Oakwood Cemetery
Troy, New York
1899 Interments
(Part 1)

I transcribed the interments on this page from a microfilm of the original handwritten ledger. You need to scroll to the right to see a whole line. TO PRINT this information, you can import this page into your word processor and reduce the size of the font to 6. The print will be small, but it is legible. Print on legal size (8-1/2 x 14 inch) paper in the landscape mode, and each entry will be on a single line. Additional years will be added as resources allow, and in this regard, the more help we have from you, the faster this will happen! If you can help, please e-mail the Co-ordinator, Debby Masterson. NOTE: The 1899 interments are separated into two files because they changed ledgers after July. Entries beginning in August 1899 are expanded and include additional information.
                                DATE OF
NAME                            DEATH         AGE           PLACE OF BIRTH             RESIDENCE              CAUSE OF DEATH                        FATHER                      MOTHER                         CEMETERY LOT AND REMARKS
Adams, Stella H.                5 Apr 1899    67y           Cavendish, VT              Brunswick, NY          Pneumonia, erysipelas                 Oliver Tarbell              Sarah Tarbell                  S. 15
Alden, Mary Ide                28 May 1899    46y           Not recorded               Washington, D. C.      Not recorded                          George Henry Warren         Mary (Phoenix) Warren          H. 10  Warren Chapel
Allendorph, Hiram W.           14 Jan 1899    66y 4m        Not recorded               Troy, NY               Mania                                 Not recorded                Betsey Allendorph              _____  Vault
Allison, Christina              2 Jan 1899    72y           Glasgow, Scotland          Troy, NY               Chronic catarrhal pneumonia           _____ McIntosh              Not recorded                   P.354
Babb, Josephine                22 Feb 1899    42y 9m        Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Suicide                               John Dufrane                Nancy Dufrane                  D.266
Bachelder, Sidney               6 Jun 1899    75y           Not recorded               Northampton, MA        Paresis                               Not recorded                Not recorded                   M. 65
Baldwin, Charles Platt         26 Mar 1899    5y            Troy, NY                   Brooklyn, NY           La grippe                             Melville C. Baldwin         Helen F. Baldwin               H. 34
Barnum, Rebecca Broughton      24 Mar 1899    90y 9m 16d    Not recorded               Troy, NY               Old age                               Not recorded                Not recorded                   D.246
Bates, Helen                   12 Feb 1899    23y 2m        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Typhoid fever                         Stephen Bates               Lydia A. Bates                 P.291
Bell, Alexander Edward         24 Jul 1899    8y 10m        Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Diphtheria                            Robert Bell                 Sarah N. Bell                  U.357
Bennett, Isabella              23 Feb 1899    19y 17d       England                    Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   Richard Bennett             Eliza Bennett                  P.357
Benson, Eleanor B.             14 Apr 1899    39y 11m       Not recorded               Brooklyn, NY           Exhaustion                            Not recorded                Not recorded                   H. 83  Cremated in Brooklyn, NY
Blakeman, Oscar F.             23 May 1899    62y 3m 19d    Greenwich, NY              Lansingburgh, NY       Pernicious anemia                     Lake Blakeman               Esther Blakeman                H.170
Blechner, Frances              27 May 1899    74y 1m 1d     Germany                    Troy, NY               Heart disease                         Frank Seitel                Walburg Seitel                 T.149
Blow, Isabel Dougrey           22 Apr 1899    20y           Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Mastoid abcess                        Edward S. Blow              Amanda M. Blow                 P.360
Bord, Mary Jane                 1 Jul 1899    61y 6m 21d    Chester, NH                Lansingburgh, NY       Cancer                                William Folmsby             Jane Folmsby                   P.169
Boughton, Sarah Wildman         6 Apr 1899    51y           Troy, NY                   Easton, PA             Endocarditis                          Ezra W. Boughton            Esther A. Boughton             F. 92
Boyd, Charlotte A.              1 Jan 1899    66y 9m        Poestenkill                Troy, NY               Consumption                           George Boyd                 Eunice Boyd                    U.372  Removal
Brooks, infant (stillborn)     16 May 1899                  Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Fall of mother                        Daniel Brooks               Sophia Brooks                  H.___  Single int.
Buchanan, Jessie               19 Feb 1899    22y           Glasgow, Scotland          Troy, NY               Typhoid fever                         Archibald Buchanan          Janet Buchanan                 U. 65
Buel, Oliver P.                 7 Apr 1899    61y           Troy, NY                   New York, NY           Hemorrhage                            David Buel, Jr.             Harriet Buel                   I. 78
Burdett, Abigail A.            11 Mar 1899    75y 4m 10d    Not recorded               Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   Not recorded                Not recorded                   L.108
Burton, Caspar V. W.           20 Mar 1899    37y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Phthisis                              Mather H. Burton            Frances (Seiler) Burton        M.102
Bush, John                     16 Apr 1899    78y           Hudson, NY                 Schenedtady, NY        Not recorded                          Not recorded                Not recorded                   K.264
Bussey, Thomas Henry            8 May 1899    60y           Not recorded               Kellogg, ID            Pneumonia                             Not recorded                Not recorded                   D. 85
Button, Isaac                   3 Mar 1899    72y           Schaghticoke, NY           Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   Ransome Button              Maria Button                   U.237
Cadby, Clara                   11 Feb 1899    31y 8m 9d     England                    Troy, NY               Valve disease of heart                John H. W. Cadby            Emily A. Cadby                 K. 12
Campbell, Charlotte             1 May 1899    68y           Nottingham, England        Lansingburgh, NY       Chronic nephritis                     Murray Paul Clarkson        Mary Ford Clarkson             S.  82
Cantelo, Mary L.               18 Feb 1899    8m 7d         North Greenbush, NY        North Greenbush, NY    Inflammatory croup                    Walter Cantelo              Mary E. Cantelo                _____  Vault.  Taken out of cem.
