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Information on this page was copied from the Bible record of Johannis Quackenbush.

1709, November 10, was I, Johannis Quackenbos, born. Son of Wouter Pieterse
1713, March 1, was my wife Margrietje born. (Daughter of Claas, that is Nicholas Bogaert, of New York)
1730, December 20, was I, Johannis Quackenbos, married with Margritje Bogert, on a Sunday evening, in the city of New York
1731, July 2, is born my first son; died the 24th and buried the 25th
1732, August 29, is born by second son Wouter. Sponsors: Pieter Quackenbos and Cornelia Quackenbos
1734, August 25, is born my third son Nicholas. Sponsors: Jesse De Foreest and Maragrieta Bogert (widow of Nicholas Bogaert)
1736, November 28, is born my fourth son Petrus. Sponsors: Johannis De F'oreest and Marytje (Quackenbos) De Foreest. He departed this life on the 25th December, 1787, about 10 P. M.
1740, June 14, is born my first daughter Cornelia. Sponsors: Neeltje (Nelletje Quackenbos) and Wouter Knickkebacker
1742, March 4, (9?) is born my fifth son Johannis. Sponsors: Philippus De Foreest and Cornelia De Foreest
1744, June 27, is born my son Cornelis. Sponsors: Cornelis Bogert and his wife Cornelia (Van Duyn)
1745, May 20, my son Cornelis died
1745, September 11, my daughter Cornelia died, aged 5 years, 3 months and 3 days
1748, December 11, is born my second daughter Cornelia. Sponsors: Alburtus Tieboght and Cornelia, his wife (of New York?)
1757, October 27, is married my oldest son Wouter with Setytya (Cetje) (Sophia) Roorbach, in New York
1758, April 30, is married my second son Nicolas with Catryna Van Pelt
1763, November 10, is married my third son Johannis with Cetije De Witt
1768, April 7, is married my daughter Cornelia with Jan Quackenbos, son of Lambartus. (This marriage is recorded in New York "John Peter Quackenbos to Cornelia Quackenbos, April 7, 1768.")
1735, November 18, my mother Cornelia (Bogert, daughter of Jan Lourens Bogaert) Quackenbos, died at 10 o'clock at night; was buried the 21st
1742, September 10, my (wife's?) mother Margrietje Jans, widow of Claas Bogaert, died of a Friday evening
1758, October 27, is born in New York our Walter's first son Johannis. Sponsors: his father and his mother
1760, January 6, is born in New York our Walter's first daughter, of a Sunday between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning, and baptised the following Sunday. Her sponsors were Johannis Roorbach and his daughter Cetje. She was baprised Sophina
1761, October 17, is born in New York Walter's second son Johannis. Godparents were his father and his mother
1763, September 5, is born our Walter's third son Gerrit. His sponsors were Gerrit Roerbagli and his wife Alida
1765, December 1, of a Sunday evening at six o'clock is born our second daughter. Her sponsors were his father and his mother Johannis Quackenbos and Margrietje, and was baptised Wednesday by name of Margrietje
1767, September 17, is born our Walter's third daughter on Friday between two and three o'clock in the morning. Her sponsors were John Quackenbos and Cornelia Quackenbos, his sister and his cousin from Albany. (Name was not given). 1774, December 22, New York, Johannis Quackenbos died
1785, October 3, Albany, Margrielje Bogaert (widow of Johannis Quackenbos) died at 3 P.M.

In another hand, that of Pieter Wouter Quackenbos, father of Wouter, Hendrick, and Jan, is written the following: 1735, August 11, my son Wouter was born
1737, August 17, my son Hendrick was born
1742, April 8, my son John was born

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