Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "B"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Bame, Abram L.William R. Bame and Catharine Bame__ Jun 186201 Sep 1860Not recorded
Bame, Ann RozelthaEugene Bame and Christina Hicks03 Jun 187629 Jun 1875Not recorded
Bame, Catharine AnnWilliam Bame and Catharine Barner28 Nov 185519 Oct 1854Not recorded
Bame, Edson KimmeyW. E. Bame and Charlotte M. Kimmey02 Sep 189321 Aug 1892Not recorded
Bame, Emma L.William R. Bame and Catharine Bame__ Jun 186211 Jul 1858Not recorded
Bame, Hannah CordeliaWilliam Bame and Catharine Barner28 Nov 185505 Nov 1855Not recorded
Bame, Henry W.Eugene D. Bame and Christina Hicks02 Nov 187229 Jun 1870Not recorded
Bame, John, adult_____ Bame07 Feb 1874Not recordedNot recorded
Bame, Laura C.John H. Bame and Mary E. Dings01 Aug 187421 May 1870Not recorded
Bame, William EdsonEugene D. Bame and Christina Hicks02 Nov 187216 Mar 1865Not recorded
Banker, Sarah, adult (slave of David Rechtor)_____ Banker03 Jul 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Bard, ChristopherAndries Bard and Catrina Cris05 Jan 179430 Nov 1793Not recorded
Barheydt, JannetjeJacob Barheydt and Catrina Kittel21 Nov 179502 Nov 1795Not recorded
Barnes, NabbySamuel Barnes and Anne Owens12 Oct 180003 Aug 1800Not recorded
Bartel, GeertruyAndries Bartel and Sophia Bartel__ Sep 178825 Aug 1788Willem Bartel and Geertruy Bartel
Bartel, GeertruyBenjamin Bartel and Catrina Bartel23 May 179320 Apr 1793Willem Bartel and Geertruy Bartel
Bartel, PhilipAndries Bartel and Sophia Bartel22 Oct 179125 Sep 1791Philip Bartel and Jannetje Bartel
Bartel, Susanna MargaretAndrew Bartel and Anna C. Carner01 Sep 1793Not recordedJohannis Carner and Susanna M. Carner
Barton, Peter PalmateerCharles W. Barton and Maggie Polmatier18 Nov 186201 Apr 1862Not recorded
Bassett, Isaac Van AmburyIsaac Bassett and Lydia Millius06 Jul 179420 Apr 1794Not recorded
Bassett, Thomas HunJohn Bassett and Anna Hun03 Feb 180517 Dec 1804Abraham Hun and Elizabeth Wendell
Bat, MargaretJellis Bat and Sara Van Everen15 Sep 179720 Aug 1797Not recorded
Bat, SaraJellis Bat and Sara Van Everen04 Aug 1793Not recordedGysbert Van Everen and Sara Van den Bergh
Bausch, Charles William, twinJohn Bausch and Otilla Sell__ ___ 189904 Sep 1898Not recorded
Bausch, Charlotte Mary, twinJohn Bausch and Otilla Sell__ ___ 189904 Sep 1898Not recorded
Beam, Eva MariaWilliam Beam and Catharine Barner02 Jun 185416 Sep 1846Not recorded
Beam, Ida AlmiraWilliam Beam and Catharine Barner02 Jun 185413 Aug 1850Not recorded
Beam, John HenryWilliam Beam and Catharine Barner05 Mar 185308 Sep 1845Not recorded
Becker, Amanda, twinJeremiah Becker and Anny Stover14 Jul 183315 Aug 1832Not recorded
Becker, DavidJeremiah Becker and Ann Steever14 Dec 182706 Mar 1827Not recorded
Becker, ErastusJeremiah Becker and Anna Stever18 Jul 183008 Nov 1829Not recorded
Becker, Franklin, twinJeremiah Becker and Anny Stover14 Jul 183315 Aug 1832Not recorded