Carnell, James H.               4 Apr 1899    55y 8m        Troy, NY                   Albany, NY             Edema of lungs                        Not recorded                Not recorded                   N. 25
Caswell, Edwin B.              16 Jan 1899    64y           Not recorded               Old Chatham, NY        Apoplexy                              Not recorded                Not recorded                   _____  Vault
Chase, Gertrude C.             22 Jul 1899    52y           Gansevoort, Saratoga, NY   Troy, NY               Not recorded                          Morgan Lewis                Catharine Lewis                U.232
Chesbrough, Amelia A.           7 Apr 1899    53y           Schaghticoke, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Apoplexy                              William Dusenbury           Not recorded                   A.100
Christie, Frances J.           27 Mar 1899    75y           Troy, NY                   Ballston Spa, NY       Pleurisy                              _____ Kelsey                Not recorded                   G. 45
Church, Cornelia A.             2 May 1899    65y           Not recorded               New York, NY           Cancer of uteris                      Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.337
Cipperly, Ira                  22 Jan 1899    54y 6m 22d    Brunswick, NY              Troy, NY               Dropsy                                Jacob Cipperly              Jennie Cipperly                P.359
Cipperly, Olive                11 Jan 1899    94y 11m 13d   Brunswick, NY              Brunswick, NY          Dropsy                                Jacob Bulson                Not recorded                   C. 35
Clark, Emma W.                 20 Mar 1899    32y 2m 21d    Troy, NY                   New York, NY           Phthisis                              James E. Ward               Mary J. Ward                   D. 49
Clark, Sarah M.                 5 Apr 1899    82y           Lansingburgh, NY           Ballston Spa, NY       Apoplexy                              Harvey Betts                Ruah (Brown) Betts             F.131
Cluett, J. W. Alfred            2 Jun 1899    65y           Wolverhumpton, England     Troy, NY               Nephritis                             William Cluett              Ann Bywater Cluett             B.111
Collins, Harry P. C.           11 May 1899    20y           Montreal, Quebec, Canada   Troy, NY               Tubercular meningitis                 Harry C. Collins            Margaret Collins               P.258
Comeskey, James                 6 Feb 1899    68y           Ireland                    Lansingburgh, NY       Cerebral apoplexy                     Stephen Comeskey            Bessie Comeskey                _____  Vault
Coon,George H.                 24 Jun 1899    63y 8m        Poestenkill, NY            Troy, NY               Paresis                               Schuyler Coon               Olive Coon                     S.249
Cooper, Sarah M.                5 Apr 1899    70y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Nephritis                             Not recorded                Not recorded                   A.110
Corliss, Elizabeth C.          29 Mar 1899    55y           Not recorded               New York, NY           Nephritis                             Not recorded                Not recorded                   B. 54
Cousins, Herbert C.             6 Jun 1899    7m 22d        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Peritonitis                           John W. Cousins             Martha Cousins                 P.___  Single int.
Cozzeus, William G.            21 Jan 1899    36y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Acute nephritis, La grippe            Gorton Cozzeus              Sarah F. Cozzeus               G.116
Craig, Joseph M.               22 Apr 1899    32y           Lansingburgh, Ny           Lansingburgh, NY       Syringa myelia                        James Craig                 Sarah Craig                    D.243
Cressman, Samuel B.            30 Jan 1899    46y 9m 3d     Doylestown, PA             Danville, PA           La grippe                             Tobias L. Cressman          Matilda (Leidy) Cressman       B. 52
Culwick, Amy C.                24 Mar 1899    5y            Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Typhoiddd pneumonia                   George A. Culwick           Bertha L. Culwick              S.193
Curley, James                   7 Feb 1899    62y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   Peter Curley                Ellen Curley                   H.426
Daniels, Frank H.               5 Feb 1899    49y 6m 29d    Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Organic disease of brain              Alba C. Daniels             P. Louisa Daniels              F.103
Dauchy, Samuel W.               6 Feb 1899    84y 10m 19d   Galway, NY                 Troy, NY               Old age and colitis                   Not recorded                Not recorded                   F. 56 & 57
Davis, Sarah Elizabeth          4 Jan 1899    68y           Troy, NY                   Lakewood, NJ           Pneumonia                             J. K. Daviss                Mary E. Davis                  D. 89
De Freest, Millicent A.        25 Mar 1899    47y           Not recorded               Lansingburgh, NY       Carcinoma of uteris                   Thomas Labrum               Juliet Labrum                  H.267
De Long, Benjamin Franklin     31 May 1899    8m 20d        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Bronchopneumonia and measles          Benjamin F. De Long         Mary J. (Smith) De Long        H.322
De Witt, George Emil            3 Jan 1899    22y 4m        Not recorded               Lansingburgh, NY       Perforation of bowels                 Emil F. deWitt              Anna B. deWitt                 _____  Vault
