Howard Samuel Kennedy
City of Troy

This biography is from Troy and Rensselaer County, New York, Volume III, by Rutherford Hayner, Lewis Historical Publishing Company, Inc., New York and Chicago, 1925. It was submitted by Debby Masterson.

HOWARD SAMUEL KENNEDY—Having retired from active participation in the affairs of the largest collar and shirt manufacturing concern in the country, Mr, Kennedy, who until recently was presidentof Cluett, Peabody & Company, Inc., retains his interest in civic, religious, and social organizations of his native city, Troy, New York. He is a member of a family of interesting history and splendid record, which is outlined below.

Clan Uhic, Duncan de Carrick, so-called from a district in Ayrshire, Scotland, lived in the end of the twelfth century, and in 1220 his son, Nicol, actuated by the piety of the age, granted the church of Maybole to the nuns of North Berwick. Nial or Nigel, Earl of Carrick, executed a deed of confirmation and acknowledgment to Roland, son of Nicol, in which he is styled "caput tocius progeniei suae," having right to the calps and whatever else belonged to the chieftainship of his clan, he being head of his race. The most likely derivation of the name Kennedy, which became the common appellation given the clan mentioned after patronymics came into use, and the one most consonant with Seltic practice, is that it is derived from personal appearance, and very likely it is from the blackheaded Roland, "Ceanndubh," that the name Kennedy arose. Certain it is that Carrick and Kennedy were used for the same person in many charters. In Carrick, even until the time of Buchanan, the Gaelic was the spoken language, Gaelic customs prevailed and surnames in that language are yet abundant. Alexander Kennedy, who was chancellor in the time of Baliol, 1295, is the first of the name who appears in written record. In 1296 Alexander Kennedy, with John and Hugh, signed "Ragman's Roll," that bond of allegiance forced on the Scots by Edward I. The name of the people has puzzled antiquarians, but a knowledge of the Gaelic makes a solution easy. It is simply "the people of the black feet," and this appellation seems to have been acquired from their practice of Avearing Cuarans of a different character from those in general use among the Highlanders of former ages, which, being made of deer skins with the hair outwards, gave rise to the term "Red Shanks," by which they were distinguished among their lowland countrymen. Uhic Kennedy went from Carrick at an early period and settled in Lochaber, and from him descends the MacUhics, who put themselves under the leadership of the Camerons. The family armorial bearings are as follows:

Arms—Argent, a chevron gules between three crosses crosslet fitchee sable, all within a double tressure, flory, counterflory of the second.
Crest—A dolphin naiant, proper.
Supporters—Two swans proper, beaked and membered gules.
Motto—Avise la fin. (Consider the end).

Peter H. Kennedy, son of Richard Kennedy, was born in Troy, New York, January 22, 1828, died in that city April 5, 1909. He was a woodworker and did fine cabinet work. He followed this occupation in his earlier life, and was engaged in the express business in Troy for twenty years preceding his death. He resided for a time in Stephentown, Rensselaer County, where he followed his trade. About 1850 he located permanently in Troy. He was a Republican in politics, and a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, belonging to Trinity Congregation, Troy. He married, March 4, 1848, Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh (see Van Valkenburg-h line). Peter H. Kennedy and his wife celebrated their golden anniversary, and in 1908 celebrated their sixtieth wedding day. Of their five children, two died in infancy. Children: 1. Richard V., born November 25, 1851, died in May, 1923. He was in the express business founded by his father. 2. Elizabeth M., married Sanford H. Moses, and they are the parents of a daughter, Martha E., who married Everett Snyder, engaged with Cluett, Peabody & Company, Inc., and they have two children: Wilna; and Sanford H., Jr. 3. Howard Samuel, of whom further.

Howard Samuel Kennedy was born July 11, 1858, and after attending the public schools in Troy he secured a position with Coon and Van Valkenburgh, in the collar-making industry. His entire commercial life was devoted to the development of this industry, and by concentrated effort and attention to details he worked his way up from office boy to superintendent of the corporation when it became Coon and Company. In 1889 the firms of Coon and Company and the G. B. Cluett Brothers and Company consolidated and he became the general manager, a position he retained until 1898, when he became an active partner. Upon the incorporation of Cluett, Peabody and Company, in 191 1, Mr. Kennedy was made a director and vice-president, and on December 6, 1916, was elected president. This important office he held until February 1, 1919, when, after forty-seven years of continuous participation in this industry, he retired from the firm. Mr. Kennedy's attention is now centered chiefly in church work and he is a trustee, steward, and local preacher of Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, of Troy, and occupies the office of executive secretary of the Laymen's Association for the Buffalo area in that denomination. He is a trustee of the Young Men's Christian Association (president, 1914-1921); trustee of Syracuse University; president of the Methodist Social Union, of Troy, New York; vice-president and trustee of the Poultney Academy, of Poultney, Vermont; vice-president of the National City Bank; director of the Red Cross; director of the Samaritan Hospital; and is a member of the Troy Chamber of Commerce. His club memberships include the Troy Rotary Club, the Troy Club, the Van Schaick Golf Club, and the Republican Club of Troy. Fraternally he is a member of Mt. Zion Lodge. No. 311, Free and Accepted Masons; Apollo Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Bloss Council, Royal and Select Masters; Apollo Commandery, Knights Templar ; and the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.

