George Watson Dufty, M. D.
City of Troy

This biography is from Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, Volume III, by Rutherford Hayner, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York and Chicago, 1925. It was submitted by Debby Masterson.

GEORGE WATSON DUFTY, M. D.—Among the members of the medical profession in Rensselaer County, few have achieved a more enduring success or are regarded with greater affection and respect than Dr. Dufty. He was born at Troy, New York, April 30, 1883, son of George E. and Harriet (Cox) Dufty. His father was a farmer and although skilled in all agricultural operations and methods, found it difficult to maintain his family on the profits derived from his land. Undiscouraged by adverse circumstances which would have caused a less courageous man to despair, he struggled with his none too fertile soil and by dint of hard work, perseverance, and the exercise of great thrift, finally succeeded in attaining a measure of prosperity. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dufty were the parents of four children: Fannie, who married William Chadwick; Margaret, who married Charles Babcock; Arthur; and George Watson, of further mention.

George Watson Dufty received his preliminary education in the public schools, but from the very beginning he realized the value of education and the privilege of attending school was one which he prized highly. As soon as he was old enough to take part in the family struggle he began to help his father and mother by doing various light tasks around the house and on the farm, and when he grew a little older he supplemented his home activities by securing employment with the Delaware and Hudson railroad. By this means he was able to help his father and to secure enough money to enable him to continue his studies. He worked for the Delaware and Hudson railroad for six years, and during this period completed his grammar school studies. He was graduated from the Mechanicsville High School, upon completion of a four years' course of study, in 1900. During his high school days he worked in the railroad shops at Mechanicsville, thus financing himself while he studied. He next proceeded to the Albany Business College in order to acquire a thorough training in business methods and commercial subjects. During the next two years, while engaged in study at this institution of business learning, he was employed as a brakeman and in various other capacities, on the Jersey Central railroad. During this period his interest became concentrated upon the study of medicine and he determined to become a doctor instead of seeking to pursue a business career. In 1906 therefore, having completed his course at the Albany Business College, he entered the Albany Medical College for the purpose of acquiring his professional training. By this time his long career as a worker and his perseverance and thrift had brought about such an improvement in his circumstances that he was able to devote himself exclusively to his medical studies during the college year. The field of medicine proved ideally suited to his abilities. His naturally scientific tendencies, together with the deep feeling of sympathy he had always had for the sick and distressed, enabled him to devote himself to his work with rare fidelity and concentration. He completed a four years' course of study with great credit and was graduated from the college as a member of the class of 1910, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Immediately after his graduation Dr. Dufty came to Nassau and established himself in practice as an independent physician and surgeon. His choice of Nassau as a permanent home was a wise one, as his subsequent success has fully proven. His thorough training, broad sympathies, and genial disposition have won him the confidence and regard of all classes of the community. His patients place the utmost reliance upon his judgment, and the faith he has been able to inspire in them has more than once enabled him to bring a patient through a serious illness, when the slightest wavering of purpose or the least shadow of doubt might have resulted fatally. Dr. Dufty is especially popular with the children of the town, who look upon him as their best friend and who love to talk to him, appreciating the seriousness with which he listens to them and advises them. Needless to say, in all his work. Dr. Dufty has kept pace with the advances of science. His equipment is of the best and he spares no pains to keep himself fully informed of the latest discoveries of scientists in the medical profession and kindred branches, such as dentistry, surgery, and the like. He is a great believer in preventive medicine, and is a tireless advocate of every measure designed to safeguard the health of the general public and especially of school children.

In politics Dr. Dufty is independent. He holds office as town health officer, and as health officer of the township of Nassau. During the World War he registered for service as a member of the medical reserve corps. His registration took place on November 9, 1918, but he was not called into active service; the influenza epidemic which devasted the country just after the close of hostilities rendering the need for doctors at home imperative. Throughout the trying period of these terrible epidemics which wrought such havoc among the civilian population, Dr. Dufty worked with tireless energy and his services were deeply appreciated by the whole community. Dr. Dufty belongs to the Rensselaer County Medical Association, and the State Health Officers' Society. In religious faith he is a member of the Reformed church, in the work of which he takes a great interest. He is a Mason of long standing, and holds membership in the Gratitude Lodge, No. 674, Free and Accepted Masons; and Greenbush Chapter, No. 274, Royal Arch Masons; De Witt Clinton Council, No. 22, Royal and Select Masters; and Temple Commandery, No. 2, Knights Templar, of Albany.

Dr. Dufty married, at Nassau, on June 5, 1912, Anna Walker, daughter of Dudley and Sarah (Rowe) Walker. Dr. and Mrs. Dufty have no children.

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