William Henry Harrison Haynes
William Henry Harrison Haynes

Information on this page is from History of Rensselaer Co., New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, published in 1880.

But very little is known of the ancestors of the subject of this sketch. They are, however, of English origin, and settled in the New England States. The first of whom we have any knowledge was Jonathan Haynes, who was a farmer by occupation; had a family, one son of whom was named Aaron. Jonathan died April 28, 1776, and his wife Ruth, in 1796. Aaron was born in Bennington, Vt., became an extensive farmer, and was one of the pioneer ministers of the Baptist denomination; he married Mary _____, by whom he had a family of children. Mrs. Aaron Haynes died Aug. 27, 1811, and he died March 25, 1827. Jonathan Haynes, Jr., son of Rev. Aaron and Mary Haynes, was born in Bennington, Vt., the day before the death of his grandfather, April 27, 1776. He married Sally Sanford, by whom he had ten children, viz.: Hiza, Hivilla S., Harwood A., Henrietta, Hudson P., Herschel R., Harriet, W. H. Harrison, Hersa Ann, and Hiram T. H.

Jonathan Haynes was one of the substantial men and farmers of his generation. He died Feb. 21, 1861. His wife was born June 29, 1778, in Connecticut, and died Dec. 17, 1854.

W. Henry Harrison Haynes was born in the town of Hoosick, Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Feb. 11, 1813. He was reared on the farm, which honorable business he followed through life.

As a man he was very much esteemed by his neighbors, and was one who was attached to his family. He was married to Achsah S., daughter of James and Rebecca Percey, of Hoosick, Feb. 20, 1839. She was born in Hoosick, June 9, 1821. Of this union seven children were born, viz: Harriet T., Henry A., H. Murry, H. Eliza, James P., Edwin R., and Daniel B. Of this number four are living.

Mr. Haynes died march 24, 1879, and was buried near the old Methodist Episcopal church, not far from the battle-ground of Bennington. James Percey, son of John and Hannah Percey, was born in Hoosick, Sept. 13, 1789, and died April 16, 1859. He was one of the largest farmers of his town, having more than five hundred acres of good land. He married Rebecca B., daughter of Peleg Sweet, in 1808. She was born Dec. 23, 1791, in Hoosick, and died June 18, 1861. They had thirteen children, all of whom lived to be men and women, except one who died at the age of seven; of this large family only seven are living.

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