Oliver B. Verity

Information on this page was contributed by Mark Lozer, the Co-Ordinator of the Fulton County, Ohio GenWeb. Mark cites as the primary source an autobiography that Oliver himself submitted to a local atlas published in 1875, which included personal histories of the patrons of the project.

OLIVER B. VERITY was descended from parental stock who emigrated to Long Island, New York in the reign of Queen Anne of England [1665-1714, reigned 1702-1714]. James Verity was a Frenchman and belonged to the French army occupying Turkey, became a prisoner with the Turks, and formed an attachment with a Turkish lady. They ran away, were married and came to Long Island as above stated. The parental lineage on my father's side came through the name of James to me.

My grandfather, James Verity, was born in 1760 in Queens County, Long Island, New York and in 1788 was married to one Hannah GRITMAN of the same county.

My father, James G. Verity, the third child of said union, was born in Queens County, Long Island, New York January 21, 1786. At the proper age, he was apprenticed to a Quaker, a weaver by trade, at which he worked until the age of 21, when he moved to Rensselaer County, New York. He married Eunice BANKER at Pittstown, Rensselaer County, February 12, 1812. My mother was the youngest child of Adolphus BANKER and Ruth Banker, whose maiden name was Ruth OAKLEY; she was of the City of New York, of English descent all the way down.

Oliver B. Verity, the writer, is the first child of the marriage of James G. Verity to Eunice Banker. He was born January 8, 1815, the same day and year that Andrew Jackson fought the British at New Orleans. There were eight children born afterwards:

I was married to Caroline SCHOFIELD February 28, 1838 at Lysander, Onondaga County, New York, and the children born to us were:

There are but two living children at this date: Amasa B. S. and Oliver A. Verity.

The writer came from Rensselaer County, New York to Onondaga County, New York in 1830; lived there for 13 years; and moved to this county [Fulton County, Ohio], then Lucas, May 8, 1843. When I was at Adrian, I had 50 cents in my pocket. With a wife and two children, I had to get to this county. I found a friend in Albert CRANE, then living south of Adrian, who volunteered to keep me overnight and fetch me on the next morning. He did so, and I came into Gorham May 8, 1843, my goods back in Adrian. I hired a dwelling of W. A. Mace and went keeping house without any furniture or anything to eat. I went to work by the day and in three weeks earned enough to get my goods from Adrian.

In 1857, I was elected probate judge of Fulton County, and February 9, 1858, I entered upon the duties of the office. I was re-elected again in 1866 and served to February 9, 1870. In April 1874, I was called again from my farming duties to take charge of the county infirmary of Fulton County, and at this writing I am in charge as superintendent.

O. B. Verity

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