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The Alderman family bible was found in an old barn near Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY, May 15, 1999. It was transcribed by Alice Zetterstrom. The bible is now held by Kim Iezzi in Coral Springs, FL, a descendant of William and Clarissa Alderman. Please feel free to contact Kim, who kindly submitted the Alderman family bible information to this website. Many thanks, Kim! To view photocopies of the original pages from the Alderman family Bible, click here.

William Hamilton Alderman was born July the 5, 1812
Clarrisa Emeline Aiderman was born July the 21, 1828
Frede(?) E. Alderman was born Oct the 21, 1848 [Phoebe E. per her birth record in Stephentown Town Clerk's office]
David Hamilton Alderman was born Nov the 3, 1851
Elisabeth Alderman was born September the 24, 1853
Hattie Emeline Alderman was born July 9, 1855
Ida Jane Alderman was born March the 10, 1857
William Henry Alderman was born September the 14,1861
Sarah M. Alderman was born December the 28, 1863

William Hamilton Alderman was marrid to Clarisa Emeline Hocumb June the 19, 1847

William Hamilton [Alderman] died November 17,1868, aged 56
Hattie Emeline Ingram died October the 22, 1895, age 40
Sarah Melissa Shepherd died May 29, age 34

Kim tells us that the following letter was found inside the bible. It is written in pencil over 4 pages (transcribed "as is"):

Center Berlin
Dec. 5, 1904

Dear Mother,

We recevied your kind and welcome letter some days ago and was very glad to hear from you, but am sorry to hear such bad news about Alice. I went down home yesterday and come up to Alices this morning but she was not at home. I was in hopes she would be for I wanted to see the poor girl. I tell you it must of been pretty hard for her.
George says to tell you to stay at home and keep warm. mebby if it dont storm next Sunday we will come down a little while.
The men all went a hunting yesterday and the 5 men got 3 rabbits dont you think that is good hunting.
George is feeling very good to day. he says he wishes you were up here with us to day for it is auffle lonesome here to day.
George says to tell you that he thinks he is going to be blind in his right eye for it runs all the time and he cant hardly see any thing out of it now.
I have got to go to Berlin again Wednesday afternoon.
how is Stellia. I saw her about two weaks ago and she was sick then and George said he saw her twice to the Docters since.
how are all the Children getting along.
why don't you ever come up and see us why don't you come up and stay a weak or two with us. if you don't see any of us before then you had better come up Saturday or Sunday and stay a few days with us.
have you heard from Grandpa lately I haven't heard from them in about two weaks.
well I guess I shall haffto close for this time hopeing to hear from you soon. This leaves us both quite smart and in hopes to find you all well.
Good by write soon from your Loving Children
George and Rosa.
Give our love to all. and come up when you can.

Kim notes: "I believe the "Mother" the letter is addressed to is Alice Ellsworth Alderman, wife of William Henry Alderman, who is one of the "Births" listed above. They had 12 children including George, Rose (not sure why she signs Rosa), Estella/Stella, and Alice. Alice was married 11/3/1900 in Stephentown at age 18, to John H. Reisner, age 22. In the 1910 census they have two children, Walter b. 1902 and Louis b. 1906. In the census Alice says she has borne 3 children but only 2 are living. I'm wondering if she lost the child around the time the letter was written and that is the "bad news" mentioned, since that timeframe would be right in between the other two births just a theory."

Also found in the bible is the following obituary clipping for Alice Ellsworth Alderman's father:

Rufus Ellsworth's Death.

Rufus Ellsworth, aged 85, died Wednesday at the home of his son, Elmer Ellsworth, in Pittsfield, after a long illness incident to old age. Mr. Ellsworth went to Pittsfield from Stephentown, NY, about 3 years ago, having conducted a farm in the latter town for many years. He leaves three sons, Elmer and Albert of Pittsfield and George of Glens Falls, NY and two daughters, Mrs. Ida Spencer of Pownal, VT and Mrs. Alice Alderman of Berlin, NY. The funeral will be held Saturday morning, and burial will be made in Stephentown following services in the Baptist church in that town.

Kim adds: His "Return of a Death" certificate from Pittsfield says he died 12/7/1904 (just 3 days after the above letter was written). He was 84y 8m 27d old, putting his birth date circa 3/11/1820. Cause of death was senility.

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