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The Ryan-Devereaux-O'Leary Bible records were submitted by Jeanne Arguelles.

James Ryan and Mary J. Deverix was married Oct. the 13, 1860 by the Rev. P. Heverman of St. Mary's Church, Troy, NY
Joseph O'Leary and Annie Ryan were married Jan 15th, 1880 by the Rev. P. Noonan of Annunciation Church, Chicago, IL
Anna O'Leary and Edward McGrath were married June 10, 1914 by Rev. Father Furlong of St. Mathew Church Chicago, IL

Annie Ryan, born July the 27, 1861
William H. Ryan, born Jan the 9, 1863
Helen Ryan, born Jan the 20, 1864
Mary Jane Ryan, born June the 5, 1865
John Thomas Ryan, born July the 19, 1867
James Ryan, born August the 21, 1869
Margaret Ryan, born June the 1, 1872
Thomas Ryan, born August the 29, 1874
Helan Ryan, born July 9th, 1876
Patrick Ryan, born Sept 1st, 1878
William Ryan, born Feb 7th, 1880
Edmund Ryan, born June 27th 1882
Michael Ryan, born May 15th, 1886

William H. Ryan died Jan the 10, 1863
Helen Ryan died July the 20, 1864
Michael Ryan died June 29th, 1886
James Ryan died May 6th, 1889
Mary Ryan died Oct 10th, 1892
Helen Ryan died Mar 24, 1900
James H. Ryan died April 19th, 1902
Julia Deverux died Jan 14th, 1904
Anna O'Leary died May 12, 1914

Miscellaneous Memoranda
Frank O'Leary born March 16, 1882
James O'Leary born Dec 5th, died Jan 7, (18)83
John O'Leary born Oct 19th, 1883
Ellen O'Leary born June 25th, 1886
Joseph O'Leary born Nov 8th, 1888
Annie O'Leary born June 28th, 1891
Evelyn O'Leary born April 30th, 1904
Grace O'Leary born Jan 22 1907
Francis O'Leary born April 3 1908
Vernon O'Leary born July 25
Edward Lionel McGrath May 22 1915
James O'Leary died Jan 6th
John O'Leary died Jan 13th, 1897
Helen O'Leary died July 6th, 1900
Lizzie Sorensen died Oct 4th, 1908

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