Buddington Sharpe
Buddington Sharpe

Information on this page is from Landmarks of Rensselaer County, by George Baker Anderson (Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co, 1897),
Part 3, "Biographical Sketches", page 61. Many thanks to John Hills of Portland, Oregon for typing it and submitting it to this website.

Sharpe, Buddington, was born in North Greenbush, July 27, 1874, on the farm he now owns and which was settled by Nicholas Sharp [sic] at a very early day. The place has since been occupied by George and Rachel (Douglass) Sharpe [and by] John G. and Hannah D. (Hosford) Sharpe. He was born on the farm and there died in 1896 at the age of seventy-eight years; she died August 19, 1888.

Marshall H. and Mary L. (Van Hosen) Sharpe, parents of Buddington, spent their lives on the Sharpe homestead, where he [Marshall H. Sharpe] was born in 1846 and died May 19, 1894; Mrs. Sharpe died in August 1876. In politics, Marshall H. was a Democrat; he was an insurance agent, justice of the peace and a member of Lodge No 47, K of P.

Buddington Sharpe is the fifth generation on the same farm. The farm was left to Buddington and his sister Anne C., who married June 5, 1895 Anthony Harrington, a milk dealer of Troy. Buddington bought his sister's interest in the farm in 1895 and now owns 107 acres; he keeps a dairy of fifteen cows. In politics he is a Republican, has been inspector of elections and adheres to the church of his parents, the Reformed church.

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