Mr. Kennedy married, December 17, 1879, Josephine A. Sharp, a daughter of James E. and Jane (Roberts) Sharp, who died November 19, 1920, leaving three children : 1. Howard W., educated in the Troy public schools and Academy, and at the University of Virginia. He was married to Edith Hendee, November 15, 1906, and they have one child, Edith, born March 4, 1911. 2. Richard Oakley, a sketch of whom appears on following pages. 3. Josephine W., who married Frederick R. Bull, of Troy, New York.

(The Van Valkenburgh Line).

The Van Valkenburgh family is one ol the old Dutch families of New Amsterdam and the Valley of the Hudson that laid the foundations for the present prosperity of that section and reared families whose descendants are the leading citizens of the cities and town founded by their rugged pioneer ancestors. Lambert and Annatje (Beekman) Van Valkenburgh in 1645 bought a house and twenty-five "morgens" of land in New Amsterdam (Manhattan). In 1654 he was of Beverwyck (Albany). He died prior to 1697. His widow died September 17, 1704. His heirs owned a house and lot in "ye Voddermark" (now the west corner of Green and Beaver streets, Albany). He married, Annatje Beekman, and had sons: Jochem Lambertse, of whom further; and Lambert, baptized July 2, 1652.

(II) Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburgh, son of Lambert and Annatje (Beekman) Van Valkenburgh, was born in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1646. He removed to Kinderhook, New York, where he died. He married (first) Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, who died in 1706. He married (second), February 23, 1713, Jannetje Mingaal, widow of Lambert Van Alsteyn. Children: Johannes, born about 1680; Hendrick, Abraham, Bartholomew, Lambert Jochemse, of whom further; Isaac, born July 4, 1686; Jacobus, born April 4, 1689; Jochem, born June 5, 1692; and Engeltie, born June 5, 1695.

(III) Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenburgh, son of Jochem Lambertse and Eva Hendrickse (Vrooman) Van Valkenburgh, was born about 1673. He removed to Kinderhook about 1720, where he died. He married March 20, 1693, Jannetje Franse Clauw. Children: Elsie, baptized September 3, 1693; Jochem, baptized January 20, 1695; Pieter, baptized November 11, 1696; Eva, baptized February 19, 1699; Frans, of whom further; Maria, baptized January 7, 1705; Jurriaan, baptized February 26, 1707; Johannes, baptized July 4, 1708; Andries, baptized April 30, 1710; and Wyntje, baptized February 17, 1712.

(IV) Frans Van Valkenburgh, son of Lambert Jochemse and Jannetje France (Clauw) Van Valkenburgh, was baptized in Kinderhook, New York, January 3, 1703, and died there. He married Maria Van Valkenburgh. Among their children was Hendrick, of whom further.

(V) Hendrick Van Valkenburgh, son of Frans and Maria (Van Valkenburgh) Van Valkenburgh, was born in Kinderhook, New York, March 12, 1732. He married Margaret Bogart. Their children: Pieter, of whom further; Lambert, baptized December 3, 1758, served in the Revolution; Maritje, baptized December 7, 1760; Coenradt, baptized November 1, 1762; Johannes, baptized January 6, 1765; Eva, baptized in 1769; Frans, baptized in 1771; Johannes, baptized in 1774; and Melchert, baptized in 1776.

(VI) Pieter Van Valkenburgh, son of Hendrick and Margaret (Bogart) Van Valkenburgh, was baptized at Kinderhook, New York, March 13, 1757. In 1790 he was of Kinderhook, New York, with a family of five children. Peter Van Valkenburgh served in the Revolutionary War, New York Militia ("New York in the Revolution"). He married, before 1784, Marretje Schemmerhorn. Children: Maria, born in 1784; Richard P., of whom further; and others.

(VII) Richard P. Van Valkenburgh, son of Pieter and Marretje (Schemmerhorn) Van Valkenburgh, was born in Kinderhook, New York, in 1798, and died in Schaghticoke, in 1869. He married, February 22, 1818, Maria DeVoe. Children: Peter Anthony, baptized November 19, 1820; Cornelius Mason, baptized September 27, 1822; Richard Henry, baptized February 2.2, 1825; Elizabeth, born April 4, 1829, died in Troy, New York, January 4, 1909. She married, March 4, 1848, Peter H. Kennedy. (See Kennedy sketch preceding).

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