Births and Baptisms at
East Greenbush Methodist Church

Information on this page was submitted by the late Lin Van Buren. East Greenbush Methodist Church was organized on 2 December 1873 and was dedicated in 1874. The first church building (see photo), a frame structure, stood in the center of the then village of East Greenbush, on the south side of Columbia Turnpike, just east of the present Greenbush Dutch Reformed Church. This first building remained in use until the present brick church was built in 1962, at a site a little less than a mile to the south. After the first building ceased to be a church, it was sold, but - minus its bell tower - it still survives today. It is now painted red and was for many years the Appleland Farm Market. Nevertheless, the high altar could still be seen upstairs, along with the stained-glass windows, stored there safely by the present owners. The modern, brick present church, located at the corner of Hays Road and Gilligan Road, surrounds a small courtyard. In this courtyard can be seen, still hung ready for ringing, the old church's bell. An inscription on this bell shows that it was dedicated in 1906 to David PHILLIPS (1817-1908), who was one of the founder members of this church. He was also my great-great-great-grandfather. Josephine Schweigert, the Town Historian of East Greenbush, gave me photocopies of a typescript of the records of this church, and I've transcribed them into digital form and submitted them to this GenWeb site to make them accessible online for everyone with an interest in this church. There are births, adult baptisms, marriages and deaths.

Births* 1862-1901
Father's NameMother's NameChild's NameDate of Birth
Basalt, JohnAmeliaAlbertbaptized
9 Dec 1888
or 15 Oct [18??]
Bowers, George L.LouisaAlbert Stanleybaptized
26 Mar 1890
Bowers, George L.LouisaMary Louisebaptized
26 Mar 1890
Bowers, George L.Louisa M.George, "6 mo."baptized
9 Apr 1891
Cheesman, EdwardHelenRalph Thornton8 Sept 1884
[Dunbar, Mr] not statednot statedGeorge W. Dunbar, "inf."baptized
9 June 1901
Frederick Grabonot statedFlora Hazelbaptized
16 Oct 1895
Leonard, JohnPhillipineJohn23 Nov 1862
Leonard, JohnPhillipineWilliam10 May 1865
Leonard, JohnPhillipineLizzie10 Aug 1868
Leonard, JohnPhillipineAnnie3 Sept 1870
Leonard, JohnPhillipineMary6 Sept 1874
Leonard, Martin[not named]Deliabaptized
26 Jan 1885
Leonard, Martin[not named]Walterbaptized
26 Jan 1885
[Newkirk, Mr] not statednot stated"--- Newkirk, inf."baptized
8 Dec 1901
Niblich, WilliamLavinaKittie13 Jan 1886
[Nichols, Mr] not statednot stated"--- Nichols, inf."baptized
8 Dec 1901
Symonson, AlexanderMargaretGeorge17 Aug 1889
Van Buren, HudsonMaggieJohn V. B. [sic]23 Apr 1885
* The title of this list in the original typescript is "Births", so I've retained that. However, notations in the list such as "6 mos." and dates of birth from before the church was founded suggest that this is really a list of infant baptisms, in which the date of baptism was after 1873. One baptism in this list, that for "Louisa Maria Bowers, age 30", is clearly an adult baptism, so I've moved it to the section entitled "Adult Baptisms".

Adult Baptisms 1882-1901
Name of PersonDateAdditional Notes
Peter Widerman26 February 1882.
Elva Alta9 April 1882Peter Martin, Henrietta [her parents?]
Eliza9 April 1882John Pitts, Nancy [her parents?]
Willie Pitts9 April 1882.
Frank Pitts9 April 1882.
Hattie9 April 1882Herman Wing [her father?]
Emma J.9 April 1882Ransom Devereaux, Priscilla [her parents?]
Smith9 April 1882Philemon Devereaux [his father?]
Charles9 April 1882Peter Marvin [his father?]
Satie9 April 1882Lewis Ham, Amy [her parents?]
Edward9 April 1882Edward Cheesman, Helen [his parents?]
Eddie Bedell18 February 1883.
Elma Culman18 February 1883.
Eugenia Flouton18 February 1883.
William Flouton18 February 1883.
Frank M. Garrison18 February 1883.
Mary A. Garrison18 February 1883.
Emma Gaylord18 February 1883.
Washington Hogle18 February 1883.
Elsie Mesick18 February 1883.
Grace Smith18 February 1883.
Hattie Smith18 February 1883.
Minnie Traver18 February 1883.
Ella Wetherwax18 February 1883.
William Garrison19 August 1883.
Ida S. Wall19 August 1883.
Addie Simmons26 August 1883.
Sarah Long27 May 1884.
Edward Roe7 September 1884.
James Philip17 Februaryyear not stated
Carrie Foster17 May 1887.
Mary Foster17 May 1887.
George Foster9 December 1888.
Annie Cramer25 November 1888.
Henry Elliot25 November 1888.
Edie May Phillips25 November 1888.
Mary Phillips25 November 1888.
Louisa Maria Bowers21 December 1890"age 30"
Jennie L. Devereaux1 February 1891.
Stillman Binck31 March 1895.
Lulie I. Deroll31 March 1895"D. R. Deroll, parent"
Harris Elliott31 March 1895"son of David Elliott"
Edith Garrison31 March 1895"par. Dr. I. Garrison"
Ethel Garrison31 March 1895"par. Dr. I. Garrison"
George Siver31 March 1895.
Stephen Bowers10 January 1897.
Effie Cornell10 January 1897.
Elvin Cornell10 January 1897.
Lillian Elliott10 January 1897.
Laura Garrison10 January 1897.
Martin Hix10 January 1897.
May Mesick10 January 1897.
George Van Buren10 January 1897.
Howard Van Buren10 January 1897"b. Jan. 6, 1880"
Allice Becker14 February 1897.
Ida Bedell14 February 1897.
Amasa Boice14 February 1897.
Abbie Lewis14 February 1897.
Edward Minch14 February 1897.
Edward Morey14 February 1897.
Wendell Phillip Scheil14 February 1897.
Emil Koch8 December 1901.

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