Derrick, Richard A.            10 Apr 1899    56y           Brunswick, NY              Brunswick, NY          Fatty degeneration of heart           Richard C. Derrick          Joanna M. Derrick              D.177
Dorlon, Elias G.               15 Feb 1899    59y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   Philip S. Dorlon            N. Elizabeth Dorlon            G. 59
Doty, Edwin Burton              2 May 1899    1m 14d        Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Indigestion                           Frank Doty                  Ida Doty                       U. 92
Draffin, Isabella B.           17 May 1899    16y 1m 14d    Lansingburgh, NY           Hoboken, NJ            Pneumonia                             William L. Draffin          Lydia Draffin                  P. 83
Dunham, Juliet E.              12 Mar 1899    62y           Chicago, IL                Endocarditis           Not recorded                          Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.343
Egleston, Elliott F.           15 Mar 1899    36y           Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Typhoid fever                         Asa Egleston                Catharine Egleston             D.343
Egleston, Thomas                9 Feb 1899    21y           England                    Troy, NY               Not recorded                          Not recorded                Not recorded                   U.349  Removal from Mt. Ida
Engel, Florence Adelaide       15 Mar 1899    6m            Green Island, NY           Green Island, NY       Marasmus                              Otto J. Engel               Florence A.Engel               P.143
Enos, Sarah E.                  9 Feb 1899    62y 3m 12d    Not recorded               Buffalo, NY            Apoplexy                              William F. Sage             Sarah C. Sage                  L.101  Vault
Epting, Caroline                7 Jan 1899    77y           Germany                    Troy, NY               Carcinoma of liver                    Charles Gottachoch          Marie Gottachoch               P.286
Erwin, William J.              12 Apr 1899    3y 3m 27d     Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Memb. Croup                           Frank Erwin                 Georgianna Erwin               U. 54
Evarts, Jairus                 10 Feb 1899    63y           Not recorded               North Hector, NY       Cerebral apoplexy                     Not recorded                Not recorded                   P.217
Everett, Emily Louisa          27 Jul 1899    6m            New York, NY               Rutherford, NJ         Cholera infantum                      Harry E. Everett            Emily Everett                  N. 73  Sub.24
Fairbairn, Robert B., Rev.     27 Jan 1899    80y 8m        Not recorded               Brooklyn, NY           Apoplexy                              Not recorded                Not recorded                   G. 30
Filley, Caroline A.            11 Jun 1899    84y           Otis, MA                   Lansingburgh, NY       La grippe                             Lester Filley               Corinthia Twining Filley       B. 94
Finch, William G.              29 Mar 1899    1m 7d         Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Heart failure                         Lemuel Finch                Minnie Finch                   P.___  Single int.
Fisher, Elmira                 14 Jan 1899    66y 4m        Troy, NY                   Colonie, NY            La grippe                             Cornelius Skinner           Bessie Skinner                 B. 41
Flack, William S.               6 Feb 1899    45y           Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Pneumonia, La grippe                  William A. Flack            Elizabeth Flack                F.127
Fox, De Forest                 28 Feb 1899    70y 7m 9d     Fonda, NY                  New York, NY           Erysipelas                            Not recorded                Not recorded                   B. 81
Frear, Rosanna                  9 Jan 1899    64y           Danbury, CT                Colonie, NY            Diphtheria                            Henry Gilladett             Melissa Gilladett              P.355
French, Daisy                  20 Feb 1899    8y            Brazil, IN                 Brazil, IN             Typhoid fever                         Charles French              Sarah A. French                G. 14  Sub.39
Frezon, Frank                  10 Apr 1899    21y 3m 22d    Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pulmonary tuberculosis                Barney Frezon               Eliza Frezon                   S.214
Gardner, Charles H.            14 Jun 1899    62y  9m 12d   Palmyra, NY                Troy, NY               Erysipelas                            Henry Gardner               Not recorded                   P.363
Gardner, infant (stillborn)     7 Apr 1899                  Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Stillbirth                            Chauncey A. Gardner         Not recorded                   H.114
Gates, Francis E.              16 Jan 1899    19y 10m       Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Exhaustion, La grippe                 George W. Gates             Ada C. Gates                   T.140
Goldsmith, Miranda             30 Mar 1899    71y 11m 14d   Stairstead, Canada         Sherbrook, Canada      Chronic cerebral softening            William Arms                Miranda Arms                   L.109
Gorham, Frances                21 Jun 1899    75y           Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Cerebritis                            Schubal Gorham              Abby Jane Gorham               H. 12
Gould, George Lawrence         21 Jan 1899    3m 5d         Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Intestinal obstruction                George W. Gould             Sarah A. Gould                 P.___  Single int.
