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Information on this page was submitted by the late Lin Van Buren. East Greenbush Methodist Church was organized on 2 December 1873 and was dedicated in 1874. The first church building (see photo), a frame structure, stood in the center of the then village of East Greenbush, on the south side of Columbia Turnpike, just east of the present Greenbush Dutch Reformed Church. This first building remained in use until the present brick church was built in 1962, at a site a little less than a mile to the south. After the first building ceased to be a church, it was sold, but - minus its bell tower - it still survives today. It is now painted red and was for many years the Appleland Farm Market. Nevertheless, the high altar where my great-grandparents said "I do" in 1891 could still be seen upstairs, along with the stained-glass windows, stored there safely by the present owners. The modern, brick present church, located at the corner of Hays Road and Gilligan Road, surrounds a small courtyard. In this courtyard can be seen, still hung ready for ringing, the old church's bell. An inscription on this bell shows that it was dedicated in 1906 to David PHILLIPS (1817-1908), who was one of the founder members of this church. He was also my great-great-great-grandfather. Josephine Schweigert, the then Town Historian of East Greenbush, gave me photocopies of a typescript of the records of this church, and I've transcribed them into digital form and submitted them to this GenWeb site to make them accessible online for everyone with an interest in this church. There are births, adult baptisms, marriages and deaths. For the marriages below, I've retained the format given in the typescript, so that you may search alphabetically in the first column not only for grooms but also for brides. This way, every groom and every bride has an entry in the first column as "Smith, John" or as "Jones, Mary", and every groom and every bride also has an entry in the second column as "John Smith" or as "Mary Jones", so that a researcher who enters "John Smith" or "Mary Jones" as a search value in a search engine will be brought to this page.

Marriages 1875-1901
Bride or GroomAgeBride or GroomAgeDate of Marriage
Allendorph, George R.29Charlotte A. Elliott2321 Feb 1883
Barnfather, Levi-Annette Devereaux-8 Sept 1880
Bartlett, William F.22Minnie Chadwick2019 Sept 1894
Basolt, Katie L.26W. Julian Salla2927 Nov 1901
Becker, Addison24Etta Vandenburgh181881
Becker [sic - Packer?], Emma Birdella
21Edward A. Weeker [sic -
Edward A. Weeber?]
229 June 1898
Becker, Sarah Louise39Egbert Larkin6530 Mar 1891
Bedell, Charles H.-Nettie E. Pitts-10 June 1895
Bedell, Harriet51James M. Bennett619 Dec 1885
Bell, Arthur22Jennie Brown191888
Benedict, Samuel40Etta M. Holdridge181881
Bennett, James M.61Harriet Bedell519 Dec 1885
Boyce, Millington-Abbie Traver-14 Dec 1881
Bowers, George L.37Louisa M. Ostrander182 Jan 1878
Bristol, Maud E.19Frank L. Harris-30 July 1901
Brown, Jennie19Arthur Bell221888
Brown, Nellie J.36Walter M. B----3729 Jan 1889
Burwell, George E.-Hattie A. Wing-10 Sept 1884
Carpenter, Alton J.25F. Palmer2015 Feb 1888
Chadwick, Minnie20William F. Bartlett2219 Sept 1894
Clapper, Mary A.23Frank M. Garrison2310 May 1882
Clark, Anson [Cack?]27Mary Van Buren2329 Aug 1887
Coons, Katie A.19Benjamin J. Minch2127 Oct 1897
Couse, John Edward20Marie E. Lown3312 Mar 1890
Covert, Mary E.26Melvin B. Sharpe273 Dec 1885
Curtis, Cora18Charles E. Freezon219 Mar 1876
De Friest, Rinnie? M. [Rinier?]29Mary L. Siple1919 July 1885
Devereaux, Annette-Levi Barnfather-8 Sept 1880
Ecker, Mrs. Mary J.-John M. Vandercock [sic]-15 Mar 1882
Eller, Christina-George C. File-23 Feb 1881
Elliott, Charlotte A.23George R. Allendorph2921 Feb 1883
Elliott, Cora Belle29Irving Turner244 June 1890
Elliott, Harris A.29Elizabeth N. Vandenburgh2512 Oct 1899
Ennis, Sarah27Theodore Allen Tallmadge2716 Feb 1887
File, George C.-Christine Eller-23 Feb 1881
Folmsbee, George E.34Susie W. Griffin238 May 1890
Freezon, Charles E.21Cora Curtis189 Mar 1876
Freezon, William H., Jr.22Annie Leuhart1913 Jan 1889
Gardner, George Henry23Ida May Proper215 Jan 1876
