Family Bible

The following record was copied by Dr. Thomas Hun from the Bible of Cornelius Van Beuren and Maritie Harman Hun.

In 1625, December, was my wife Catleina Berex born
In 1649, November 9, was my son Dirck Bensen born
In 1652, July 4, was my son Samson born
In 1655, February 8, was my son Johannis born
In 1657, February 12, was my daughter Catrina born
In 1659, January 6, died my husband Dirck Bensen, on Sunday at 9 o'clock, and was buried at New Netherlands
In 1659, July 15, my daughter Maria was born
In 1662, February 9, my daughter Weintie Harmosson (Hun) was born Thursday about 10 o'clock, and died on Saturday evening February 19

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