Beekman, JeremiahHenry Beekman (slave of Martin Beekman) and Elisabeth29 Jun 180613 Mar 1806Not recorded
Beekman, JinTom J. Beekman and Diaan Van den Bergh25 Oct 178928 Jan 1784Not recorded
Beekman, PeterGerard G. Beekman and Phoebe Stephens__ ___ 180208 Feb 1802Peter Beekman and Maria Ham
Beekman, Thomas JackJaap Beekman and Gin Ham12 Nov 179709 Sep 1797Harry Van den Bergh and Bet Van den Bergh
Bekker, MaragritaLawrence Bekker and Elizabeth Staal01 Mar 17895 weeks oldAnthony Staal and Wyntje Rous
Bell, Alice Minnie, adult (wife of F. H.)_____ Gardner06 Jun 1892Not recordedNot recorded
Bell, Ida Jane, adult_____ Bell02 Mar 1884Not recordedNot recorded
Bell, ThomasThomas Bell and Mary Middleton06 Mar 183230 Jun 1831Not recorded
Bennet, Harriet Levina, adult_____ Bennet09 Oct 1831Not recordedNot recorded
Berril, JeremiahDavid Berril and Peggy Turk 19 Aug 181007 Jul 1810Not recorded
Berringer, Cathrine ElviraHenry P. Berringer and Emeline Martin08 Feb 182917 Nov 1828Not recorded
Best, HermanHenry Best and Mary Finger22 Jan 180922 Dec 1808Not recorded
Best, margaretHenry J. Best and Mary Finger14 Jun 180712 May 1807Not recorded
Best, Sally MariaHenry J. Best and Mary Finger12 Apr 181226 Feb 1812Not recorded
Binck, Addie MayHenry Binck and Mary E. Sweet03 Mar 188309 Jan 1882Not recorded
Binck, HenryZechariah H. Binck and Sarah Maria Sliter05 Sep 185617 Apr 1856Not recorded
Binck, Martha JaneHenry Binck and Mary E. Sweet29 Aug 188506 May 1885Not recorded
Bink, Clarence PainHenry Bink and Mary E. Sweet01 Mar 188910 Jul 1888Not recorded
Bink, David HenryIsaack Bink and Eliza Rockerfeller31 Dec 183727 Jun 1837Not recorded
Bink, Frideric AlbertIsaac Bink and Eliza Catharine Rockerfeller__ ___ 183929 Jul 1839Not recorded
Bink, Harriet CatharineZechariah H. Bink and Sarah Mariah Sliter04 Sep 185130 Jul 1851Not recorded
Bink, John SteeleHenry Bink and Mary E. Sweet29 May 188021 Jan 1880Not recorded
Bink, Mary JaneIsaac Bink and Eliza C. Rockerfeller__ ___ 184124 Jun 1841Not recorded
Bink, Sarah MariaHenry Bink and Mary E. Sweet31 Aug 187824 Sep 1877Not recorded
Birch, George AlbertAlpheus Birch and Tynetta Newkirk04 Sep 185125 Apr 1849Not recorded
Birch, Henry BinkGeorge W. Birch and Susan Caroline Bink08 Mar 185229 Feb 1852Not recorded
Black, ElizabethThomas C. Black and Margaret06 May 1871Not recordedNot recorded
Blair, AbrahamWilliam Blair and Catherine Shutter01 Jan 179917 Nov 1798Not recorded
Blair, JohnWilliam Blair and Catharine Shutter02 Dec 180424 Oct 1804Not recorded
Blair, WilliamWilliam Blair and Catrina Shutter12 Sep 179715 Apr 1797Not recorded
Blaney, Sarah C., adult_____ Blaney01 May 1864Not recordedNot recorded
Bliss, MaryJohn Bliss and Christina Pulver09 Apr 179611 Feb 1796Not recorded
Bloomingdal, CatherineLaurence Bloomingdal and Catharine Witbeck09 Jan 181405 Dec 1813Not recorded
Boice, CatyDavid Boice and Hannah Michael28 Oct 181021 Jul 1810George Michael and Margaret Michael
