Births and Baptisms at the
Reformed Protestant Dutch Church
of Greenbush, 1788-1928

Surnames beginning with "A"

NameParentsDate of
Date of BirthSponsors
Aaron, PeterCharles Aaron and Caty Ostrander__ ___ 180215 Jun 1802Not recorded
Aaron, SarahMichael Aaron and Mariche Hoguel19 Aug 181017 Jun 1810Not recorded
Abt, John FrankJohn Abt and Frederika Lowster23 Apr 189913 Dec 1898Not recorded
Acker, GideonDavid Acker and Maria Lot06 Apr 182029 Jan 1820Not recorded
Acker, Mary ElizaDavid Acker and Maria Lott17 Aug 182304 Oct 1822Not recorded
Adriance, AllettaGeorge S. Adriance and Getty McChesney03 Jun 180419 Dec 1803Not recorded
Aiken, Charles HenryIsaac Aiken and Hetty Ann Ackerman07 Jan 183404 Mar 1833Not recorded
Aiken, HenryNenien Aiken and Hannah Scott17 Oct 180410 Oct 1804Not recorded
Aiken, Isaac WilliamsonBurr Aiken and Caroline Williamson07 Jan 183424 Apr 1833Not recorded
Airheart, Martha JaneJohn Airheart and Mary Gilmore19 Apr 184029 Oct 1839Not recorded
Airheart, William BenjaminJno. Airheart and Mary Kilmore22 Dec 183328 Oct 1833Not recorded
Airing, EleanorCharles Airing and Catharine ostrander__ ___ 180324 Aug 1803Not recorded
Albridge, AmyJohn Albridge and Mary Rouse11 Apr 181319 Mar 1813Not recorded
Albridge, CatharineJohn Albridge and Mary Reuse19 Aug 181014 Jul 1810Not recorded
Albridge, James HenryConrad Albridge and Catharine Salsbury21 Nov 182402 Sep 1824Not recorded
Alsdorph, Andrew W. TweeddaleWilliam Alsdorph and Minnie Tweeddale03 Sep 189216 Jul 1891Not recorded
Althuizer, ElizabethPeter Althuizer and Neeltje Williams31 Mar 179329 Dec 1792Not recorded
Anderson, Florence May, adoptedMiles Anderson and _____ Newman03 Sep 189220 Jul 1892Not recorded
Anderson, Mary LouisaCalvin Anderson and Mary Bouker12 Apr 187401 Feb 1874Not recorded
Anthony, Jana AnnWilliam Anthony, colored and Dinah Anthony, colored13 Sep 1835Not recordedNot recorded
Arheart, John HenryJohn Arheart and Mary Gelinore10 Jul 183622 May 1836Not recorded
Austin, ElisaVolkert Austin and Aulida Van Heusen15 Nov 180727 Apr 1807Not recorded

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