Grant, William E.               2 Jun 1899    41y           Albany, NY                 Pittstown, NY          Acute rheumatism                      Elisha Grant                Amoretta A.Grant               G. 20  Sub.39
Gray, George W.                31 Jul 1899    63y 8m 17d    Selina, NY                 Troy, NY               Gallstone colic                       Walter S. Gray              Ann Eliza Gray                 K.115
Gregg, William, Jr.            19 Jun 1899    67y           Wales, England             Troy, NY               Chronic nephritis                     William Gregg               Not recorded                   H. 34  Sub.43
Grobe, Florence C.             10 Feb 1899    4y 1m 9d      Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pleuritis                             William H. Grobe            Ida E. Grobe                   U.250
Groff, Margaret H.             25 Apr 1899    85y 8m 11d    Pittstown, NY              Lansingburgh, NY       Exhaustion                            _____ Fake                  Olivia Fransisco Fake          H.127
Gunther, Marjory Grace         16 Apr 1899    1y 8m         Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Acute eczema                          John G. Gunther             Alice J. Gunther               S.150
Gurney, Eliza J.               20 Jan 1899    63y 2m 16d    Hartford, NY               Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   David Butler                Sarah Butler                   _____  Vault
Harper, Catharine              14 Jun 1899    6y            Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Fracture of skull and spine           Robert R. Harper            Annie Harper                   P.364
Hartley, Margaret Ann          11 Jul 1899    67y           Ireland                    Green Island, NY       La grippe                             Robert Murphy               Not recorded                   P.204
Harvey, Albertine              24 Mar 1899    38y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Cardiac faillure, rheumatism          Not recorded                Not recorded                   K. 21
Hastings, Ruth R.              24 Mar 1899    80y 10m       Petersburgh, NY            Troy, NY               La grippe                             David Stillman              Susanna Stillman               B. 72
Haverly, Edmund                28 Jun 1899    46y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   David Haverly               Catharine Haverly              N.  5 &6  Sub.24
Hayser, Sarah                  11 Jun 1899    81y           Dutchess Co., NY           Duanesburgh, NY        Meningitis                            William Light               Hannah Light                   K.234
Hegeman, Harriet M.            11 Jun 1899    53y           Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Acute nephritis                       Thomas Van Schaick          Diana Van Schaick              P.225  Sisterhood, St. Paul's Ch.
Herrick, Charles Clayton       14 Jul 1899    39y 11m       Cazenovia, NY              Green Island, NY       Tuberculosis of larynx and lungs      Amos Herrick                Emma Herrick                   U.347
Heywood, Mary Frances           7 Feb 1899    38y           Williamsville, MA          Troy, NY               Acute nephritis                       William E. Heywood          Sarah Heywood                  P. 44
Hickey, Edward                  2 Jun 1899    3m 14d        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Marasmus                              James R. Hickey             Annie J. Hickey                P.___  Single int.
Higgins, Matilda                2 Mar 1899    19y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Tubercular meningitis                 Joseph Higgins              Not recorded                   P. 65
Hilgers, Louise                22 Jul 1899    53y           Germany                    Troy, NY               Pulmonary phthisis                    _____ Morckle               Not recorded                   A.172
Hiller, William E.             25 Apr 1899    35y 7m        Greenbush, NY              Poughkeepsie, NY       General paresis                       Adolphus Hiller             Pauline Hiller                 H.171
Hodge, Beatrice M.             20 Jun 1899    3y 6m         Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Membranous croup                      Harvey A. Hodge             Ida M. Hodge                   P.___  Single int.
Hopkins, Maria Van Vranken     24 Jun 1899    65y 10m 24d   Wattewan, NJ               Troy, NY               Cancer                                Isaac Van Duzen             Eleanor Van Deusen             S.241
Howe, Chandler C.              14 Jul 1899    83y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Disease of spinal chord               Aaron Howe                  Lucinda Howe                   K. 66
Howe, Elliott C., M. D.         2 Mar 1899    71y           Jamaica, NY                Troy, NY               Bronchopneumonia                      Aaron Howe                  Lucinda Howe                   K. 66
Huff, Anna E.                  19 May 1899    60y           Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Mitral insufficiency of heart         Henry Hunt                  Anna Eliza Hunt                K.103
Hutton, Caroline               21 Jan 1899    42y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Strychnine poisoning, accidental      William Kennedy             Ann (McDonald) Kennedy         D.262
Johnson, Margaret               4 Jan 1899    3m            Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Anemia                                Samuel Johnson              Margaret Johnson               P.___  Single int.
Johnson, Thomas                 3 Jan 1899    76y           England                    Troy, NY               Old age                               Thomas Johnson              Not recorded                   P.___  Single int.
Jones, John                     6 Jan 1899    75y           England                    Troy, NY               Exhaustion from hemiplegia            Thomas Jones                Mary Jones                     P.206
Jorgensen, Hans P.             15 Feb 1899    56y           Denmark                    Lansingburgh, NY       Pneumonia                             Jorgen Larsen               Karen Larsen                   U.371
Kappes, George C.               6 Jan 1899    5m            Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Capillary bronchitis                  John Kappes                 Anna Kappes                    P.___  Single int.