Garrison, Frank H.23Mary A. Clapper2310 May 1882
Glady, Franklin-Carrie S. Kelsey-23 Nov 1881
Green, Maggie21George K. Kever218 Nov 1888
Griffin, Charles E.-Emma Weinberg-2 June 1889
Griffin, Susie W.23George Folmsbee348 May 1890
Harris, Frank L.-Maud E. Bristol-30 July 1901
Hiller, Lysander35Mary Stevenson2821 Nov 1882
Hoffman, Frank33Maggie ---2815 Apr 1891
Hogle, Nettie19John Lasher22Oct 1887
Holdridge, Etta M.18Samuel Benedict401881
Hudson, Ernest25Maria Van Salsbury2519 Nov 1890
Hunt, A. Woodruff24Jennie Quayler2020 Nov 1876
Kelsey, Carrie S.-Franklin Glady-23 Nov 1881
Kever, George K.24Maggie Green-8 Nov 1888
Kilbourne, Louise-Peter Weidman-25 Mar 1882
Kilmer, Henrietta-Peter Marvin[24]9 Aug 1880
La More, Emma19George Arnold Rhodes2124 Nov 1889
Larkin, Egbert65Sarah Louise Becker3930 Mar 1891
Lasher, John22Nettie Hogle[19]17 Oct 1887
Leuhart, Annie19William H. Freezon, Jr.[22]13 Jan 1889
Ligal, George [Legal?]-Elva E. Mervin-7 Jan 1885
Link, Walter E.24Eda May Phillips212 Oct 1894
Lown, Marie E.33John Edward Couse2012 Mar 1890
Manning, Eugene E.20Anna Westfall-20 Dec 1882
Marvin, Elva E.-George Ligal [George Legal?]-7 Jan 1885
Marvin, Peter24Henrietta Kilmer-9 Aug 1880
McCauley, Ella M.24Edwin K. Thompson2521 Feb 1877
Mesick, May23Jesse D. Van Valkenburgh2111 Oct 1899
Minch, Benjamin J.21Katie A. Coons1927 Oct 1897
Minch, Julia18Frank F. Werking2231 July 1895
Morey, Marilda E.21John A. Schaller3013 June 1900
Nead, Oliver A.28Mary A. Walker2718 Oct 1876
Ostrander, Eliza A.-David S. Roney [sic]-23 Oct 1884
Ostrander, Louisa M.18George L. Bowers[37]2 Jan 1878
[Packer, Emma Birdella]21Edward A. Weeber [sic -
Edward A. Weeker?]
229 June 1898
Palmer, F.20Alton J. Carpenter2515 Feb 1888
Penoyer, Caroline41Clark A. Phillips356 Mar 1895
Phillips, Clark A.35Caroline Penoyer416 Mar 1895
Phillips, Eda May21Walter E. Link242 Oct 1894
Philo, Samuel Sabin63Annie Williams385 Nov 1889
Pitts, Andrew F., MD27Libbie Wing257 May 1886
Pitts, Charles25Kittie Gray2216 Feb 1887
Pitts, Nettie E.-Charles H. Bedell-10 June 1885
Pockman, Frank24Minnie E. Traver212 Nov 1889
Proper, Ida May21George Henry Gardner235 Jan 1876
Quayler, Jennie20A. Woodruff Hunt2420 Nov 1876
Rhodes, George Arnold21Emma La More1924 Nov 1889
Romey [sic], David S.-Eliza Ostrander-23 Oct 1884
Rysedorph, Fannie J.26Sanford B. Warner3112 Dec 1889
Salla, W. Julian29Katie L. Basolt2617 Nov 1901
Schaller, John A.30Marilda E. Morey2113 June 1900
Scutt, Warren A.29Sarah Amelia Wager2325 Sept 1889
Self, Mrs. Sarah A.-William Turner-11 June 1884
Sharpe, Melvin B.27Mary E. Covert265 Dec 1885
Shaver, Abram DeWitt25Emma Turk177 Nov 1875
Siple, Mary L.19"Rinnie? M. De Friest"
[Rinier M. DeFreest?]
[29]19 July 1885
Squire, Georgia Ella17Fred G. Turner1931 Dec 1888
Stevenson, Mary28Lysander Hiller3521 Nov 1882
Tallmadge, Theodore Allen27Sarah Ennis2716 Feb 1887
Thompson, Edwin K.25Ella M. McCauley2421 Feb 1877
Thornton, Edward A.24Hattie E. Wakelee246 May 1901
Traver, Abbie-Millington Boyce-14 Dec 1881
Traver, Jennie A.21Charles W. Van Buren2515 Mar 1891
Turk, Emma17Abram DeWitt Shaver257 Nov 1875
Turner, Fred G.19Georgia Ella Squires1731 Dec 1888
Turner, Irving24Cora Belle Elliott294 June 1890
Turner, William-Mrs. Sarah A. Self-11 June 1884
Van Buren, Charles W.25Jennie A. Traver2115 Mar 1891
Vandenburgh, Etta18Addison Becker241881
Vandercook [sic], John M.-Mrs. Mary J. Ecker-15 Mar 1882
Van Salsbury, Maria25Ernest Hudson2519 Nov 1890
Van Valkenburgh, Jesse D.21May Mesick2311 Oct 1899
Wager, Sarah Amelia23Warren A. Scutt2926 Sept 1889
Wakelee, Hattie E.24Edward A. Thornton246 May 1901
Walker, Mary A.27Oliver A. Nead2818 Oct 1876
Warner, Sanford B.31Fannie J. Rysedorph2612 Dec 1889
Weeber, Edward A. [sic -
Weeker, Edward A.?]
22Emma Birdella Packer [sic -
Emma Birdella Becker?
219 June 1898
Weidman, Peter-Louise Kilbourne-25 Mar 1882
Weinberg, Emma-Charles E. Griffin-2 June 1889
Werking, Frank F.22Julia Minch1831 July 1895
Westfall, Anna-Eugene Manning-20 Dec 1882
Williams, Annie38Samuel Sabin Philo635 Nov 1889
Wing, Hattie A.-George E. Burwell-10 Sept 1884
Wing, Libbie25Andrew F. Pitts [MD]277 May 1886

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