Douglass, JaneJohn Douglass and Ann Van Valkenburgh02 Dec 179809 Oct 1798Not recorded
Douty, MariaDaniel douty and Mary Sitssay27 Dec 180719 Jul 1807Not recorded
Drum, AaronAaron Drum and Tina Hicks25 Jul 181730 Mar 1817Not recorded
Drum, Daniel D. TomkinsGeorge Drum and Barbary Bice05 Apr 180715 Mar 1807Not recorded
Drum, JulianAaron Drum and Tina Hicks08 Dec 181110 Nov 1811Not recorded
Drum, SylvesterAaron Drum and Tiney Hix26 Nov 180909 Oct 1809Not recorded
Dubois, CharityCornelius Dubois and Charity Griffin13 Sep 17894 Jul 1789Not recorded
Dubois, CharityJonathan Dubois and Elisabeth Ham__ ___ 180504 Jun 1804Not recorded
Dubois, CorneliusCornelius Dubois and Charity Griffin12 Feb 179218 Dec 1791Not recorded
Dubois, CorneliusPeter Dubois and Anna Ham22 Feb 180030 Nov 1799Not recorded
Dubois, Harriet, adult_____ Debois13 Aug 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Dubois, PeggyJonathan Dubois and Elisabeth Ham__ ___ 180223 Aug 1802Not recorded
Dubois, Peter HamPeter Dubois and Annatie Ham06 Sep 180706 May 1807Not recorded
Dubois, RachelCornelius Dubois and Geertruy Snyder24 Dec 179724 Jul 1797Not recorded
Duitscher, HendrikSimeon Duitscher and Cornelia Dekker__ May 179107 Mar 1791Hendrik Dekker and Catlyntje Dekker
Dumond, JohnWalter Dumond [Demon] and Sylla Rockefeller14 Jun 180028 Apr 1800Not recorded

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