Family Bible

The following information is taken from handwritten family events recorded in the large, leather-bound Bible of Isaac Shearman, now in the possession of Nan Colburn Wolf of Turlock, CA. Photos are going to be taken of the four entry pages, plus Seth's note. If you would like copies, please contact Nan.

The flyleaf contains the following:

Charlestown [Massachusetts]

Printed by and for Samuel Etheridge; and for J. White & Co.; Thomas & Andrews; West & Greenleaf;
E. Larkin; and J. West, Boston. 1803

A blank piece of paper that is inserted and glued with the title page contains the following:

Isaac Shearman
Mary Gifford Shearman

[signed] Seth Shearman
Troy, N. Y. 1860

In the back of the Bible, between the Book of Revelations and the Index to the Holy Bible, is the Family Record. Information here is typed as it was written, misspellings and all.

Page 1
Isaac Shearman born 2nd Mo 29th 1788
Mary Shearman born 3d Mo 29 1792
joined in marriage 5th Mo 25th 1810

Page 2
Children's Names:
Humphrey Shearman born 11th Mo 14th 1813
Mehetabel Shearman born 3rd Mo 25th 1812
Aulden Shearman born 11th Mo 21st 1815
Nicholas Shearman born 8th Mo 23d 1817
Edith Shearman born 2d (or 3d?) Mo 22d 1819
Edith Shearman born 3d Mo 23rd 1821
Isaac Shearman born 3rd Mo 29th 1823
Theron Shearman born 3rd Mo 26th 1825
Seth Shearman born 2d Mo 27th 1827
Franklin Shearman born 1st Mo 7th 1829
James Shearman born 2nd Mo 15th 1832
Mary Jane Shearman born 1st Mo 12th 1835

Page 3
This page has the printed title "Family Records - Miscellaneous." It contains the following:

My Father was: Humphrey Shearman born 10th mo 27th 1755 Dartmouth, Mass. deceased 1797 Amherst, Mass.
joined in marriage 10th mo 25th 1780 with Mercy Lapham, dau of Nicholas and Mary Lapham at Dartmouth. Captain in Revolution Rhode Island malitia at Tiverton. [signed] Isaac Shearman 1841

Page 4
This page has the printed title "Marriages" and is blank.

Page 5
This page has the printed title "Deaths." It contains the following:

Edith Shearman deceased the 6th of 10th mo 1820 aged one year 7 mo 16 days
Auldin Shearman deceased the 20the of 12the mo 1841 aged twenty six years and one mo
Mary Jane Shearman deceased the 3 of 12the m 1847 aged twelve year and eleven mo
Franklin Shearman deceased the 6 of 12th m 1846 age sixteen years eleven mo
Isaac Shearman deceased 5 of 10th m 1860
Mary Shearman deceased 5 of 6th m 186_? [probably 1865]
Humphrey Sherman [note spelling] deceased Aug 14th 1856

NOTE: Nan Wolf would be interested in hearing from anyone concerning these families. She has in her possession a linen sheet with the initials M. S. embroidered on it that was handed down along with the Bible. A note attached to the linen sheet says that either the Shearmans or the Giffords (or both) refused to subsidize slavery and so grew their own flax and made their own linen. A Marie Gifford, daughter of Mehetable Shearman (above), married a Palmeter and lived in Chautauqua Co., NY. This Palmeter family had the Bible and the linen.

You can contact Nan by e-mail, or you can write to her at 3401 Stanley Avenue, Turlock, CA 95832-0537. Her telephone number is (209) 634-5477.

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