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The following information is taken from handwritten family events recorded in the Family Bible of Johannes Lape of West Sand Lake, Rensselaer Co., NY. It was submitted to the Rensselaer Co., NY GenWeb site by Jeff Lape, with thanks to Jeanette Shiel.

John Lape was born Anno Domino, May 28, 1773
Maria Fellers was born Anno Domino, May 20, 1775
Samuel, eldest son of John & Maria Lape was born August 14, 1798
John was born July 26, 1800
Thomas was born November 02, 1801
Nicholas was born May 01, 1804
Wilhelmaus was born April 18, 1808
Maria was born May 11, 1810
Elizabeth was born October 28, 1814
Jeremiah was born February 09, 1818
Margaret Krozena Lape born February the 2, 1841

John Lape was united in matrimony to Maria Fellers, Anno Domino December 23, 1795
John Lape, Jun., to Aganus Van Alstine, December 07, 1818
Samuel Lape, to Margaret Younghans, February 14, 1819
Maria Lape, to John Van Valkenburgh, August 20, 1827
Thomas Lape to Helen Ten Broeck, September 20, 1837
Elizabeth Lape, to Henry Snyder, October 29, 1838
Jemiah Lape to Margaret Snyder, November 1838

John Lape died October 17, 1849
Maria Lape died October 08, 1853
Samuel Lape died September 02, 1830
Wilhelmaus Lape died August 28, 1836
Margaret Snyder died August 25, 1887
John Henry Snyder died September 19, 1887

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