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Elizabeth Vinhagen, wife of Jonas Oothout, was the first person baptised in the Dutch Church in State Street, and the last for whose death the bell tolled in 1806 before it was taken down. She was 92 years of age when she died.

1681, March 19, Evert Wendell married Elizabeth Sanders
1707/8, January 1, William, son of Evert Wendell, was born
1757, May 19, Philip Lansing married Elsje, daughter of Johannis Hun
1761, August 27, Thomas Hun married Elizabeth Wendell
1764, September 10, Johannis Gansevoort married Effie, daughter of Jacob and Debora Beeckman
1796, March 1, Elsje, wife of Abraham A. Lansing, died
1798, September 9, Effie, wife of Johannes Gansevoort, died
1810, December 30, Peter, son of Johannes Beeckman
1811, December 23, Elizabeth (Douw?) widow of Johannes Beeckman, died

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