Kelly, Patrick H.              22 Jun 1899    57y           Troy, NY                   Cohoes, NY             Bright's disease                      Not recorded                Libbie Kelly                   U.344
Keogh, Caroline                15 Apr 1899    37y           Troy, NY                   Waterford, NY          Exhaustion                            Edward Roden                Ann Roden                      U. 76
Kimmage, Annie E.               6 Jan 1899    37y           Troy, NY                   Millertown, NY         Consumption                           James Kimmage               Ann Kimmage                    H. 42
King, Alice Bell               19 Jul 1899    19y 2m 15d    Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pernicious anemia                     Thomas J. Treleaven         Mary A. Treleaven              H.314
King, Erastus Nelson           19 Jul 1899    7m            Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Marasmus                              Nelson King                 Alice King                     H.314
Knight, Richard                19 Jan 1899    81y           England                    Troy, NY               Influenza, acute bronchitis           John Knight                 Catharine Knight               N. 77
Knopf, Lillie                  27 Mar 1899    45y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Fatty degeneration of heart           Charles Wagner              Julia Wagner                   H. 61  Sub.44
Knudsen, William F.             5 Mar 1899    18y 1m 12d    Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Typhoid fever                         John Knudsen                Not recorded                   _____  Vault
Koehler, Walter W.              7 Mar 1899    10y 4m        Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Cerebral tumor                        Lewis Koehler               Mary G. Koehler                T.184
Koon, Delia                    16 Jan 1899    86y 10m 26d   North Greenbush, NY        North Greenbush, NY    Nephritis, valve disease of heart     Frank Sharp                 Not recorded                   H. 32  Sub.44
Koon, Eleanor                  29 Jul 1899    6m            Scranton, PA               Scranton, PA           Cholera infantum                      William M. Koon             Cora B. Koon                   H. 95
Kramp (or Cramp), Elizabeth    19 May 1899    76y           Weitzweiler, Bavaria       Troy, NY               Pulmonary edema                       Not recorded                Not recorded                   D.348
Lansing, Cornelius V.          19 May 1899    54y           Not recorded               Norwich, NY            Congestion of lungs                   Nanning V. Lansing          Jane E. Lansing                U. 26
Latham, Ernest                  5 Mar 1899    5m            Brooklyn, NY               Troy, NY               Convulsions                           Ernest Latham               Vivian Latham                  K.287
Lee, Nathaniel                 11 Jan 1899    86y           Hebron, NY                 Troy, NY               Acute capillary bronchitis            Not recorded                Not recorded                   H. 81
Lee, Pamelia M.                16 Feb 1899    55y 3m        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Cancer of uteris                      Cornelius Van Schaick       Mary Van Schaick               D.311
Lemon, Susan A.                27 Jan 1899    78y 3m 21d    Lansingburgh, NY           Albany, NY             Senility                              Abraham L. Lansing          Anna Lansing                   G.111
Lewis, James H.                12 Mar 1899    70y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Nephritis, micral insufficiency       Peter Lewis                 Catharine Lewis                P.103
Link, Arba N.                   9 Feb 1899    31y           Brunswick, NY              Brunswick, NY          Diabetes milletus                     Burwell B. Link             Fanny C. Link                  P. 29
Link, Nancy                     6 May 1899    76y           NY                         Troy, NY               Bronchitis                            _____ Patrick               Not recorded                   P.270
Lisle, Mary                    20 Feb 1899    58y           Wales, England             Troy, NY               Cancer                                John Bevan                  Not recorded                   H.173
Little, Samuel                  3 Jan 1899    68y           Ireland                    Troy, NY               Acute lobar pneumonia                 Samuel Sittle               Jane (Wilson) Little           T. 18
Lockrow, Mary A.               17 May 1899    44y 3m        Burnt Hills, NY            Arlington, NJ          Endocarditis                          _____ Jennings              Not recorded                   U.375
Loomis, Charlotte              16 Mar 1899    83y           Not recorded               Green Island, NY       Senility                              Not recorded                Not recorded                   K.186
Lord, infant (stillborn)       15 Mar 1899                  Brunswick, NY              Brunswick, NY          Stillbirth                            Warren T. Lord              Pearlie D. Lord                D.177
MacFarlane, Duncan              7 Jun 1899    63y           Scotland                   Troy, NY               Carcinoma of stomach                  Not recorded                Jeanette MacFarlane            P.276
Macready, Frank C.              1 Jul 1899    61y           Not recorded               Ridgefield Park, NJ    Carcinoma of liver                    Not recorded                Not recorded                   D.252
Madden, Jestena                21 Apr 1899    35y           Dutchess Co., NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Cancer                                C__oline Verplank Phillips  Anna Phillips                  G. 77
Maguire, William T.             5 Jun 1899    45y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Typhoid fever                         Robert Maguire              Jane Maguire                   H.122
Mallery, Mary J.               18 May 1899    57y           Poestenkill, NY            Hoboken, NJ            Phthisis pulmonalis                   _____ Flint                 Not recorded                   K.185
Mallory, Thomas C.             11 Jan 1899    54y           Troy, NY                   Clifton Park, NY       Apoplexy                              Patrick S. Mallery          Mary F. Mallery                K.185
Mann, A. Orvillas              17 Mar 1899    19y           Chicago, IL                Lansingburgh, NY       Typhoid fever                         Orvillas Mann               Maria L. Mann                  K. 26
Marshall, Clara A.              1 Jun 1899    87y           Not recorded               Sandusky, OH           Old age                               Not recorded                Not recorded                   F. 82
Marshall, William              13 Jul 1899    81y           Londonderry, Ireland       Lansingburgh, NY       Nephritis                             Michael Marshall            Margaret Marshall              H.288
