Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "C"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Campbell, ElisabethSamuel R. Campbell and Sarah Mynderse01 Aug 181903 Jul 1819Not recorded
Campbell, James HenrySamuel R. Campbell and Sarah Mynders08 Jun 182316 Mar 1823Not recorded
Campbell, Jane AnnSamuel R. Campbell and Sarah Mynderse08 Jun 181730 Mar 1817Not recorded
Campbell, Mittura, adult_____ Campbell13 Aug 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Campbell, Sarah MatildaSamuel R. Campbell and Sarah Mynderse22 Aug 182716 Jan 1826Not recorded
Canick, ElisabethJonathan Canick and Margaret Perry03 Jun 180501 Apr 1805Not recorded
Carman, AbrahamJohn Carman and Grizelly McGilpin19 Dec 183028 Jun 1821Not recorded
Carman, CarolineJohn Carman and Grizelly McGilpin19 Dec 183028 Jun 1828Not recorded
Carman, HiramJohn Carman and Grizelly McGilpin19 Dec 183018 Aug 1825Not recorded
Carman, JohnJohn Carman and Grizelly McGilpin19 Dec 183015 Apr 1823Not recorded
Carman, Margaret JaneJohn Carman and Chrissella McGelpin25 Sep 183630 Jun 1836Not recorded
Carman, SimonJohn Carman and Chrissella McGelpin25 Sep 183629 Jun 1834Not recorded
Carman, William McGelpinJohn Carman and Chrissella McGelpin19 Apr 184022 Jul 1839Not recorded
Carmon, _____John Carmon and Grizzelly McGilpin18 Sep 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Carner, BarentJohn Carner and Jane Goewy01 Oct 179710 Sep 1797Not recorded
Carner, DorathyJohn Carner and Jane Hui14 Dec 180609 Nov 1806Not recorded
Carner, JohnJohn Carner and Jannetje Hoewy04 Nov 179206 Oct 1792Berent Hoewy and Rachel Hoewy
Carner, MaryaJohn Carner and Jenny Goewy__ ___ 180314 Jun 1803Not recorded
Carner, PeterPhilip Carner, Jr. and Anna Crannell12 Sep 179724 Jul 1797Henry Crannell and Jacomina Crannell
Carner, PetrusPhilip Carner and Annatje Crannell15 Aug 179020 Jul 1790Hendrik Crannell and Jakkemyntje Crannell
Carner, SusanChristopher Carner and Mary Dingman29 Nov 180703 Nov 1807Not recorded
Carner, William HenryJohn Carner, Jr. and Caty Coon03 Nov 181505 Oct 1815Not recorded
Carnick, DeborahJoseph Carnick and Margaret Pool14 Jul 180516 Jun 1805Not recorded
Carpenter, Bet (adult)Walter Carpenter18 Aug 1793Not recordedNot recorded
Carpenter, Caty MariaJohn Carpenter and Sarah Ostrander08 Nov 181227 Sep 1812Not recorded
Casky, HenryWilliam Casky and Jane McKennen06 Aug 184819 Sep 1847Not recorded
Chase, John Henry WitbeckW. B. Chase and Getty Witbeck07 Aug 181826 Jul 1818Not recorded
Clark, Catherine Maria, adult (wife of John)_____ DeFreest02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Clark, Gertrude, adult_____ Clark02 Nov 1891Not recordedNot recorded
Clark, Rachel H., adult (wife of Orris)_____ Robinson03 Feb 1872Not recordedNot recorded
Coeke, John GansevoortAdam Coeke and Elisabeth Ferrington27 Apr 181028 Sep 1809Leonard Gansevoort and Mary Gansevoort
Coeke, JoshuaAdam Coeke and Elisabeth Ferrington27 Apr 181008 May 1808Not recorded
Cole, Ann ElisaAbraham Cole and Barbary Marseilles30 Apr 180828 Feb 1808Not recorded
Cole, JaneAbraham Cole and Barbara Marscille__ ___ 180114 Feb 1801Jane Cole
