William J. Snyder
William J. Snyder

Information on this page is from Landmarks of Rensselaer County, by George Baker Anderson (Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co, 1897),
Part 3, "Biographical Sketches", page 61. Many thanks to John Hills of Portland, Oregon for typing it and submitting it to this website.

Snyder, William J., was born in North Greenbush, June 13, 1821. He was the son of John H. and Agnes (Martin) Snyder, both of Greenbush. His grandfather, Harmon Snyder, came from Dutchess County to Greenbush on the Hudson River by a sail boat; being a week on the voyage; he settled on the farm now owned by William J. Snyder, near Snyder Lake; he owned 300 acres of land and died in 1869; Mrs. Snyder died in 1847.

William J. Snyder was reared on the farm, and farming has been his main occupation, though being a natural mechanic, he was engaged for a time in bridge building in the West.

In 1856 he married Catherine, daughter of Samuel and Elmira Lape of Sand Lake, by whom he has had three daughters and two sons: William, a farmer of North Greenbush, [who] runs the home farm; Jesse, farmer; Martha; Grace; and Ada. Mr Snyder has seventy acres and does general farming.

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