Chauffeurs' Protective Association
of Troy - 1918

Katherine J. Wilkinson has kindly contributed this list of chauffeurs who were working in Troy in 1918. Thank you, Kathy! This "snapshot" was taken during the First World War, and an asterisk (*) denotes those members who were serving at the time in the US military.

Excerpted from:


Chauffeurs Protective Association
State of New York, Inc.

March 1, 1918
Compiled by J. J. Finn, with the assistance of the Financial Secretaries

Regular Delegates, Troy Branch No. 5
Fred Cheney
Alex. King
Ansel Rogers
Frank Eaton
Geo. Millimon
Thos. Feeney

Chas. LaDow
Herman Wight
Thomas Madigan

Troy Branch No. 5
Meets in Owl's Hall, 317 River Street, first and third Mondays of each month.

President, Bert Rouloff, 141 Congress street, Troy
Vice-President, William E. Pieper, 10 Lansing avenue, Troy
Recording Secretary, George V. Wells, Pinewoods avenue, Troy
Financial Secretary, Emery D. Myers, 155 Congress street, Troy
Treasurer, Ansel Rogers, 430 Fifth avenue, Troy
Sergeant-at-arms, William Weaver, 504 Fifth avenue, Troy

Members in Good Standing
Anderson, Leonard
Alber, Coonrad
Abbott, Kenneth H.
Burkhart, Howard
Barber, Leonard O.
Bishop, Charles*
Burdick, Elmer
Burns, Earl*
Burdick, George
Burke, William G.
Coonrad, Elmer
Cropsey, Clarence
Corbin, Lee J.
Dickinson, Stanley
Doyle, Thomas H.
Eaton, Frank
Filkins, John*
Filkins, Oliver B.
Follos, Silas
Feeney, Thomas
Fitzgerald, Edward
Fitzgerald, Morris
Fitzpatrick, Keron
Gamby, William
Goyette, Albert
Gorman, David
Campbell, John
Cheney, Fred
Conway, Daniel
Collomar, Frank
Caffery, Frank
Dreher, Edward
Hassett, Thomas
Hart, William
Kelly, William*
King, Alex C., Jr.
Knapp, Clyde G.
Kinney, Jay
Lowe, James
LaDow, Charles W.
Liback, Walter
Lloyd, Major J.
Larkin, S. Harry
Morlley, Leo*
Millimon, George
Myers, Emery D.
Morris, Frank
Mink, Edward O.
McManus, Edward
Madigan, Thomas
Marble, C. Bert
Maeder, Raymond
Newton, Elmer
Noonan, John
Orunstein, Abraham
Petnel, Joseph
Prensteiner, John
Provost, Virgal
Goodwin, John A.*
Henry, H. H.
Hickey, John
Holmes, Herbert
Hammersley, Samuel
Haulle, Camille
Pieper, William
Ryan, William
Ramando, Maratin
Roebuck, Harry J.
Ryan, Phillip T.
Roulier, Thomas
Roulier, Roudolf
Rouloff, Bert
Rogers, Ansel
Rafferty, Edward
Suwe, Myer
Smith, C. Wallace*
Tobin, John J.
Towne, Harry
Van Acker, George
Van Valkenburg, Harvey
Wight, Herman
Watson, Charles*
Watt, Robert
Weaver, William F.
Wells, George B.
Wobrook, Louis P.
Zellweger, Eugene

* In U. S. Service

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