Cole, PeggyAbraham Cole and Polly Marseilles__ ___ 180214 Jul 1802Not recorded
Conick, HenryJonathan Conick and Margaret Perry__ ___ 180203 Jan 1802Not recorded
Conick, JonathanJoseph Conick and Pargaret Pool__ ___ 180223 Aug 1802Not recorded
Cook, JannetjeJoshua Cook and Joppie Salsbury__ Oct 1792Not recordedJohn Brooks and Jannetje Salsbury
Coon, CartineWillem Coon and Elizabeth Copper04 Nov 179220 Oct 1792Willem Kilmer and Catrina Kilmer
Coon, SamuelJohn Coon and Betsy Garrison25 Dec 180701 Dec 1807Not recorded
Coons, AdeliaJohn Coons and Maria Hensen09 Jan 181417 Sep 1813Not recorded
Coons, Charles H., adult_____ Coons03 Mar 1883Not recordedNot recorded
Coons, Clarence ElmerWilliam H. Coons and Mary Stump10 Dec 189606 Dec 1896Not recorded
Coons, Johannis Peter MennigJacob Coons and Eva Mennig12 Sep 179009 Aug 1790Peter Mennig and Grietje Mennig
Coons, Lydia AnnAnthony Coons and Ann Bridkley02 Nov 187205 Feb 1871Not recorded
Coons, William WatsonWilliam Henry Coons and Mary E. Stump31 Aug 190224 Jul 1899Not recorded
Cooper, AbrahamObadiah Cooper and Elizabeth Ostrander10 Jul 179012 May 1790Abraham Ostrander and Elizabeth Ostrander
Cooper, ElizabethObadiah Cooper and Elizabeth Ostrander19 Oct 180012 Oct 1800Not recorded
Cooper, PetrusObadiah Cooper and Elizabeth Ostrander13 Aug 179627 Jul 1796Not recorded
Corcilius, Edith MayWilliam J. Corcilius and Mable C. Gardener30 Nov 190230 Apr 1892Not recorded
Cornet, SuffiaJoseph Cornet and Margeritta Van der Pool18 Aug 181125 Jul 1811Not recorded
Cornick, JamesJoseph Cornick and Margaret Van der Pool31 Oct 180712 Oct 1807Not recorded
Cornick, MariaJonathan Cornick and Margaret Perry10 May 178930 Apr 1789Not recorded
Cornick, MariaJoseph Cornick and Margaret Poel__ ___ 180311 Dec 1803Not recorded
Cornick, StephanusJonathan Cornick and Maria Perry31 Mar 179315 Mar 1793Not recorded
Cornick, William HenryJoseph Cornick and Margaret P. Van der Pool01 Oct 180907 Sep 1809Not recorded
Cottin, FrederickFrederick Cottin, deceased and Lantie Snouk, widow13 Jan 182211 Dec 1821Not recorded
Cottle, Anthony CosterJoseph B. Cottle and Mary Van Bergen12 Sep 181231 Jul 1812Not recorded
Cotton, ClarrenceJacob M. Cotton and Sally Snook20 Jan 184821 Nov 1847Not recorded
Cotton, EmmaJacob M. Cotton and Sally Snook25 Jul 185031 Mar 1850Not recorded
Cotton, Marvin J.Clarence Cotton and E. Adelia Van Hoesen02 Nov 187230 Aug 1871Not recorded
Crannel, AnnatjeHendrik Crannel and Jakkemyna Bloemendal13 Sep 178923 Aug 1789Jacob Van Alstine and Annatje Van Alstine
Craver, AbrahamNicholas Craver and Eva Myer__ ___ 180301 Aug 1803Not recorded
Craver, AnnaJohannis Craver and Anna Shaver19 Jan 179424 Sep 1793Philip Haner and Eva Haner
Craver, EvaNicholas Craver and Eva Meyers16 Jun 180526 May 1805John Feller and Sally Springster
Craver, MariaJacob Craver and Rebecca Spoor05 Jan 179412 Dec 1793Johannis Craver and Maria Craver
Crehan, Ella, adult_____ Crehan02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Crehan, Ida M., adult_____ Crehan02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Crehan, Minnie, adult_____ Crehan13 Dec 1896Not recordedNot recorded

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