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1665, February 26, new style, is my son Hendrick born, 4 o'clock A. M.; died February 17, 1724
1667, May 15, is my son Peter born, 7 o'clock P. M.; died August 10, 1693
1669, July 10, is my son Johannis born
1671, May 11, is my first daughter Margrieta born; died August 30, 1701
1674, August 14, is my son Johannis born; died May 27, 1748
1676, October 23, old style, is my daughter Elsie born; died December 15, 1699
1680, November 28, old style, is my son Mathues born
1694, February 21, old style, on Wednesday, about sunset, Johannis Hanse (called Johannis Hendrickse Hanse) died, aged 58 years and was buried on Saturday afternoon
1704, July 27, on Thursday morning at the house of her brother Hendrick (Jellise), in New York, died Effie, widow of Johannis Hendrickse Hanse
1697, June 23, Elsie, daughter of Johannis H. Hanse, married Andries Voickert Douw
1693, August 10, old style, about 1 o'clock, son Peter Hanse at the house of his uncle Hendrick Jellise in New York
1699, December 15, Else Hanse, wife of Andries Voickert Douw, died in child-bed; the child died on the 17th
1724, February 15, 5 o'clock, A. M., Hendrick Hanse died, aged 59 years and 9 days
1702, March 22, was I, Johannes Hanse, married to Saratie De Foreest, by Dominie Johannes Lidyus, on Sunday afternoon, in her father's house, by a license from his excellency my Lord Corenbury. (She was the daughter of Philip De Foreest, born December 22, 1677)
1702, December 20, is born my daughter Marrigrietie
1706, July 13, is born my son Hans
1709, October 8, is born my son Stephanus
1712, January 27, is born my son Hendrick
1714, September 11, is born my son Isaac
1717, April 10, is born my daughter Anna
1718, March 24, is born my son Johannes
1719, July 7, is born my son Jelyes
1720, November 5, is born my son Philip
1722, August 21, is born my son Andries
1724, February 17, is born my son Crestien
1725, May 19, is born my daughter Elizabeth
1726, November 7, is born my daughter Susanna
1728, February 8, is born my son Abraham
1729, September 20, is born my daughter Sara
1746, September 10, Sara De Foreest, wife of Johannes Hanse, died about 4 P. M., aged 69 years, 8 months and 19 days
1748, May 27, Johannes (Hanse) died at 9 o'clock, A. M., aged 74 years, 9 months and 14 days, and was buried by the side of his wife
1707, August 21, Marrigrietie, daughter of Johannes 3. Hanse, died about 9 A.M.
1723, July 24, Philip De Foreest (father-in-law of Johannes Hanse) died, aged 70 years
1740, July 20, was I, Hans Hansen, married to Margrieta Hip, daughter of Jacob Hip, of New York, by Dominie Du Bois, on Sunday evening about 8 o'clock, in her father's house, by a license from his excellency George Clark
1741, May 20, is born my son Johannes
1743, July 25, is born in New York my daughter Engeltie
1745, August 11, my wife Margrieta Hip died in New York amid was buried in the old Dutch church
1746, August 31, my son Johannes died and was buried in the lower Dutch church in New York, aged 5 years, 3 months and 11 days
1722, January 25, was born (my wife) Mareya Bratt
1742, December 11, I, Isaac Hansen, was married to Mareya Bratt
1743, October 7, is born my son Johannes
1744, October 25, is born my daughter Machdeleena
1746, January 21, is born my daughter Machdeleena, the second
1747, October 9, is born my son Benjamin
1749, August 7, is born my daughter Sara. Sponsor our sister Nelletie Bratt
1751, July 14, is born my son Albert
1753, July 7, is born my daughter Machdeleena, the third
1754, September 7, is born my daughter Willimpje
1757, April 6, is born my daughter Maxrigrietje
1745, September 5, Machdeleena, daughter of Isaac Hansen, died
1747, September 22, Machdeleena, second daughter of Isaac Hansen, died
1753, July 16, Machdeleena, third daughter of Isaac Hansen, died
1788, March 16, Isaac Hansen died
1790, May 7, Mareya, his widow, died
1740, February 16, was I, Philip Hansen, married to Gertruy Van Nes by Dommnie Cornelis Van Schie on Saturday afternoon in her father's house, by license of his excelley George Clark
1740, September 4, is my daughter Sarah born
1742, March 18, is born my son Tan. Sponsors John Van Nes and Catalyntje, his wife
1744, March 4, is born my daughter Catlyntje. Sponsors, Cornelis Van Nes and Saarike Van Nes
1746, February 29, is born my daughter Margrietje
1764, October 14, was I, Johannes Hansen, married to Gertruy Slingerland
1765, September 25, is born my daughter Cornelia. Sponsors, our brother and sister, Wouter and Hester Slingerland
1766, December 10, is my daughter Magdalena born
1768, January 19, is born my son Isaac 1768, December 7, is born my son Isaac
1769, August 17, is born my son Teunis. Sponsors, our brother Abraham Slingerland and Rebecca Vedder
1771, June 26, is born my son Benjamin. Sponsors, our brother Cornelis Van Schaick and our sister Willempje Hansen
1772, December 27, my son Isaac died
1774, February 27, was I, Abraham Veder married to Sara Hansen
1776, September 15, was born my son Isaac. Sponsors, brother Johannes Hansen and mother Marya Hansen
1778, December 11, was born my daughter Gertruy
1787, July 1, was born my son Peter
1783, March 27, my daughter Gertruy died
1791, June 21, my son Isaac died

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