McChesney, Juliette            27 Jan 1899    45y           Brunswick, NY              Brunswick, NY          Tuberculosis of lungs                 William N. McChesney        Hattie J. McChesney            K. 21
McFarland, John F.             26 Apr 1899    52y           Lansingburgh, NY           Troy, NY               Necrosis of left thigh                Joseph McFarland            Christina McFarland            U.320
McLaren, Alice E.              12 Mar 1899    38y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pleuropneumonia                       James McLaren               Sarah McLaren                  U. 20
McLaughlin, Marion E.           2 Apr 1899    10d           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Not recorded                          William McLaughlin          Alice McLaughlin               H.211
McManus, Margaret Conlen       15 Mar 1899    4y 9m         Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Pneumonia                             Michael McManus             Lizzie McManus                 D.312
McNauhton, Charles A.          30 Jun 1899    32y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pulmonary tuberculosis                Charles H. McNaughton       Mary J. McNaughton             E.125
McQueen, Albert                 5 Mar 1899    32y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   Robert McQueen              Agnes McQueen                  K.217
Mead, John                     18 Feb 1899    80y 1m 15d    Pittsford, MA              Troy, NY               Pneumonia                             Samuel Mead                 Ann Brown Mead                 M. 63
Millhouse, Lillian Priscilla   25 May 1899    8y 9m 23d     Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Typhoid fever                         Edward D. Millhouse         Prisvilla Millhouse            U.322 & 323
Mills, Orlin C.                 1 Mar 1899    60y           Bolton on Lake George, NY  Lansingburgh, NY       Not recorded                          William F. Mills            Minerva Mills                  U. 46
Montgomery, Mary               15 Jun 1899    80y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Old age, paralysis                    Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.406  Presb. Ch. Home
Morgan, Caroline M.            17 Jan 1899    85y           Not recorded               Hamburg, Erie Co., NY  La grippe                             Not recorded                Not recorded                   F.134
Morris, Lewis                  27 Jan 1899    43y 7m 4d     Green Island, NY           Troy, NY               Not recorded                          Robert Morris               Catharine E. Morris            N. 81  Sub.24
Morris, William H.              2 Apr 1899    80y 4m        Greenbush, NY              Rensselaer             Heart disease                         John Morris                 Hannah Morris                  H. 72
Murphy, Albert W.              26 May 1899    4y            Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Diphtheria                            Michael Murphy              Anna Murphy                    P.___  Single int.
Myers, infant (stillborn)      11 Jul 1899                  Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Stillbirth                            Nicholas J. Myers           Elizabeth Myers                U. 85
Naramore, Chauncey             18 Apr 1899    92y           Benson, VT                 Troy, NY               General debility                      Joel Naramore               Electa Naramore                P.251
Newton, Oscar V.               24 Mar 1899    63y           Stephentown, NY            Green Island, NY       Pneumonia                             Anson Newton                Anna Newton                    H.461
O'Brien, George H.             13 Feb 1899    5y 7m         Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Bronchopneumonia                      John O'Brien                Flora O'Brien                  P.299
O'Neil, Annie                  28 Apr 1899    54y           Berlin, NY                 Troy, NY               Cancer of rectum                      _____ Watts                 Catharine (Crandell) Watts     P.___  Single int.
Ogden, Mary L.                  2 Mar 1899    68y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Subacute bronchitis                   Not recorded                Not recorded                   H. 78
Orr, James                     12 Jun 1899    87y           Kircaldy, Scotland         Lansingburgh, NY       Cerebral hemorrhage                   Andrew Orr                  Not recorded                   D.265
Ostrander, Evart B.             5 Feb 1899    68y           U.S.A.                     Watervliet, NY         Congestion of lungs                   Not recorded                Not recorded                   S.154
Ostrom, William M.              7 Feb 1899    69y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   John L. Ostrom              Lucy Ann Ostrom                G.205
Paaschall, infant(stillborn)   15 Feb 1899                  Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Stillbirth                            Joseph Paasdchall, Jr.      Erminie Paaschall              P. 74
Parsons, infant (stillborn)    14 Jun 1899                  Waterford, NY              Waterford, NY          Stillbirth                            J. H. Parsons               Not recorded                   U.273
Perry, Henry S.                 1 Jul 1899    35y 4m 18d    Brunswick, NY              Valley Falls, NY       Hemorrhage of bowels                  Silas Perry                 Sarah M. Perry                 P. 36
Pilling, Charles F.            15 Mar 1899    32y           Cohoes, NY                 Longmont, CO           Consumption                           Thomas Pilling              Not recorded                   U.359
Plum, Anna L.                  16 Jun 1899    65y 1m  5d    Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Chronic emphysema                     Elias Plum                  Susan (Ranken) Plum            B.  1
Randall, Abram W.              26 Feb 1899    76y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               General debility                      David W. Randall            Gertrude Randall               H.464
Ransley, Ann                   17 Mar 1899    63y 6m 10d    England                    Troy, NY               Heart disease, aesthenia              William Vousden             Mary Vousden                   P.358
Ransom, Isaac L.               12 Mar 1899    38y           Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Chronic interstitial nephritis        Isaac L. Ransom             Caroline A. Ransom             H. 46
Richardson, (not named)        15 Jul 1899    1d            Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Premature birth                       Charles E. Richardson       Mary Richardson                E. 73
Richardson, infant (stillborn) 13 Jul 1899    Not recorded  Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Stillbirth                            Charles E. Richardson       Mary Richardson                E. 73
Richardson, Sarah A.           25 Feb 1899    80y 7m 6d     West Troy, NY              Watervliet, NY         Valve disease of heart                Henry Bradt                 Margaret Bradt                 N. 81
