Schuyler Family Burial Ground
"formerly in Troy"

Cemetery records on this page were subitted to this website by Walter R. Wheeler of Troy, who writes, "The following inscriptions were taken from the tombstones standing December 4th, 1848, in the family burying ground, on the north side of the land (Madison Street) leading to the Schuyler mansion, and west of the Greenbush road, on the old Colonel Stephen I. Schuyler farm in South Troy." The source cited is Arthur James Weise's History of the City of Troy, published in Troy by William H. Young in 1876, from a note on page 12. Many thanks, Wally! If you have corrections or additions you'd like to submit, please contact Debby Masterson.

Schuyler Family Burial Ground
Name of DecedentDate of BirthDate of DeathAge at Death
TEN EYCK, Barent H. (Aug. 31, 1721) Feb. 6, 1809 87y 5m 6d
TEN EYCK, Helena (Aug. 31, 1723) Dec. 19, 1809 86y 3m 19d
SCHUYLER, Stephen I., Colonel (Aug. 12, 1737) Dec. 14, 1820 83y
SCHUYLER, Helen, wife of Col. Stephen I. Schuyler (May 22, 1746) May 22, 1818 72y
SCHUYLER, Barent April 12, 1780 Feb. 11, 1833 52y 9m 29d
SCHUYLER, Tobias R. [April 20, 1770] June 2, 1808 38y 1m 12d
SCHUYLER, Stephen V. R. Oct. 3, 1786 July 18, 1832 45y 9m 15d

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