Boice, Elias PeterEli Boice and Christina E. Rockenfellow10 Jul 183610 May 1836Not recorded
Bois, Giles EdmundEli Bois and Eliza Christina__ Jan 193917 Sep 1838Not recorded
Bortle, Alfred TheodoreChristopher Bortle and Elizabeth O. Tuttle__ ___ 185027 Oct 1847Not recorded
Bouton, Maria, adult_____ Bouton05 Dec 1886Not recordedNot recorded
Bragg, SaraBenjamin Bragg and Nancy Davis__ Nov 179208 Apr 1792Not recorded
Bragge, BenjaminBenjamin Bragge and Nancy Davie26 Nov 179702 Nov 1797Not recorded
Brees, Abraham ColeGerrit Brees and Polly Cole10 Mar 180518 Feb 1805Not recorded
Brees, Ann MariaAnthony Brees and Rebecca Brown23 Sep 180404 Jul 1804Not recorded
Brees, AntonyJohn Brees and Abiel Fitch__ ___ 180206 Jun 1802Not recorded
Brees, CatharineJohn Brees and Abiel Fitch21 Jan 179825 Sep 1797Not recorded
Brees, IsaacAnthony Brees, Jr. and Rebecca Brown14 Jun 180713 Mar 1807Not recorded
Brees, John HenryJames Brees and Martha Halenbeck, unbaptised10 Nov 181729 Dec 1815Not recorded
Brees, Milliam CulverJames Brees and Maria Culver26 Jun 180821 Apr 1808Not recorded
Brees, RobertJohn Brees and Abiel Fitch02 Jun 180911 May 1809Not recorded
Breese, HenryJames Breese and Maria Cebra28 Feb 181330 Nov 1812Not recorded
Breisey, PeterJacob Breisey and Margaret Hoffman15 Feb 180130 Oct 1800Not recorded
Brenn, HannahJacob Brenn and Dianah Brenn26 Jul 180707 Apr 1807Not recorded
Bresy, MargaretJacob Bresy and Margaret Hoffman__ ___ 180223 Jul 1802Not recorded
Brezee, CorneliusHendrick Brezee and Cornelia Van Buren24 Aug 17888 Aug 1788Peter Van Buren and Dorothea Van Buren
Bries, Anna ElizaAnthony Bries and Rebecca Brown11 Oct 181213 Jul 1812Not recorded
Bries, CathalineJohn Bries and Abiel Fitch29 Dec 179929 Dec 1799Not recorded
Bries, CatharineGerrit T. Bries and Mary Cole23 Apr 180006 Apr 1800Not recorded
Bries, HendrikGerrit Bries and Maria Cole30 Jan 179120 Dec 1790Anthony Bries and Tryntje Bries
Bries, HendrikJohn Bries and Catrina Lotridge18 Jul 179002 May 1790Hendrik Bries and Arroantje Bries
Bries, JaneGerrit T. Bries and Mary Cole23 Apr 180006 Apr 1800Not recorded
Bries, Sarah MariaJohn Bries and Abiel Fitch01 Jan 180516 Nov 1804Not recorded
Brinckeroff, John Rappelyee WitbeckJacob Brinckeroff and Angeline Van Deusen11 Jul 181421 Jun 1813Not recorded
Brink, PermeliaIsaac Brink and Eliza C. Rockerfeller__ ___ 184916 Mar 1847Not recorded
Brizee, TannekeHendrik Brizee and Cornelia Van Buren12 Feb 179225 Jan 1792Hendrik Van Buren and Hilletje Van Buren
Brizee, WilliamHendrik Brizee and Cornelia Van Buren25 Feb 179729 Jan 1797William Morris and Geertruy Morris
Brodkway, George HoffJesse Brockway and Rosa J. Hoff11 Dec 189208 Mar 1891Not recorded
Bromjum, DavidAbraham Bromjum and Elizabeth Shebley__ May 179925 Mar 1799Not recorded
Bromjum, JohnAbraham Bronjum and Elizabeth Shebley18 Aug 179330 May 1793Not recorded