Richmond, Elba P.              12 Feb 1899    28y           Albany Co., NY             Waterford, NY          Consumption                           John Richmond               Adeline Richmond               U.247
Risedorf, George H.            20 Jan 1899    68y           Not recorded               Brooklyn, NY           Heart disease                         Not recorded                Not recorded                   U. 16
Ritchie, Mary E.               17 Jul 1899    57y           Brunswick, NY              Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   William S. Turner           Margaret Turner                N. 54
Robinson, Harriet M.           14 Jun 1899    70y           USA                        Troy, NY               Endocarditis                          Not recorded                Not recorded                   D. 19
Robinson, Olive Stone           2 Mar 1899    82y           Fairhaven, VT              Troy, NY               Pneumonia                             William Bigelow             Dorinda D. Bigelow             B. 64
Rogers, John W.                 7 Mar 1899    64y 2m 14d    Troy, NY                   Newport, RI            Diabetes                              Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.341
Ross, Elizabeth Grieve          7 Jun 1899    83y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               General arterial sclerosis            Not recorded                Not recorded                   D.354
Rummell, Anna Louisa           12 May 1899    32y 6m 21d    Cattskill, NY              Troy, NY               Phthisis pulmonalis                   Philip Rummell              Mary Louise Rummell            P.345
Salisbury, Catharine Kip        1 Mar 1899    91y           Saugerties, NY             Leeds, Green Co., NY   Heart disease                         _____ Kip                   Not recorded                   D. 83
Samuel, Alexander M.           11 Jan 1899    48y           Scotland                   Cohoes, NY             Nephritis                             George Samuel               Lillian (McKenzie) Samuel      H.458
Sayles, John P.                 5 Jun 1899    88y 1m        Adams, MA                  Troy, NY               Typhoid fever                         Nathan Sayles               Harty Sayles                   H.147
Schoonmaker, Addia Jeanette    13 Apr 1899    39y           Not recorded               Brooklyn, NY           Peritonitis                           Edgar P. Schoonmaker        Harriet C. Schoonmaker         I. 83
Schriver, Edward, Gen.         10 Feb 1899    86y 5m        York, PA                   Washington, D. C.      Bronchitis                            Daniel Schriver             Rebecca Schriver               H. 10  Warren Chapel
Sharp, Alfred                   2 Jan 1899    49y           England                    Lansingburgh, NY       Bronchopneumonia                      Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.133
Shields, Caroline H.           17 Jul 1899    68y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pneumonia                             Richard P. Hart             Betsey A. Hart                 B. 91
Sickles, Eva                   18 Apr 1899    33y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Pulmonary tuberculosis                John Sickles                Anna Sickles                   U.319
Slade, Benjamin J.             25 Mar 1899    62y           Green Island, NY           Waterford, NY          Not recorded                          Benjamin Slade              Angeline Slade                 U.276  Vault
Slater, Mary Frances           24 Apr 1899    30y           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Typhoid fever                         John Slater                 Phebe Slater                   U.244
Slingerland, Ethelinda         15 Mar 1899    52y           Green Island, NY           Green Island, NY       Pleuropneumonia                       Christopher D. Slingerland  Sarah Slingerland              S. 83
Slyter, M. Elizabeth           30 Apr 1899    61y           Troy, NY                   Denver, CO             Tuberculosis                          Waters W. Whipple           Hannah Whipple                 F. 96  Removal
Smith, George O.                8 Jun 1899    54y           Canajoharie, NY            Troy, NY               Cerebral embolism                     George Smith                Not recorded                   U.340
Spall, John                    24 Feb 1899    51y           Germany                    Lansingburgh, NY       Chronic interstitial nephritis        George Spall                Mary Spall                     U.317  Vault
Spotten, Samuel                 5 Feb 1899    58y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Phthisis                              Not recorded                Not recorded                   P.245  Soldier's plot
Staehle, Mina                  22 Jul 1899    3y 8m         Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Appendicitis                          Eugene Staehle              Sophia Staehle                 P.___  Single int.
Stahley, John                  29 Mar 1899    71y           Switzerland                Lansingburgh, NY       Angotrophic lateral selaris           John Stahley                Elizabeth Stahley              S.175
Stead, John H.                 31 Jul 1899    90y           England                    Troy, NY               Enterocolitis                         James Stead                 Jane Stead                     D.190
Still, Herbert Josiah          11 Apr 1899    15y           Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Rheumatic endocarditis                Charles Still               Sarah Still                    D.149
Stover, Charles M.             12 Mar 1899    44y 5m        Troy, NY                   Watervliet, NY         Aneurism of heart                     Samuel Stover               Margaret (Robbins) Stover      F.104
Striker, Charlotte E.          11 Mar 1899    83y           Schaghticoke, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Old age                               _____ Cookerham             Not recorded                   H.213
Sweeney, Abby Jane              5 Apr 1899    68y           Lansingburgh, NY           Rochester, NY          Acute yellow atrophy of liver         Robert McMurray             Abby McMurray                  B. 14
Sweeny, George                  5 Feb 1899    5m            Lansingburgh, NY           Lansingburgh, NY       Marasmus                              John Sweeny                 Martha Sweeny                  B. 14
Taylor, Augustus C.            13 May 1899    86y           Not recorded               Glen Ridge, NJ         Locomotor ataxia                      Not recorded                Not recorded                   G. 55
Taylor, Bertha M.              25 May 1899    22y 7m        Troy, NY                   Green Island, NY       Pulmonary phthisis                    Joseph C. Taylor            Eliza J. Taylor                P.325
Taylor, Mary                   10 Jul 1899    58y 11m 4d    England                    Lansingburgh, NY       Chronic bronchitis                    James Aston                 Eliza Aston                    P.___  Single int.
