Thomas W. Harthorn
Thomas W. Harthorn

Information on this page is from History of Rensselaer Co., New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester, published in 1880.

THOMAS W. HARTHORN, son of Paul and Martha Harthorn, was born in the town of Herkimer, N. H., in the year 1802. He remained at home until he was fourteen years of age, at which time he was bound out to one James Rice until he should reach his majority. The conditions were as follows: young Harthorn was to have two months' schooling yearly, and at the age of twenty-one was to receive one hundred dollars in money, two suits of clothes, a gun, and necessary equipage for
military duty.

In 1819 he went ot Washington County with Mr. Rice where he worked as a farm hand, and two years later, in 1821, came to Rensselaer County, where he engaged as a farmer for Mrs. William Levins, with whom he remained twenty-seven years, and upon Mrs. Levins' death he remained with her son for three years longer.

Subsequently he lived with his brother Lyman, of Lansingburgh, for eight years and finally returned, and is now living with the Levins family.

Characteristic of Mr. Harthorn are industry, correct habits, strict economy, and honesty. He is respected by all who know him. He has accumulated a fine property. He was never married.

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