Brooks, CatyCasper Brooks and Christina Brooks14 Apr 179916 Mar 1799Not recorded
Brooks, Jane MariaCasper Brooks and Christina Brooks21 Sep 182012 Dec 1815Not recorded
Brooks, JeremiahKasper Brooks and Christina Brooks__ ___ 180330 Jul 1803Not recorded
Brooks, Nancy Van BeurenCasper Brooks and Christina Brooks21 Sep 182001 Mar 1819Not recorded
Brown, IsaacEvert Brown and Jemina Dyckman02 Dec 179810 Aug 1798Not recorded
Brown, JaneFrederick Brown and Elizabeth Hunter02 Feb 180008 Nov 1799Not recorded
Brown, Joel B.Eliot E. Brown and Sally J. Page__ ___ 185003 Apr 1842Not recorded
Brown, Stimson E.Eliot E. Brown and Sally J. Page__ ___ 185016 Apr 1850Not recorded
Burns, Maria AnnJohn Burns and Jenny Height06 Sep 180724 Jul 1807Not recorded
Burr, JohannisJacob Burr and Rachel Hagerman29 Aug 179024 Jul 1790Johannis Feller and Maria Feller
Burril, CorneliusWiliam Burril and Caty Van Buren__ ___ 180307 Dec 1803Not recorded
Burril, JennyWilliam Burril and Caty Van Buren10 Aug 180613 Jun 1806Not recorded
Burril, WilliamWilliam Burril and Caty Van Buren30 Apr 180809 Mar 1808Not recorded
Burss, IdaJames Burss and Martha Melius24 Apr 187312 Mar 1873Not recorded
Burton, Charles RaymondPeter P. Burton and A. K. Pockman09 Apr 189625 Apr 1895Not recorded
Burton, ElisabethJames Burton, unbeliever and Elizabeth Payne07 Mar 181904 Feb 1819Not recorded
Burton, HiramJames Burton and Elis'th Payne04 Sep 182915 May 1829Not recorded
Burton, James, adult_____ Burton10 Dec 1820Not recordedNot recorded
Burton, PlattWilliam Burton, unbaptised and Catharine Miller__ Jan 182002 Dec 1819Not recorded
Burton, RheubenJames Burton and Elisabeth Payne16 Sep 182111 Jul 1821Not recorded
Burton, Smith PayneJames Burton and Elizabeth Payne09 May 182407 Feb 1824Not recorded
Burton, WalterJames Burton and Elisabeth Payne30 May 183423 Sep 1833Not recorded
Burwell, CorneliusWilliam Burwell and Elizabeth Salisbury13 Oct 179323 Sep 1793Not recorded
Burwell, ElisabethWilliam Burwell and Caty Van Buren__ ___ 180123 Mar 1801Not recorded
Burwell, RubenWilliam Burwell and Elizabeth Salsbury15 Aug 179003 Aug 1790Not recorded
Burwell, SarahWilliam Burwell and Elizabeth Salsbury29 Jun 178819 Apr 1788Not recorded
Butler, CatharineJohn Butler and Caty Van Buren04 Oct 181816 Aug 1818Not recorded
Butler, CatyPeter Butler and Catharine Kilmer__ ___ 180202 Nov 1801Not recorded
Butler, Getty AnnJohn Butler, not qualified and Caty Van Beuren17 Mar 182124 Dec 1820Not recorded
Butler, Hannah MariaAbraham Butler and Mary Slut19 Jun 181309 Mar 1813Not recorded
Butler, HenryJohn Butler, not qualified and Caty Van Beuren12 Sep 182315 Jun 1823Not recorded
Butler, JeremiahJohn Butler, not qualified and Catharine Van Buren05 Jun 182522 Apr 1825Not recorded
Butler, JohnJohn Butler and Caty Van Buren15 Oct 181522 Aug 1815Not recorded
Byer, Jessie PaulineAugust Byer and _____ Newman03 Sep 189205 Jan 1890Not recorded

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