Tennant, Chares W.              7 Mar 1899    44y           Fairhaven, VT              Albany, NY             Paralysis of heart                    Not recorded                Not recorded                   H.390
Thompson, Joseph               12 Jul 1899    66y           Not recorded               Sing Sing, NY          Hepatic hemorrhage                    Not recorded                Not recorded                   G.114
Tinslar, Mary Ross             21 Apr 1899    52y           Not recorded               Watervliet, NY         Phthisis pulmonalis                   David Ross                  Elizabeth Ross                 D.354
Townsend, Clarissa              9 Apr 1899    76y 9d        Not recorded               New York, NY           Pneumonia                             Eli Townsend                Candace Townsend               S.  7
Turcotte, Amy Kirkbride        17 Feb 1899    14y 11m 16d   Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Tuberculosis                          Charles Turcotte            Gertrude Turcotte              H.470
Tymeson, Leslie                13 Jul 1899    26y 1m 3d     Montgomery Co., NY         Troy, NY               Pulmonary tuberculosis                Norman Tymeson              Mrs. Mary Hayes                P.___  Single int.
Van File, Anna E.              30 Jan 1899    53y           Not recorded               Round Lake, NY         Cerebral hemorrhage                   Jesse Van File              Mary A. Van File               I.106
Van Vorst, Juliette F.         17 Feb 1899    69y           Brunswick, NY              Lansingburgh, NY       Heart disease                         Enoch Brown                 Susan Brown                    D.160
Viets, Sylvester                2 Feb 1899    84y           Westfield, MA              Troy, NY               Uremic coma                           Not recorded                Not recorded                   B. 63
Vipond, John D.                 5 Feb 1899    5hr           Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Injury during childbirth              B. Leslie Vipond            Esther R. Vipond               _____  Valult
Vipond, kEsther R.             11 Feb 1899    27y 7m        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Septic poison, childbirth             Nicholas Russell            Esther Russell                 _____  Vault
Vosburgh, William O.            5 Feb 1899    80y 11m  2d   Not recorded               Troy, NY               Thyroid pneumonia                     Not recorded                Mary A. Vosburgh               G. 98
Wager, Catharine E.            25 Mar 1899    51y 4m 13d    Red Hook, NY               Lansingburgh, NY       Thyroid pneumonia                     George R. Cook              Maria E. Cook                  A.168  Vault
Walsh, Samuel                  14 Mar 1899    75y           Lancashire, England        Troy, NY               Bright's disease, La grippe           Lyman Ives                  Eleanor Ives                   U.372  Removal
Waterman, Frederick E.         19 Jun 1899    24y 2d        Petoskey, MI               Troy, NY               Cerebrospinal meningitis              Henry R. Waterman           Lydia Waterman                 P.341
Webster, Stephen H., M. D.      6 Jan 1899    33y 2m        Troy, NY                   Troy, NY               Valve disease of heart, pericarditis  Jasper Webster              Emily D. Webster               P.290
Weeks, Mary D.                  1 Apr 1899    75y 8m        Bennington, VT             Green Island, NY       Senility                              Mo[?] Weeks                 Mary Weeks                     D.281
Wemett, Henry T.               14 Jun 1899    49y           Troy, NY                   New York, NY           Phthisis                              Octavo Wemett               Not recorded                   N.113
Wheeler, Harry Marsden         17 Feb 1899    7m            North Greenbush, NY        North Greenbush, NY    Lobar pneumonia                       Harry Wheeler               Ann S. Wheeler                 P.348
White, Theodore H.             11 Jan 1899    62y 7m 8d     Northampton, MA            Lansingburgh, NY       Pneumonia                             James White                 Jane White                     A.166
Willett, Mary                  15 Apr 1899    70y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Surgical shock from fracture          Not recorded                Not recorded                   A. 38  County house
Wilson, Mordecai M.            28 Jun 1899    69y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Mitral regurgitation                  Not recorded                Not recorded                   L.103
Winkler, Caroline              10 Jul 1899    47y           Germany                    Troy, NY               Apoplexy                              William Bausch              Floriana Bausch                U.378
Wood, James W.                 25 Feb 1899    70y           Troy, NY                   Lansingburgh, NY       Paresis                               William S. Wood             Catharine Wood                 G.121  Vault
Young, Helen M.                17 Feb 1899    62y           Not recorded               Troy, NY               Cerebral hemorrhage                   Not recorded                Not recorded                   H. 94

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