Family Bible

1674, January 1, old style, was born my father Johannis Lansing, and he died August 10, 1771, aged 97 years, 6 months and 19 days
1706, January 17, new style, was I Robert Lansing born on a Monday
1734, December 5, was I Robert Lansing married to Maragrietie Roseboom (his first wife)
1735, October 28, is born my first child Maria
1737, December 25, is born my son Hendrick (who married Maria Marsells)
1745, September 30, is born my daughter Helena
1746, September 4, my wife Maragrietie departed this life
1748, February , I, Robert Lansing, married Sarah Van Schaick his second wife)
1749, April 12, Sarah, wife of Robert Lansing, died in child-bed
1752, January 29, was I, Robert Lansing, married to Catrina Ten Broeok (his third wife)
1753, May 18, she (Catrina Ten Broeck) died
1762, was my son Hendrick R. Lansing married to Maria Marsells (this Hendrick was the son by his first wife Maragrietie Roseboom)
1770, October 30, was born my fifth daughter Maragrietie of a Wednesday (this was a daughter of Hendrick R. Lansing)
1795, March 3, Robert Lansing died
1819, August 9, Hendrick R. Lansing died in Albany, aged 81, years, 7 months

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